Angelic Signs Can Appear To Us In Many Ways



At times, angels manifest their presence in many ways that everyone can perceive and see by showing us angelic signs.

Some angelic signs include showing us white feathers, appearing in clouds and crystals, through the presence of flowers, and by angelic gifts and words.

An angelic sign of their presence, contact and communication can come by way of white feathers, which appear in the most unlikely of places and at unusual times.  The appearance of white feathers is one of the most prolific of angelic signs.

When a white feather appears carry it around with you ensuring that the connection is held fast, and you keep the angel close to you.

You may see angelic signs in cloud formations, particularly over sacred sites and/or when you have asked for angelic assistance.  Occasionally you may even see clouds that look like feathers.

It has been reported by many people many times over, that angels are able to appear to us within crystals.  They are able to appear in ‘angelic crystals’ such as Seraphite, Danburite and Celestite, and most commonly in Clear Quartz crystals.

Many people have found that flowers placed on ‘angelic altars’ appear to last much longer than usual, and at times, after particularly profound angelic encounters, may even change color.

Angels may manifest alongside ‘angelic gifts’ such as statues, little angel pins, angel cards, angel figurines and the like.  If you receive an unexpected gift of an angel from someone, know that the angels have guided them to give it to you.

Another form of angelic signs is through the use of words. Often after you ask for angelic help or guidance, you may hear the word ‘angel’ mentioned all around you, in songs, on the television, it may appear on book covers and the like, or someone may say the word ‘angel’ or ‘angels’ in an unlikely context.

There are many angelic signs to look out for, you just need to be aware and tuned to them.


  1. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord says:

    My experiences of connecting with angels & guides tends to be better – or more believable (!) – for me when I’m calm enough to decipher “their” answer versus what I think is just my answer. I recognize that they’re me, and I’m them, but there’s a subtlety to it, which I can pick up on when I’m more relaxed. And of course meditation helps keep my mind calmer. I don’t have to be meditating to connect with them, but I’ve found that regular meditation helps me connect on a more frequent basis whenever I want to. Sort of like regular stretching keeps my muscles long & limber, meditation keeps my mind spacious and receptive to “new.”

  2. Stessily says:

    I do not remember ever coming across a real white feather. But I just remembered that several months ago, while researching something completely unrelated, I unexpectedly came across an amazingly beautiful photograph of a white feather on the internet. The feather seemed so real to me that I felt that I could almost touch it and sense its softness. After reading this wonderful article, I think that lovely, realistic photograph may very well have been an angel feather for me.
    Thank you, Joanne, for this lovely article which gently prodded to life the memory of that unusual feather.

  3. Solongo says:

    “It’s too cold outside for angels to fly..”
    When I think about angels, I hear this song on the radio or on my ipod randomly.

  4. Rachel says:

    I actually saw a white feather today float past in the lake I was relaxing at. Also have been seeing the number 44 and 444 everywhere for the past maybe month of so. Ever since my friend had passed away.
    I got in a car accident 3. Days after my friend committed suicide.. I should have went trough the seatbelt and wasent even sitting in an actual seat. I had nothing to hold onto.. It’s like something held me back at that time so I wouldn’t get hurt.
    I like to believe it was my angels looking out for me <3

  5. Micky says:

    I’ve always wondered if these were angels but not sure. I haven’t seen one in a while. A few times when I was younger I woke up to flashing lights in my room and when I opened my eyes to investigate what I seen blew my mind. They were balls of light. They were the size of tennis balls and flashed bright white light. As soon as they realized I was aware of them they would fly off. I could see the light leaving down the hallway. I was so scared to go to sleep when I was little because I had seen those before and always felt a presence with me at night.

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