Attracting and Manifesting What You Want Into Your Life

What is the universal “spiritual” Law of Attraction?

Your true emotions are the key to helping you understand what your vibrational call or content is, and therefore, tells exactly what your current point of attraction is.

Distinguishing between the actual idea of what you want, compared to the thought of its’ absence is sometimes difficult.  Yet, distinguishing between your emotional response to your thought of the absence of your desire is very easy.

When you are fully focused upon your desire and your vibrational offering purely reflects that, you feel exhilarated and wonderful.  And when you focus upon the absence of something that you truly want, you feel dreadful.

Your emotions always let you know exactly what your point of attraction is  -  and so, by paying attention to your emotions and by deliberately offering thoughts that affect the way you feel, you can consciously guide yourself into the vibrational frequency that will allow the fulfilment of any desire you hold.

That is the basis of the Universal Spiritual Law of Attraction.


  1. FatPete says:

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