Calling Angels Into Action

The word ‘angel’ is derived from the Greek work ‘angelos’, meaning ‘messenger’.  Angels represent and amplify divine attributes, and offer us personal support, guidance and assistance.

We are each given ‘free will’ so that we are able to exercise our individuality.  With that we are able to make our own choices and decisions.  In order to learn our lessons and grow spirituality we must experience the results of both our good and bad choices.

Our angels are unable to intervene in our free will choices, but when we ask for their help they are able to assist us.

According to Universal Laws, we are to ask the angels and the Universe to help us by intervening into our affairs  -  and that when we do ask, we give them the power to act on our behalf, for our highest good.

At times we may not be aware of an impeding dangerous situation or incident  -  but your angels may be frantically trying to get your attention to give you the ‘message’ or warning.  We need to be in-tuned to hear them, listen and heed their messages.

Angels can and will intervene in emergency situations when it is not written into our charts (blueprints)  -  or it is not your time to go.  Sometimes you may not even be aware that there was ever any danger at all … for example, being help up in a traffic jam may be your angel’s way of ensuring you not be involved in a major road accident or the like.

On other occasions we may intuitively KNOW when we have been ‘saved’ by an angel or felt and experienced the energy of an unseen force.  Some people have even sighted and felt the energy of their angels at a point of crisis or emergency.  Yet others ‘hear’ the voice of their angels distinctly as they covey their messages and warnings.  These are often referred to as miracles.

The more we learn and practice working with the angels, the more they are able to help us to create miracles in our lives every day.  Angels are our assigned helpers and nothing is too small or too large to all on them about.

Angels have different responsibilities and specialities and we are able to call upon different bands of angels to help us in different or various areas of our lives.  Whenever you are feeling over-burdened, fearful, faced with a problem or confused, call upon the angels to assist and heal the situation.

Once you’ve said your prayer and/or stated your decree or wish for assistance, turn the problem over to the angels. Trusting them to take care of the issue is the best possible way.  Imagine and visualize that the problem is already solved and the resolution found.

Call upon the angels, trust in their assistance, and expect miracles.


  1. athar says:

    i want to learn how to contact with my angle
    further tell me more about no 466 which often comes in front of me on vehicles no plates.. wt does it shows or guide

    • Information about the repeating number 466 – Angel Number 466 can be found at:

      If you would like personal guidance and insight into the meanings and message of this number repeatedly appearing in your life, I offer private consultations – half hour and one hour sessions available.



      • Andrew Gomez says:

        Joanne I see the number 11 everywhere. I’ve read what it means thousands of times. I’m with a girl who says she truly loves me. I get this feeling of distrust because intuitively everything in the beginning of the relationship went terribly bad. Before I went out with her I had a dream that I was looking at her cool by the oven and my mom grabbed me so intensely hard and cried as if to warn me about her. I woke up from the dream in a intense crying. The longer I’m with her the more scared I become to go about my life mission. As if I can’t at all. She truly made a change for the best and always cries intensely when I bring up possible separation. My soul eats me up with guilt and I don’t know what to do. I’m i so good hearted that I can’t Fathom the thought of breaking someone’s heart?

        • anna says:

          you are breaking your own heart if you stay. Sometimes the hardest things in life we have to do are the best things we can do for ourselves and others. They make us stronger and better people. Good luck.

        • Laurel says:

          Dear dear Andrew. You are so blessed with intuition and insight and love, don’t neglect your gifts in order to support your emotionally confused girlfriend.
          I feel that maybe this relationship has been put on your path so you can learn something your soul desperately needs to learn. Once you decide to release this issue from your life, you will be able to serve your soul’s purpose with more clarity than ever before.
          Find the light inside of you :) One step at a time Andrew, learn to honor yourself and to give love and acceptance generously to youself when you are feeling lost. I am sending you courage, clarity, and love Andrew.
          I know you will find the strength to detach yourself from this negative energy, and do not be hard on yourself if you are not willing to do it right now. You are meant to go through a struggle until you have learned what it is there to teach you, that is the the law. Be patient and understanding of yourself :)
          Your souls mission is to live in your truth and give your gift to the world. I know this will be your fate, so do not worry that you are going through a hard time now. This too shall pass :)

  2. Nancy says:

    I often see the numbers 15151……several times a day. What are the angels saying to me?

  3. barun kumar upadhyay says:

    i want to know about the no. +671. is that the angle no. so pls tell me that how can i talk with my angle. so pls help me mujhe4 +671 number se phone aya tha par kisi ne kuch bola nhai.

  4. Kathee says:

    Even though I have no medical problems with my hearing, I hear a click sound, like Morse code, in my right ear, at different times during the day, I was wondering if I could apply the Angel numbers with their meanings to the number of clicks that I hear in my right ear order to understand what my angels are trying to say to me? I am not sure if others have experienced this or not so I would appreciate it if you could tell why the angels would choose his method to communicate with me. Thanks!

    • kristina says:

      it’s funny, I’ve experience this on daily basis, especially when meditating. It’s like a popping/clicking sound in both ears. Always wondered what it meant. BTW love your blog. I visit daily.

    • Paula says:

      Check out ‘Ascension Process and symptoms’ Hope this helps!

      • Paula says:

        Needless to say I hope, one should not disregard a medical practitioner’s advice concerning symptoms that you are experiencing .

  5. Olga says:

    For the past year I’ve been seeng 69 up to 5-6 times a day, along would join 169 and 609. A lot in my life has changed since than. But I feel confused with all the info that I read out on a web. Please help me understand it. Thanks

    • J says:

      can you give us more details please? I’ve been seeing this number a lot recently and I read that it’s like an awaking call. I’m living my worst days in my life so this may be just fake hope

  6. rar says:

    I see number 57 everywhere. Most of the time when I am thinking about or talking to the same guy. I am not sure if I love him. If this is a sign, I don’t know if it is good or bad. His favorite number is 7 and mine is 5. Please help
    Thank you

  7. Jennifer says:

    I have tried to ask angels for help countless times when im in physical pain with my migraines and nothing happens, I receive no help and I don’t get it.

  8. Sandra green says:

    I see 1111 over the past 5yrs . Sometimes is3 times a day. What does this mean for me.

  9. Tina W says:

    For over 6 months following my fathers death I would wake up with my clock flashing 333. Then when that finally started I see that number everywhere. Addresses, the clocl, driving down the road, on a document. I have always had drams that have come true all my life. I was always scared when I was little but as an adult I have learned to accept it. I dont know why I have this gift or how it works.I have dreams about people , and in my dreams I am supposed to protect them. I have dreamed of death of my grandfather and I woke up crying yelling he died and the phone rang seconts later , Saying he passed. I dont understand any of this or why it has happened to me. However the number 333 has been with me for so long. I make a joke out of it with my husband. I was told it is my Cherokee gift from my great, great granmother.

  10. Darren says:

    I have been seeing the numbers 333 like crazy!!! Alarm clock, food bills etc!! I recently have been going through a bunch of negative things in my life!!! A nasty break up, and anxiety!!! What does this number meen 333 that I keep seeing?? Please help!! Thank you!!

  11. forever says:

    a lot of strange things happen to me i need to know why >>>> the last is a dream of a girl and me in a cave and a firely dragon try to attck but the girl destroy the dragon and kept me safe
    also when i setdown near good people who pray my face become lightening >>

  12. Meg says:

    I’ve been seeing angel numbers lately and stumbled upon this page today (September 22, 2014 ). What’s even more interesting is that in the comment section, one of the first comments was posted on September 22, 2013.

  13. Ajit says:

    how to contact with my angle ?


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