Connect With Angels Using Essential Oils

We are able to connect with angels using essential oils when seeking angelic assistance and guidance.  The vibration and fragrance of essential oils are said to attract angels as they are the closest thing in the physical world to the vibration of the angelic realm.

When we connect with angels using essential oils, we are able to effectively, yet subtly open an etheric portal of contact with the angelic realm.

Fragrance and scent are forms of subtle communication and give us the ability to heighten our consciousness and intuition, making it easier for us to communicate with angels, and vice versa. Essential oils are taken from the flowers, leaves and roots of plants. Plants communicate with us on an instinctual and intuitive level by appealing to our sense of smell.  This gives us the opportunity to connect with angels using essential oils.

One of the most effective ways of using essential oils to connect with angels is through the skin and via inhalation.  A common way of using essential oils is through the use of massage.  Massage has the ability to relax the physical body as well as relieve stress and tension as the beneficial essential oils enter the body via the skin.  The aroma works upon the deepest levels of our consciousness and emotions as the skin absorbs the therapeutic elements of the oils.

Bathing and showering with essential oils is also an effective method, as is inhalation and room fragrancing.

There are many different ways in which we are able to connect with angels using essential oils, and all are beneficial to our body and soul, mind and spirit.

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