How To Practice Self Healing

HOW TO PRACTICE SELF-HEALING  -  How to Heal and Balance Your Chakra Centres

A time may come when you feel guided to begin to practice self-healing.   You don’t need to be unwell, ill or in any pain to begin self-healing, but may feel intuitively that it will be beneficial for you.  Many physical ailments and common dis-ease and disorders have a psychological source, so take heed of your intuitive signs and messages prompting you to practice self-healing.

The following technique can be beneficial for the relief of mental and/or emotional pain, as well as a natural relief of any physical discomfort, acute pain and/or stress and tension.

The most powerful of the healing angels is the Archangel Raphael and he has the capacity to guide all healers.  Archangel Raphael is known as the ‘physician of the angelic realm’ and is the Divine healer to call upon for healing others as well as ourselves.


-  Take yourself to a place or room where you will be comfortable, relaxed and undisturbed for a time.

-  Play some soothing music or a meditation soundtrack of natural sounds such as rainforest, ocean, thunderstorm, fire, wind and the like.  Playing soothing music and/or sounds helps with the initial process of self-relaxation.

-  When you practise self-healing, begin by invoking Archangel Raphael, and ask for him to assist you by guiding your hands.  Ask Archangel Raphael to send you a vibrant sphere of Emerald Green healing energy.  Sense and feel the healing energy enfolding you.  You may feel the healing energy floating above your head.

-  Beginning with the Root Chakra, gently place your hands on your body and allow the healing energy to fill you on every level  -  the body and soul, mind and spirit.

-  When you feel intuitively prompted or urged, move on to your Sacral Chakra and repeat the process, filling yourself with Archangel Raphael’s Emerald Green Ray of healing light.

-  Work through all of your Chakra centres one by one, ending with your Crown Chakra.  When working with your Crown Chakra, place your hands on top of your head and link and connect with your Higher self.

-  To end your Chakra balancing and healing session, breathe in the Emerald light and draw it through your whole body.  When you feel ready, bring your awareness back to everyday waking consciousness.

-  You can practice self-healing whenever your intuition prompts you, or as part of a weekly ritual or routine.


-  To begin the practice of self-healing, make yourself comfortable in a room or place where you won’t be disturbed and allow yourself to relax.

-   Play some soothing music such as meditative music and nature sounds and the like.

-   Invoke Archangel to be a guide for your healing hands.

-  Ask Archangel Raphael to send you a sphere of Emerald Green light and healing energy.  Feel and sense this vibrant energy floating above your head and/or engulfing your being.

-  Allow this healing energy to flow into your Crown Chakra and feel it flowing down, around and within your body, then anchor it in your Heart Chakra.

-  Feel the Emerald Green healing energy flow down your arms and down to your hands and the Chakras in your palms.

-  Allow this light and energy to fill your aura.

-  Allow your hands t be guided by your intuition and place them wherever you feel needs healing.  If there are any painful areas in your body, place your hands over the area for several minutes to ease, relieve and release the pain.

-  To end your self-healing session, when you feel ready, bring your awareness back to your everyday reality and consciousness.

It is therapeutic and beneficial to practice self healing and it is a form of self-care and self-love that is a simple and easy thing to undertake and achieve on a regular basis.



  1. mithu says:

    m a 36 years old writer of 80 books but suffering from spinal muscular atrophy since last 30 years of my life. my both knees,spine, right elbow is not straight. do not have full power in any part of my body. have teeth, gum, skin, gray hair problems too. plz heal me.

    • Leil Yvette Garner says:

      Hello, Mithu. I just Prayed for God’s will for you! God Bless You! Have a Happy Holiday!>Much Love! …Leil

    • Nathaniel says:


      I don’t know if you will have a chance to read this, but I will pray often for you to be healed and to feel joy and love. I hope you find yourself with a feeling of pure light and love touch your soul. I send you my love and invite angels to minister unto you.

      With Love and Light,

  2. LA DI DA says:

    Dear MITHU,
    If you can find someone near you that PRACTICE Re-CONNECTIVE HEALING and RECONNECTION , please ask them to do the healing on you.

    You will be amazed !!!!!

    Love: Me

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