Accepting And Developing Spiritual Gifts



In today’s world, more and more people are accepting and developing spiritual gifts and incorporating them into their everyday life, bringing balance and harmony to the body and soul, mind and spirit.

If we ignore any aspects of ourselves and don’t utilize parts of our personality, our souls become fragmented.  If we don’t nurture our physical bodies they will become unhealthy and will begin to malfunction and become dis-eased.  If we ignore our emotional needs we invite tension, stress and sorrow into our lives.  If we ignore our spirituality and depress our true selves and fixate only upon worldly possessions, we develop a spiritual poverty within ourselves.

The concept and practice of accepting and developing our spiritual gifts is gaining momentum.  In recent years many people have turned their attention towards an interest in yoga, meditation, Reiki, crystals and the like, and this in turn has led to an upsurge of people opening up to their spirituality and beginning to examine their lifestyle choices, and all aspects of themselves/ourselves.

Not only are we born with a guardian angel (or spirit guide), but we have instilled within us the most amazing spiritual gifts.

In order to be accepting and developing our spiritual gifts, we need to learn how to nurture and accept all aspects of ourselves.  We need to open and heal our Heart Chakras so that we are always working, living and coming from a place of love.

To assist with accepting and developing spiritual gifts, make some time for yourself where you won’t be disturbed or distracted, or concerned about time constraints.  Find a place to sit comfortably in a mediation posture (whatever suits you) and relax the body and soul, mind and spirit.

Close your eyes and focus upon your breathing.  Allow your breath to slow down and become deeper than usual.

Invoke Archangel Chamuel and ask for help and protection, and for him to oversee the process.

Place your palm upon your Heart Chakra (in the centre of your chest) and visualize your Heart Chakra’s 12 lotus petals.  As you look at them, see if you notice any petals that are damaged or have dark spots or shadows on them.  See if any are closed or not opened properly.

Ask Archangel Chamuel to open the petals fully and repair any damaged ones.  Allow him to cleanse and heal any petals.

The usual color of the heart lotus petals are seen as green, but as we evolve spiritually, the petals change color to a shade of pink.  This is why the Heart Chakra is expressed as green and pink.

To close the healing and meditation session which helps us with accepting and developing spiritual gifts, thank Archangel Chamuel for his assistance, and bring yourself back to everyday reality.  Take a moment to regulate your breathing and align your bearings.

Repeat this short meditation for accepting and developing spiritual gifts at further sessions until all of your heart lotus petals are pink and your Heart Chakra is open, and you are inspired to develop your spiritual gifts.


  1. BreyerLoverHorsie78 says:

    rip sifter, my true guardian angel

  2. Rose says:

    In my experience, whenever I got numbers like that, I was focusing on material things, and I thought that I had to because if I didn’t, my material life got out of control and too difficult. I felt the same as you every time I saw those numbers because I felt like I was trying so hard to make my material life work and balance it, so seeing those numbers were discouraging. But then I realized that I didn’t have to separate my spiritual and material life to make them balanced and ‘work’. I started living my material life through my spiritual self, if that makes sense. Like, whenever I got problems, I realized that they were there for a reason and it was part of God’s Plan and just relied on that to get through the so called ‘problems’. Those numbers disappeared after that and I got more positive numbers. :) Hope that makes sense/works for you too! xD <3

  3. Chantz says:

    I feel that good things could be getting ready to happen for me if i can stay strong & focused. Not sure on what the good things could be but…… I just wish i knew if my real future to be matches the idea of what i want my future to be in my mind..?? I have been in a rough spot for so long now….I’m really tired of this. The number messages I have been receiving for sometime now definitely helps lift my spirits & thoughts of a better life…. The life I’m supposed to be living. I guess I’m just asking for help from someone…I’m sorta confused on what to do next??
    A couple more quick questions if anyone can help me get closer to finding my…..

    1) Finding my life’s purpose??

    2) Finding my true guardian Angel?

    • Hi Chantz,
      in regards to repeating number sequences, or Angel Numbers, the meanings and messages are unique to each individual, depending upon their numerology (eg date of birth etc), life themes etc.

      Your Life Purpose and Soul Mission are for you to discover and act upon. You already know what they are within.

      As to ‘finding’ your guardian angel / spirit guide, you don’t need to look far at all. Your guardian angel is with you always. (See ‘Learning to Sense the Presence of your Angels’ on this site …)

      If you would like personal guidance, assistance and insight, I offer half hour and 1 hour consultations.

      Blessings to you along your path,


  4. Barbara Jean Sorensen says:

    Dear Joanne,

    I just want to thank you for being here and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom from Spirit. You have helped me on my personal journey of Spiritual Enlightenment, and I am deeply grateful for you and your help! May you receive so much abundance, blessings, light and love in your life in return for your faithful service. I am genuinely desiring to fulfill my soul’s mission on Earth, and I feel I am on the precipice of change toward that mission. Thank you.

    Barbara Jean

    • Thank you in reply Barbara Jean … it is messages such as yours that keep me motivated and encouraged to continue with my work.
      I wish you the brightest of blessings along your path,


  5. Mikaelle Cartright says:

    The angels have been seriously ignored in today’s age, our basic spirituality is ignored even by those who claim religion, God, etc. Oh that they would accept these basic truths and not be blinded by the mainstream condemnation of “new age” practices…
    Why has the Church been blocked as much? Because it doesn’t delve deep enough. we dont desire the renewing of the mind, speaking to angels, cleaning Chakras… Wow
    God bless you Joanne. You are a Blessing. Bonne continuation

  6. Joshua Seeley says:

    Much gratitude for your site – I come here daily.


    Joshua Seeley

  7. Antigone Ciera says:

    I had seen the number 608 repeatedly for almost 2 years and knew something was special about it. I’ve always felt different from others and for the last year I’ve gotten serious about my spiritual journey. Now I see different number’s. It’s like the angels are speaking to me all the time. It would be a honor to have you mentor me in this area. I’m willing to pay and do whatever it takes to have you help me along. Blessings to you and I hope you will help me.

  8. Emma says:

    Thank you Joanne, your work shines a bright light on my journey

  9. Stephanie says:

    Wow i like this…my fav color growing up was green and as i evolved i was very drawn to pink those are my fav colors…now to find out the correlation

  10. Andrea says:

    Wow so funny, not knowing what a lotus flower looks like, I decided to do the meditation while reading along to your posting Joanna. I had already imagined lotus flowers in my heart chakra to be pink. I am more and more amazed at the things I read and see for myself regarding angels… Etc. I am so happy that I am finding and fulfilling my true life purpose and will continue on this road from now on. This is amazing! Thank you!

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