What Is Being Empathic

There are many names for being ‘empathic’ or being an ‘empath’, but the most common name for this ability or skill is ‘clairsentient’  -  the ability to ‘sense clearly’.

Having ‘clairsentient’ or ‘empathic’ or ‘empath’ skills can be confusing and at times even confronting as you may feel overwhelmed by emotions that you KNOW are not your own.

When you possess an ability such as ‘clairsentience’ you may often possess others such as ‘clairvoyance’ (the ability to ‘see clearly’), ‘clairaudience’ (the ability to ‘hear clearly’), ‘claircogniance’ (‘clear thinking’, learning and knowing)  and others such as premonitionary skills, animal communication skills and/or you may have an extremely strong intuition and maybe even the ability to see, hear, connect and communicate with Spirit (eg ghosts, angels, spirit guides and passed over people on the ‘Other Side’)

Being empathic and other abilities are gifts to be cherished and used for the highest good of all.  It gives one the ability to ‘feel’ and understand life, (and others) at a deeper level, as well as expand our own awareness and perceptions.

There are different kinds of empathic people, or empaths.  Some pick up on physical elements and feel physical aches, pains, symptoms and ailments.  Others feel other’s emotional pain and upheaval, as well as others’ joy and happiness.  An empath is able to feel the emotions or physical state of another person as if it was their own.

Empaths feel the need to help others just as strongly as the need to breath and stay alive.  Many can sense atmospheric changes and disturbances, others can ‘feel’ animals, and yet others can feel electromagnet waves and energies.

Empaths (and highly sensitive people) must shield themselves from negative vibrations from others and the environment around them (eg shopping centres and crowds).

Empaths must also ground themselves in order to re-balance themselves.  This can be easily done by being in contact with nature, by utilizing crystals, and with the use of salt lamps and essential oils.

Being empathic also requires the ability to balance energies.  The Chakras must remain clear, clean and free-flowing in order to function at their optimum.  This can be done during meditation and spiritual healing as well as via other techniques.

Being empathic makes you a kind of beacon for those who are unable (or unwilling) to create their own energy, and instead, steal it from others.  Empaths are most susceptible to this form of ‘attack’ as they are highly sensitive, spiritual beings.  Some people are unaware that they drain the energy of others, whilst others are very aware and do it with purpose and for their own gain.  People who drain others’ energies are those who constantly live with ongoing distressing moments and events and those who use fear, manipulation and a need for sympathy in order to attract attention and energy.  They are generally very needy people with ongoing dramas who always lay the blame at someone else’s feet.  They are the ‘drama queens’ of the world who always ‘need’ your help.

It is up to each individual empath to cut off communication with that person (or people) and restrict their personal energy, and seek protection.  Ask your Angels or Higher Self (or Source) to cut the connection with that person (or people) and ask for healing, balance and strength.  Learn to recognise the signs early and steer clear of them!

Part of our jobs as empaths (or being empathic) is to raise the energy and vibrational rate of our surrounding and others.  This can be achieved through prayer, sending out healing, love and light, and by helping others and our planet.


  1. CJ says:

    Hi, Can I upload this to youtube and add pictures and music? I will of course, give credit to you and link back to your site. This is a very helpful message that I’d love to help spread to fellow empaths! Much thanks, peace and love :) <3

  2. Tami says:

    It’s a double edge sword. It’s wonderfully fun to be able to “tap” into someone’s feelings. Unfortunately, when with someone your “feelings” are not your own. You absorb everyone/everything’s feelings. Including trees. It most important to spend a lot of time by yourself and really get to know how you react to situations, so you can more easily identify when your feelings are not your own. When you get overwhelmed with crap, best to go outside and watch nature. Any nature. Squirrels help a lot. They’re always playing. And if seems like you. You must learn how to build your barriers and cut off relationships that are toxic. Learn the chakra system and imagery. Clean your aura and create kick-ass grounding cord. Salt bathes help a lot. However, don’t forget your animals, as you raise your vibration your pets will be dong that too. You need to walk, play, groom, talk all the time. They will not recognize you on a regular basis, unless you are raising theirs, to. Doreen Virtues has wonderful books and all of this. I hope this helps. Many empaths cant work in certain health fields or watch emergency shows, itt hurts TOO MUCH
    However, you can do a lot of healing with this gift. And that does bring so much joy.

  3. Merry says:

    I have never been able to understand why I physically feel pain when I witness people falling, breaking bones, scrapes, etc….I also could not understand the emotions I feel when I see others great sorrows. Thanks for the insight…no pun intended!

  4. Charlotte Prior says:

    I am just now accepting the fact that I may be empathic. This is all so strange to me and I am still very skeptical, but after experiencing my roommates asthma attack and my boyfriends dislocated shoulder, I’m starting to lose a little of that skepticism. I just want to figure out what is going on with me and how do I control it if it is actually happening.

  5. Dennis says:

    Well i think I might be an empath idk I know like all my exs are very troubled souls and most of them are cutters idk y I hate that cuz it hurts me to see that so I make them stop my two best friends are both drama queens and pathological liars which recently one got a job and moved out and the other house arrest and I kinda stopped hanging out with then my god sister that lives with me is an alcoholic and I think bipolar skitzophrenic ?? I’m not sure but she pisses me off to no exstent and won’t ever leave my grandmothers house I feel like she’s a lot of the reason why I’m pissed a lot but now I just blow it off like whatever talk in your riddles and lies imma go try to find myself I love my dog stitch he’s awesom:) I swear he helps me and I notice he doesn’t like certain people I get a bad vibe from idk I just want some guidance and its hard to find some that’s actually real please help
    Email. Cvilled99@gmail.com

    • Emily says:

      This is the first time I’ve read anything on this subject. Being empathic. I think I defiantly am, I feel others emotions & I’m not sure what feelings r mine or others. I’ve been in very volitile & abusive relationships, people with problems just continually come into my life. I can’t not help them, I feel so deeply for them but at the same time it always ends up hurting me & my kids suffer. I feel like I’m constantly in a ‘what the f,*#k ‘ momment. I don’t ‘get’ anyone, I don’t understand the actions or mind sets that I deal with regularly. I feel I have a purpose but I’m unsure of what to do. I’ve dealt with so much I’m tired, I feel used & old. Recently I lost support of my whole family & it’s broken me. I feel like I’ve been shattered into dust & I’m gunna just get o coed up by the wind & blow away into nothing. Empty. My hardest lesson in life, was fact that, if u r a good person, honest & empathetic, do right thing, if u work hard enough it’s gotta work doesn’t if u want something bad enough…..well it’s not true. Gutted, no point to anything it seems. I have very few friends & I’m viewed upon as weird or black sheep u know. I don’t understand what I’m missing. I see numbers everywhere. I need help but not many options.

  6. Karla says:

    Thank you……..
    God bless you for clearly explaining an confirming my gifts ✨✨✨

  7. Deborah carnevale pena says:

    During the time of Sandyhook was a really tough time for me put me into such a deep state of depression the pain was mind blowing that i experienced to feel the pain of the parents took me weeks to get over it the same with the world trade center and the loss of my cat to feel his pain was diffcult

  8. Kate says:

    This is me, to a tee. I was married to the person described above, who ‘stole’ my positive, loving energy until I was just a shell :( Luckily I left the marriage and am feeling just about whole.
    Thank you Joanne for your incredible knowledge and insight into the metaphysical realm of energies, angels, healing and all that goes with it!

    • Cudos to you for taking back your own power Kate. It takes courage and self-love to take the necessary steps, but once those brave steps are taken the Universe helps you heal and prosper in every way.

      Thanks and blessings to you Kate,


      • Audrey says:


        What can I do to help heal my daughter? I’m an empath, and she is the type of child that has always been very needy, seen herself as a victim and sought negative attention. She’s 8 years old, so this has been something we’ve been figuring out how to balance for quite a while. I don’t view her as an evil life-sucking force, though. She is also extremely sensitive, and I think she has a lot of depth spiritually. Surprisingly, she is probably my child with the most energy. Counseling and guiding her can drain me quickly, though, because she sometimes refuses to be lifted out of the mire. However, I’m her mother so I trust that I’m capable of walking this path alongside her, victoriously. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!! :)

  9. Daryl says:

    We all come to this planet (or plane) with empathic gifts. They show up as we grow up….or they slowly dissipate as we are exposed and saturated with the surrounding belief systems of our families, our communities and our cultures. I am grateful today that more souls are aware and striving to empower their spiritual natures and to live in harmony with the planet that sustains them… My hope is that we continue until that proverbial “Tipping Point” is reached and consciousness evolves.

    John Mayer “Waiting on the World to Change”

  10. Elima says:

    Hi my name is Elima, I’m 23 yrs old and I believe my spiritual journey started about a year ago, sort of on and off. Initially it began after taking drugs which led me to start questioning my identity and what my true purpose in life is. I have been fighting dependency on drugs for many years and till this day I still struggle despite knowing the damage it causes to myself. First I began seeing the repeating numbers of 1111 which seemed odd to me and due to the open mindedness of my nature I did some research which led to your site. As a kid I was raised as a chatholic but never found myself drawn to this religion. I have attempted attending Christian churches and so on and again I withdrew due to the I accepting nature of these ppl when I would see them on the street. Be quad of my ongoing drug issues since I was about 16-17 I have felt myself become detached from others due to self doubt, low self esteem, and fear of judgement. As time went on during this year I began learning more about the true nature of the world and how it is dominated by fear hate Nd greed. Before reading this bit on empaths I have always had this inner knowledge that I can feel others energies and intentions by being around them. There was one experience however I will never forget when I bumped into a fellow colleague from TAFE on the street. As we spoke I felt uneasy and uncomfortable around him (note: he is big in stature, just come out of jail an known to be dangerous despite this he is well loved by all and seems genuinely nice most of the time) for no particular reason as he did or said nothing bad. We then spotted another guy from our very same TAFE class and I usually get along with him reasonably well, however together they brin out the worst in each other…and so eventually I am left there listening to them both talk about bad things such as robbing people, smuggling drugs, shootings etc However despite theses terrible things they spoke off I myself have been brought up in alcoholism, drug abuse, violence and ignorance so nothing they spoke off really shocked me. However I felt this intense of feeling of fear (oh yeh I forgot to mention I was also stoned at the time, which may have heightened this feeling) and a desperation to escape at all costs even though I was safe. Till this day I am struggling to resist the urge to take drugs as I fear it has destroyed my short term memory and also led me to be hypersensitive to any fears or doubt that come to mind if I am around people I don’t know or situations in which the spotlight is directed on me. It get to the point where I cannot focus on nothing but fear. I know my friends play. Huge role in influencing me even though they genuinely care about me however we share similar dilemmas. … Is there anything that I should do, because I am afraid of sharing this even to the closest people I know in fear of criticism, please help me… I yearn to seek inner strength so that I may help others such as myself overcome self doubt and fear…which I sense many of the youth living within my community suffer from on all different levels…thank much for taking the time to hear me out

  11. Bambi says:

    I am in a search for spiritual knowledge. I have been experiencing so many changes over the last year or more and I feel that I have been placed on this path for a reason. I live in an area where there are no spiritual advisors, so I am trying to go this path alone…. very hard. I do rely on the internet for most information, however there are SO MANY versions of what the “Truth” is, that I am still at a loss. I do meditate and feel my angels, or at least I call them my angels… very loving presence. I just wish I had some physical guidance and support here on this earth. If you have any suggestions as to how I can help my journey, I would appreciate it very much. Namaste

    • Nicole says:

      Hey, not sure how many people have contacted you but I’m in the same boat. I am very recently spiritually awakend and living in Wyoming, USA. There isn’t a lot of spirituality here. Just organized religion. I have been searching the internet like crazy for info. I found a book called “the lightworkers sorce” it has been a great help for me! Also have you ever seen number patters, on the clock and stuff? If you have look them up google angel number xxxx ( what ever it is ) and maybe that will help you figure out your messages from your angels. I’m still very much learning but that’s how far I have come so far. :)

  12. Preston says:

    Hello Elima.

    I know how it feels to hold on to addiction and embrace it, only to be let down over and over again. It has been awhile since you posted your comment, and I surly hope that you have been able to stop your drug addiction. I smoked pot for more than ten years, up until a few days ago. What made me quit is the fact that I want to see my children again. I cannot blame anyone but myself for my actions. It is not the drugdealers fault, it is not my families fault, and it is not my friends fault. It is always the same with anything we do, the choice is solely made by our own self. As soon as I realised that fact, I then started to receive some miraculous help from our Angels. When you start to receive help from our Angels, they can help you to overcome any obstacle that is hindering you. I don’t even have any urge for pot now, and that is because our Angels have effectively given me self worth. I also believe that our Angels have somehow rebalanced my bodies chemistry, and the reason I say that, is because I don’t feel any withdrawals like I had in previous attempts to quit smoking pot. I really hope the best for you Elima, and if you are still struggling with addiction, then I am more than willing to help you build up your own self worth, so that you can find the willpower to overcome addiction. The choice is yours, as always.

  13. Nan says:

    Wearing black tourmaline and/or selenite and/or amber can help protect from energy drainers ❤️❤️

  14. Matthew says:

    Thank you very much. Over time i slowly discovered that i have these special gifts and definetly utilize these gifts towards the wholesome goodness and well-being of all-life. Ive learned to remove myself from drama-filled people and/or crowds or places for i have discovered that they do not seek inner-peace within themselves. I will continue to excersize my gift(s) in hopes of spreading Love and Peace amongst the entire world ! Sincerely and Thank You. Matthew V.

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