Life Mirrors

Life mirrors back to us what we put out.  People and circumstances mirror back to us the issues we need to acknowledge, deal with and resolve.  We will keep playing out the same scenes over and over until we finally get it right.

When faced with difficulties or a negative situation we may choose to ignore it or even run away from it.  Unfortunately though, this does not resolve anything.  Nor does it go away as it will return in a different form until it is faced and dealt with.

There are no coincidences in the Universe and everything happens for a reason.  Everything that presents to us comes with a message.

Often we keep attracting into our lives the same kinds of people and the same kinds of situations.  This can be very frustrating when we fail to hear and/or understand the message or lesson.  The repeating pattern showing over and over in our lives is an opportunity to balance the karma  -  and finally learn our lesson.

For example, if we have unresolved issues with a parent, we will continue to attract people and relationships that bring those ‘issues’ to the forefront.  They are presented in order for us to acknowledge them and deal with the underlying problem, learn the lesson and move past it.

Once the lesson is well and truly learned, the issues (and the people and situations that brought you the lessons) will no longer appear in your life as they are no longer necessary.  The lesson is finally learnt.

Every circumstance and situation comes to us comes with a message and lesson to learn.  Sometimes events happen to us that push us out of our comfort zones, making us feel uncomfortable at the time, but ultimately it is an opportunity to extend ourselves and learn from the experience … it may even turn out to be the proverbial ‘blessing in disguise’.  The event may mark a pivotal turning point in your life, bringing untold blessings.  Had the situation not presented you may still be repeating a negative pattern over and over.

The initial seemingly catastrophic event or situation may be a doorway to another level, triggering a leap in soul growth.

Look for repeating patterns in your own life.  Next time you find yourself in a situation that is familiar to you that you’d rather avoid, ask yourself :

Why is this repeating in my life?

Why is the issue (or he/she) showing up again?

What is the message?

What is the lesson?

What can I learn?

and how can I find a solution?

When we work out the patterns and underlying lessons associated, we are able to work towards solving any repeating negativities that recur in our lives. This in turn transmutes negative to positive, and when we live with and send out positive energies, those same energies are mirrored back to us in the form of positive experiences and opportunities, health and happiness, love and light.

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