The Law Of Attraction

In order for the Law of Attraction to truly be activated we must be aware of the other Universal Spiritual Laws and abide by them as all the Spiritual Laws run concurrently.

All of us want positive abundance in our lives.  Abundance is much more than just money;  it is the flow of energy that comes to us from the Universal Source.  This includes both spiritual and material prosperity.  Abundance is wisdom and love, talents and skills, virtues and values.  It is money and material goods.  Abundance is whatever we need in order to fulfill our lives and our life purpose or soul mission.

By using the Law of Attraction we are able to draw ‘abundance’ into our lives.  The first key is to be ‘grateful’.  Be grateful for the beauty and joy of creation.  Be grateful for who you are and all that you are.  Be grateful for everything that happens to you, as everything comes with a lesson to teach.

Even when things are not going to plan, be grateful for the opportunity to be shown that adjustments need to be made in order to make things right or better.  Be grateful for all who enter your life and see the light in everyone you meet.

The Law of Attraction can be counteracted by the emotions and energy of anxiety and fear.  Fear and anxiety are major deterrents to attracting your desires into your life.  We are unable to be a clear channel of positive flow if we are anxious and fearful.

Faith and trust are antidotes to fear and anxiety. Faith and trust precipitate the vibrations of the Law of Attraction.

Pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs.   “Attention is the key; for where man’s attention goes his energy, and he himself can only follow”.  -  Saint Germain
We can activate the Law of Attraction by visualizing exactly what we want to see happen in our lives.  With the help of our inner vision and wisdom, we can maximise the effectiveness of our affirmations, prayers and meditations.

Visualize the desired outcome.  Imagine and see what you wish to accomplish.  Be as specific as possible when you visualize.  The more concentrated, centered and creative you are, the better and more powerful the result.

Some people diligently practice drawing upon the Law of Attraction, yet still don’t achieve the results they desire.  This can be due to a subconscious block or belief pattern.  What we send out we receive in kind – so ensure that you believe (both subconsciously and consciously) what you are sending out.

If you believe yourself to be a failure, then that is what you will become and/or be.  If you believe that you are worthy of positive abundance, that is what you will receive.

In order to draw towards you the manifestation of your desires you must be clear, concise and fully aware of what your desires truly are. Believing and sustaining positive affirmations of our soul’s success will achieve positive results when invoking the Law of Attraction.

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  1. Rose Dominguez says:

    I’m very much interested in this article regarding the law of attraction.

  2. Brigitte says:

    Thank you for these articles. My goal is to learn all of these Laws of the Spiritual Universe as best I can. This is my first one, starting today. I thought of an idea that may be helpful for me, and others… after reading about each Law, to give/have a practical assignment/activity to do. I would appreciate any suggestions as a student. And if I come up with one myself (very likely) than I will share it here.

  3. Brigitte says:


    Write out and complete the following:


    Note: Number 4 is the deterrent/block and number 5 is the antidote.

    • Jessica Diaz-Adara says:

      Thanks for sharing….I already know my life is going to go through an amazing change that will include prosperity, wealth, and spiritual guidance in all I do….the feeling is overwhelming and fear has prevented for the manifestation to occur; however, after reading about the law of attraction and how it correlates with my vision, dreams, and premonition, I know now my blessings are inevitable! I can no longer be afraid or doubtful….I DESERVE what God and the Angels (333) have already ordained for my life path (11)…..

  4. Jim says:

    It is great not to allow fear or anxiety to control us and to be grateful. When you speak of faith though, about what are you putting your faith in? Certainly not this greedy world, I pray. Many are born into poverty that some of us just can’t believe, or, choose not to look at.

    When Jesus walked the earth he told us not to put our hope in the material things of this world. No one spent so much time with the poor than he did, and, boy did he attract people.

    My feeling is that there is so much energy, food, and other resources on this planet and yet so many starve and see death everyday.

    The attraction we should seek is not a selfish one, but one of outreach to those less fortunate.

    Look how wealth is distributed in this world now. A small percentage control it all, and at the same time want more of it, at your expense.

    Read 1 John 2:15-17 and realize the time for true happiness will be after this corrupt world is gone. This offer is extended to all humankind!

  5. I encounter exactly the same thing, finding my work copied onto other sites without my permission, and other than contacting the author/owner of the blog and making them aware, then hoping that they will do something about it (eg, credit their source etc), there is not much else you can really do about it, unfortunately.
    I would like to find a solution to this issue myself … thanks for bringing it up.

    Blessings and good luck :0


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