YOUR LIFE PURPOSE – How do You find it and Live it?

In the busy world we live in today it can be easy to be distracted by our day to day pressures and responsibilities.  It becomes easier to live a life that is not at all aligned with your ‘life purpose’ or ‘soul mission’.

While Body and Soul Mind and Spirit website will cover much in regard to the subject of “Soul” as our introduction to this area  I would like you to look at “Life Purpose”.

Your life purpose works in-sync with your personal truths and values.  This combination gives you an unwavering belief in what YOU stand for.  This ensures that you live your life by your design, rather than by someone else’s direction.

When living your truths and soul mission you are doing what is most important to you and fully expressing it in every part of your life.

“Purpose is the conscious choice of what, where and how to make a positive contribution to our world.  It is the theme, quality or passion we choose to centre our lives around.”    -  Richard Leider – author of ‘The Power of Purpose’.

Each and every one of us has our own unique soul mission and life purpose.  No one is able to define what your life purpose is for you  – only YOU can do that.

Take time out for yourself each and every morning. (15 minutes is a suitable amount of time)  Sit in a room or garden space free of distractions.  Have a pen/pencil and some paper handy.  Look upon this as your personal time for yourself, and take the opportunity to just be in the moment with yourself in solitude.

First allow your mind to be still and free from thought.  Focus on yourself, your breathing, your heartbeat.  Experience a comfort within.  At first this stillness may not come easily and may not feel natural.  Your busy mind may keep trying to think about your ‘to do’ list or plans for the day.  When this happens, stop yourself. 

Re-focus your concentration on your breathing.  If this doesn’t work pick an object in the room, out the window or in the garden and concentrate on that for a moment.  Practicing this will make it easier and easier to clear your mind.  Having a clear and calm mind enables us to more clearly hear our inner-voice, our intuition.

Once a clear mind and calm disposition has been achieved, take a pen and piece of paper and write down any thoughts that begin to flow.  Don’t worry about making sentences.  Random words are fine.  Don’t question yet  -  just write.

To help you get started I have added more information within a post HERE.