Creating Our Own Reality

Our personal truths are our beliefs  -  and our beliefs are what we use to make our choices and decisions.  This in turn plays a huge part in creating our own reality.

Our truth is our belief and if that belief is that we are not deserving of any ‘good’, that we are worthless, stupid, not good enough etcetera, then that is our truth.  It is what we believe about ourselves.

Our truths and beliefs are held deep in our subconscious and affect us on a soul level.  They are often not truths and beliefs that we consciously think about or recognize within ourselves;  although we often see and judge them in others.

The attributes and behaviors of others that irk and irritate us are often our own truths, and a reflection of what we ourselves are denying.  We recognize the traits we ourselves possess on a subconscious level, and this irritates us.  It is our response to our recognition of the behavior or belief that we ourselves hold within us.

When we recognize what irritates us in others, we can begin to recognize our own negative beliefs and subconscious fears that come into play when creating our own reality.  What we recognize as someone else’s vulnerability is a reflection of our own subconscious vulnerability.

Changing our beliefs changes our personal truths, and this in turn changes our lives.

As humans, we often make up many reasons why we cannot, will not and should not change our beliefs and truths.  This is akin to being stuck with self-destructive negative truths that we believe about ourselves.

Our truths and beliefs can sabotage our well-being on every level.

When we choose to change the belief (our truth) that is causing disharmony (be it emotional, physical or mental) then our entire outlook changes along with it, newly creating  our own reality to suit the positive changes.

Once we reach self-awareness and truly understand ourselves, we are able to change our self-beliefs and internal truths.

It can be as simple as deciding that we no longer want to be un-well (in any way).  Once we make that decision, our truths can be changed and we are then able to manifest and create our own well ness, in effect, creating our own reality.

Many invalid negative beliefs anchor themselves in our subconscious minds after a traumatic experience and/or reinforcement by others.  By doing some inner-work and acknowledging our truths and believes, we are able to change our reality.

By changing the belief and taking control of our inner-truths we are able to heal ourselves,  body and soul, and our lives and create wellness on all levels.

When we make the connection between what we feel, what we think, what we believe within ourselves and what we are manifesting into our lives, we fully participate in creating our own reality.

Loving our self is the most important thing that we can do, and most often it is something that we forget.

Creating our own reality is empowering;  but we need to ensure that the reality we create for ourselves is a positive one.




  2. This is such a great article .

  3. Stacy Starr says:

    Thank you so much!!! I loved this article. I am looking forward to what the future holds for me as I have a whole new outlook on my life!!!

  4. Angela says:

    Hi, I too wanted to say thanks for these great articles. They are amazingly put together and so helpful in trying to understand how to apply the universal laws to get to where we want to be. Can’t thank you enough. Please keep them coming….

  5. Sanchez The'Coolcat says:

    Hey Sanchez here,
    Just wanted to say great read and Thank you for the insights and knowledge about the mind,body, and spirit. I’ve been visiting your site for the past couple weeks and I just want to say that I appreciate everything you do. The messages you give off, has led me to other ideas and a higher awareness of what is going on. Thank you again! Please keep it up. =)


  6. David says:

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your page has giving me great insight to the majority of my life questions. So happy to have stumbled onto your page. Bless you

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