What Happens To Our Pets When They Die?

Many people are curious to know what happens to our pets when they die.  Just like humans, the souls of our pets do not ‘die’.  Their spirits often stay with us following their ‘physical’ death, but their spirits remain to provide us with the same companionship and love as they did when alive.

As humans we are often not able to consciously perceive their presence  -  but on a soul level we intuitively know when our deceased cat, dog, bird etc are around us.

So what happens to our pets when they die?

Animals are alive and well on the ‘Other Side’.  All the animals that exist on earth, exist on ‘The Other Side’  -  without fear or aggression  -  and they are appropriately cherished and respected as the pure, innocent spiritual creatures that they are.

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The animals on the ‘Other Side’ include every pet we’ve had in this and all of our past lives, and they watch over us with the same pure, steadfast loyalty and unconditional love that they gave during their lifetime with us. When we first arrive on the ‘Other Side’, our Spirit Guides and transcended loved ones can hardly get to us through all the animals joyfully waiting to welcome us ‘Home’.

Most of us can recall the smell or softness of our pet’s fur, and/or its distinctive sound or personality.  After the death of a pet many people are convinced that they are able to see, hear or sense their pet, even if only fleetingly.

Have you ever walked into a room and got the feeling that someone was standing in the corner or sitting on a particular chair – so you turn and look and you still feel it – but there is ‘no one’ there?   Sometimes a surviving family pet may stare intently at a corner of a room and wag their tail or purr, indicating that they can sense the presence of their passed over friend.

On a personal note, I have been visited by a few of my passed-over pets through the years, and have felt a sense of love and peace when they have been around.  I still often catch a glimpse of my pure white cat ‘Mange’ around my garden and inside the house in her favourite spots.  ‘Daisy’, a young Jack Russell terrier I had many years ago, occasionally pays a visit as well.

When an animal’s body dies they are still contactable. Their physical body may have died, but their spirit is alive and well.  Once our pet has passed over they often miss the physical contact with their human/owner, the hugs and stroking, the warmth, love and closeness with their owners and so on.

They can also become quite upset when they see their human/owner upset by their grief and loss. They know of no way to comfort their owner as the owner can’t hear or see them. They can be right next to them and their human/owner doesn’t realise it

Some passed over pets and animals take over new bodies and begin a new incarnation. When they have done this they are influenced by this new body and all it encompasses  -  it’s hunger and habits, its growing sensations and instincts, its sleepiness, its ‘newness’ at being so young again,  and the personality of their new owners.  They are called by a different name, are living in a new house with new smells, new humans to interact with and a new life in every way.

Despite entering into a new life, they are always accessible as it is their soul or spirit that is able to be contacted.

So what happens to our pets when they die and where do they go?

They can be in between bodies (or incarnations), hanging out by a rock or tree or lazing in their favourite chair.  They can have new bodies and new lives.  They could be your next door neighbour’s new kitten or a newborn lion in Africa, or they could even be the new puppy or kitten you introduce into the family.  They may even be languishing in ‘heaven’, waiting for their owner’s arrival on the ‘Other Side’ or at the ‘Rainbow Bridge’.

When researching the topic of what happens to our pets when they die, the following anonymous passage kept presenting to me repeatedly.  Therefore, (although not wishing to breach any copy laws) I feel it important to repeat it here.  Unfortunately I am unable to credit the original source.


Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water, and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who have been ill and old are restored to health and vigour; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.

The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together…

The concept of the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ is a way of expressing the everlasting bond of love between pets and humans and through research, intuition and personal experience, we are able to know what happens to our pets when they die.

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  1. sister Jayne says:

    I have just read your blurb about were do our pets go when they die, I lost my beloved pet just recently and my self and my son 19 are not handling it well but since reading this I was absolutly blessed and filled with calm during it~~I am sure he is with us always. every thing joanne said has happened to us! We look forward to seeing him at rainbow bridge! See ya soon Morky, love always xoxoxo

    • lisa marie Holbrook says:



    • Sheila says:

      We lost our Beautiful Olive today. After 13 years I can’t even bear to write I hurt so bad.

      • anna says:

        I feel for you deeply. We just lost our beloved Sofie that went to spirit. It helped us to contact an animal communicator to speak to her.

        Love & Light

        • Theresa says:

          We helped our sweet boy Calypso cross over last Sunday after a three month battle with hemangiosarcoma. He was 12 1/2 Australian Shepherd and up his very last breath, had the spirit of a puppy. But for the cancer he was in excellent shape – always lots of exercise and good food. Playing frisbee was his passion. He and my husband played a little tug of war with the frisbee while waiting for the first shot to take effect. Him passing with a frisbee in his mouth assured me that he died a happy dog. So why can’t I stop crying? The emotional pain has become physical pain and I can’t shake the depression. I know we made the right decision, but I can’t stop the tears.

          • parveen says:

            Hello..i can feel ur pain..it s the same way for us..our belove wooky..11 yrs old///we put him to sleep on monday..he was suffering a lot..he wasn t able to move…we tried our best to treat him..for more than 1 year..we succeded to treat him..but last week …we were not able to see him in such bad condition..and now that he is not here..i am constantly in tears..can t take it anymore.i want to see him again…it s so hard …he was like my son..a family member…may u rest imn peace wooky…miss u so much

          • Hello,
            My family lost our beloved cat Tammy .
            It was very weird at first, I was sick of the throw up bug and I was home alone with my
            Cat and all of a sudden she kept breathing heavily I called my parents they rushed home.
            Then she crawled under our couch and took her last breath
            She was 18 years old and she had a terrible disease.
            I still think that god made me sick so I could be with her when it happened.

            Goodbye dear friend, Tammy

      • Tracy says:

        My heart goes out to all of you, I just lost my cat Dylan, he was my best friend for 13 yrs. I can’t even find the right words to describe my misery without him, I am desperately searching for answers to my question of “am I ever going to see him again” I am truly devastated over losing him

      • Karen Ferrari says:

        I lost my sweet Ceni last Thursday 12/12/13. I had her for 18 1/2 years. She was the best cat, so loving.
        I am still devastated. I sometimes think I hear her bell on her collar. I never lost a pet before, she was so good to me and loved me always. My heart is broken.

        • Colleen says:

          I just lost my 3 1/2 yo cat, named Gracie unexpectedly on 12/26/2013. I can’t stop the tears and I am reminded of her everywhere in the house. To my knowledge, she was not sick and she was playing right up to when I found her that morning.
          I keep praying her spirit will come to me.

          • Im so sorry for your loss. I lost my cat that was like a child to me and he was 18. And just try getting another pet and I hope her soul comes to that pet! Yes that happened to me if you just believe it! My cat died yesterday on 12/28/13

      • dave says:

        very sorry to hear your loss just lost my dog got run over by god knows how many trucks and cars it looked like rags when i picked her up out of the main road. love you to e mail me so we can talk o/k

        • SF says:

          I lost my baby last week.. he was hit by a car running across the street. i feel horrible because my only duty was to protect him and i wasn’t there to help him across the street or stop the car. i was at work. he was going to turn 5 years old. I loved him so much and cared for him as if he was my child. i will never forget my little Rocky. i know he is in heaven because he was such a loving dog. all he asked for was my attention and love, and i will always love him.

          • chelsea says:

            I just lost my baby boy now! I am hoping to ease the too much sadness in my heart now by reading stories about people who lost their love pet and how they cope with loss. And I read your story. What struck me is we have the same story. I lost my boy in accident he was hit by a running car just outside our house. And again he is 5 years old and his name is rocky :( . How are you coping? Please Help.

    • i also lost my dog recently and iam very saaad to lost him my best ever friend jacky the great when i first took him in my house i was so happy that i ve got my friend ….atrue friend but who knows whats next he died bcause of some disease he was just 4 and half yrs old i dont know where he is………………………….R.I.P jacky

    • jamie says:

      My german shepard passed last month. got him for protection because I live in a very bad place.he instantly became me and my daughters protection. always guarding us. after 11yrs of protecting us he passed away very close to him he was my son.well he was only gone 3 weeks before two people broke into my house they made so much noise but I never heard them they kicked the door in knocked over the microwave and toaster oven I was sound asleep.i was in the livingroom and had this cheap bifold
      door closed to keep the heat in. when I woke up the bifold door was mangled I opened to see what the hell happened that’s when I seen my back door kicked in cig butt putt out on table.and two pieces of rope cut about 18inches I guess to tie my hands and legs I also found my shovel by the bifold door that was outside. that when I realized that someone broke in kicked in my steel door but could not get through this cheap bifold door and I realized that duke saved me once more somehow he scered them off and saved my life honest to god thank you duke love you dad.

  2. Andy and Matt says:

    Our dear cat Benson passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning .following being very unwell, The bond we had with Benson was very strong he was our happiness and we are devastated at him being taken away . I have since heard a faint purring in my ear and my partner has heard a meowing . I really wish we could give us a a sign he is okay and that his spirit will stay with us as we have cried many times as we are struggling to come to terms with our sad loss.

  3. Lizzie says:

    We lost our beloved Pomeranian Jack on the 4th of July. All of our family has had such a hard time accepting that he is really gone. It came with no warning, he had been slowing down a bit as he was 12 years old this month. We later found out he’d had a mini stroke here at home and then as I held him in my arms really not thinking it would be for the last time, we drove him to the emergency vets and he died there early the next morning. It was so sudden and we were so unprepared for the grief which has followed. He was here one day and gone the next. I’ve had the worst time of everyone accepting his passing. I am now racked with guilt; I should have known he was so sick and anemic. I feel I really let him down. He just never let me know he was so ill. I miss him coming down in the morning and I miss him laying in the corner by the door during the day. I just really miss him and I feel like our house is not complete anymore. Yet last night after another mostly sleepless one, I dreamed of him. He appeared at our back sliding door on the outside just looking in sweetly as he always did. I remember the dream still very clearly and feel this was him letting me know he was okay and that he was with us still. Although I still ache to hold him again, I feel so comforted that he is here and waiting for me to join him one day.

    • Rudi says:

      My pomeranian of 15 years passed away on 13 March 2012, I am hurting terribly and miss him dearly. Poms are the cutest doggies around.

      • Sanketr pain says:

        I can feel your pain my little pet Jewel pass away before 2 months and i m still crying on her loss. She was a true angel Rottweiler breed but pass away when she was only 6 months thats hurt like hell.
        Sorry for your loss these pets are real angel on earth.Miss my Doggy a lot.

        • wendy says:

          i understand the hurting soooo bad…. me and my girls got a 6week rottie, we only had him 1 and a half months, he had his 3 sets of 5 in 1 shots, and got terminally ill, we took him to the vet and they said he had intestinal parasites and a slight positive of parvo, we got fluids,antibotics,and shots,that were suppose to help but he passed away after 3 days back at home. we did the parvaid and medications and fed him thru a dropper of baby chicken and rice and chicken broth, he passed at 13 weeks old, sunday june 24th 2012 morning, its devastiating, expically for me the mom, i trained him, ROCKY FIEL SMITH we are so sorry to have lost you, he was the best thing that has happened to us in 20+ years, he was only 3 months and 1 week old. god bless you, i truly still hurt so bad and feel the pain of your loss….why couldnt i help him??? ive saved other animals and my own cats before from jaundice and a friends puppy of parvo….people told me he was evidentally sick before we got him for him to go that fast, 4 days of being sick, i sill wake up to come see him in morning and throughout the night, its so quiet here now and extremely sad!!!! when does the pain of blaming myself stop? wendy

          • wendy says:

            we also had him creamated and got his paw print me and my 2 girls, 26,and 16 are getting a tattoo of it…as soon as we can find someway to get it detailed

    • bonnie says:

      hi, i hope they are in heaven waiting for us 1 day. i just loss my 11yr golden retriver to kidney failure. i miss her terribly every day, she was my family

    • Veeral says:

      I lost my dearest friend Roxy on 25.7.2012. He was there moving around hail and hearty in the morning and when I came back in the evening, he was dead,gone and I wasn’t even around to say the last goodbye. My 3 year old daughter was heartbroken and she and me took Roxy along for the cremation.When we put him on the wooden sticks laid down for him on the slider to be slid into the funeral chamber. We patted Roxy one last time as the attendant slowly slid Roxy into the chamber and the door closed. My daughter with tears in her eyes asked me why Roxy was being sent into the room. Unable to hold back my tears from her, I told her that since Roxy wasn’t well he was being sent to a bigger doctor on the other side of the door, where he would be looked after well and would be return home once he was fine. I feel she knew that something wasn’t right and coming back to the car, we both cried. She keeps asking me to call the doctor and ask him how long it would take Roxy to come back and I keep telling her that he’s still being taken care of and that we would get him back as soon as the doctor calls. I know someday she will understand. I have kept Roxy’s collar and the good times we spent together, with me and his photo with my daughter.
      After reading the posts, one thing I do know for certain is that he is at a place where he is very very happy and knowing that is enough consolation.
      I have lost 4 friends Mani, Tani, Heidi,Duffy and now Roxy and I feel that they are out there on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge playing, frolicking and enjoying every moment of time. I have so many more to see off before I join them. The reason I don’t feel them around is probably because I just dont qualify but maybe sometime…sometime………..Be Happy Pals!

      High up in the courts of heaven today
      A little dog angel waits;
      With the other angels he will not play,
      But he sits alone at the gates.
      For I know my master will come, says he,
      And when he comes he will call for me.

      The other angels pass him by
      As they hurry towards the throne,
      And he watches them with a wistful eye
      As he sits at the gates alone.
      But I know if I just wait patiently
      That someday my master will call for me.

      And his master, down on Earth below,
      As he sits in his easy chair,
      Forgets sometimes, and whispers low
      To the dog, who is not there.
      And the little dog angel cocks his ears,
      And dreams that his master’s voice he hears.

      And when at last his master waits
      Outside in the dark and cold,
      For the hand of death to open the door,
      That leads to those courts of gold,
      He will hear a sound through the gathering dark,
      A little dog angel’s bark

      • Mani says:

        Hi, 1stly i wana say sorry abt ur lovely pet.. Am also lost my tompy on 29-08-2012, i felt sooo bad, and lyf s wtout her s very horrible to me, i love my tompy alottttttt i dnt have wrds to say hw i miss her,prmsly i wana go to her..my heart s broken wen she was died… May god tc f my tompy with full f happiness and frends… ;(;(

    • arpita says:

      lizzie …something almost same has hapend to me this sunday and i lost my jinny ..same breed everything same except it was 7 yrs old …miss her a lot always :’(

  4. tracy says:

    My husband and I lost our beloved cat Fred on Saturday. He was in renal Failure and had anemia for nine months now. We had him on a regimen of pills and subQ fluids. Fred had a terrible 10 minute seizure. We rushed him to the vet hospital who informed us that the seizure had left Fred blind. The vet said Fred was weak from his diseases and had little time and no quality of life. We decided that day to put him to rest. I thought I would be relived after his death as my husband has been the one most attached to him for the past 10 years. I was Freds only owner for the first five years of his life. Once he was gone it sank in how much I loved him. I feel a emptyiness thats leaves my stomach aching for my cat. I remember him in his younger years so vibrant and full of energy. Two days after Fred passed on, my husband and I bought a painting of a beautiful woods with a creek and rolling hills at a gallery. It has a rainbow in the background. I told my husband thats where Fred lives now. After reading about Rainbow Bridge it sent chills down me. That painting I feel was meant to be purchased and I really do feel Fred is at this wonderful place called Rainbow Bridge. I can’t wait to see him again.

  5. Carol says:

    Hi i just want to thank you so much for this site.My bird Lucy Died 8/10/11 of a apperant stroke,or heart attack. She suffered for about an hour before she went.This bird was the love of my life and i am totally devestated.I have ahard time sleeping or eating and I have been crying my eyes out.I am trying to be strong but a times i have a hard time.i feel so much better knowing now that her spirit is with me.And now I know it upsets her to see me cry I have a better handle on it.The weirdest thing happened the day after she passed I prayed for god to give me sign she is ok.I had went to the store afterwards and came out the door and there was a man leaning against his car with abig beautiful parrot on his left shoulder, i believe that was my sign.How often would that happen. thank you

  6. Rada says:

    Can’t wait till I get to Rainbow Bridge and see Buddy and Munchys again. It has been over a month that they died, still can’t fight tears when I think of them. and they were just 2 years, 8 months old and poisoned.
    Buddy and Munchys, I’ll see you soon. Love you lots ladies, just like old times.

  7. COLIN says:

    We lost our best friend PIP a Black Labrador he had to be put to sleep in late february this year owing to his suffering he was 15 years of age there isn’t a day go by that i will always remember him i often have a quiet cry thinking of him and wishing he was still here, if there really is a Rainbow Bridge i would dearly
    love to be with all our deceased pets including our beloved cat Daisy who had to be put to sleep around 12 months earlier

  8. Liz Murphy says:

    We had to have our 14 year old beloved collie/lab cross put to sleep yesterday. His back legs had gone and he couldn’t walk anymore. He was so loved and fougt to the end. He didnt want to go to the vet which made it even harder and I feel so guilty as he struggled to get up and wanted to go home. Its awful and even though it was for the best for him as his quality of life had gone, I just wonder if he forgives us for taking him there. I wish I could receive a sign to know he is at peace and still loves us! We will miss him dreadfully

    • Kimwins says:

      Hi, I had my lab/rottie put to sleep a few days ago for the same back legs/spinal cord issues. He was 12 1/2. Even though I know I did the right thing for him, I too had that same anxiety and worry that Zeke wouldn’t forgive me. After reading this I felt a calmness came over me, and I truly believe that I can feel Zeke with me in spirit. Such a loving boy.

  9. Susan says:

    Dear Liz…just had to write you and let you know my daughter had to have her boxer put to sleep on November 11th also. His back legs were also non functional and she had to put a towel underneath him to carry him in and out of the house. Then, the next day my own beloved dog died. It was a horrid weekend. I cried all day sunday and today, just wishing so badly I could have some sort of sign that my
    dog understands. I know that he is on the other side now and just pray that he will give me some sort of a sign that he’s ok. : (

    • Jesse says:

      We lost one of our 15 year old cats, Darla, last night. This comes one year and two days from losing our 10 year old cat Dooley and one year and one day from losing another cat, our 13 year old Belle. Christmas time has become something to dread. We have 3 cats remaining – one 14, one 15 and one 16. We know that the odds are that one or more may pass in the year to come. Despite having the remaining cats, a 26 year old cockatiel, an 11 year old African Gray parrot and two dogs, one 7 and one 3, our house feels and sounds empty. It’s hard to believe that three little kitties filled up so much space.

      I think we miss them so intensly is because they gave so much and asked for so little in return. They were always there to offer comfort or comic relief, and they knew which one was appropriate. When one of our pets die, we find ourselves second-guessing ourselves and what we did or did not do just before they passed. Did we do enough?, did we do too much?, did they suffer?, and the list goes on and on.

      We feel guilty in many ways. What we forget is that they were in our lives for a reason- Sometimes it was to teach us patience, sometimes to teach us the meaning of responsibility or love – and we did the best we could. Many only have to be here for a short time, but all leave an indelible mark on us. I can only hope that all of my pets will be there to show me the ropes when I reach that Rainbow Bridge. I hope that they remember that I am afraid of bridges and can muster the comfort, again, to help me cross with confidence.

  10. imissyou says:

    My 3 year old cat was killed yesterday by a dog. We just (3 weeks ago) flew her half way around the world to keep her with us when we moved, bc we couldn’t imagine life without her. She was the sweetest cat. Funny enough when we got her from the shelter as a kitten I remember looking at her and thinking – it’s too bad there is no way I will ever love you as much as I love these dogs that I have had for years.I was so wrong – I couldn’t have loved her more. I am still in complete disbelief that she will no longer sleep on my bed at night, and talk to me as she follows me through the house. I guess I have to be thankful for her time in my life, but goodness it’s hard to let go of this perfect little gray tabby that stole my heart!

    • DebS says:

      Cats adopt YOU, cats choose their owners. I totally feel you. My two were supposed to be adoptions for OTHERS. No one would take them, altho people came over to see them. Marcus and Naomi. I had the same thought about my little girl…she wouldnt let me pet her the first full year I had them. So I thought Marcus was my favorite. In the end, he died at 12 and she died at 16 1/2. She became the love of my life. That’s what cats do. You cannot help but fall in love with them, they are so affectionate, charming, beautiful and funny! They will deliberately do something again if it makes you laugh. When she died, I was grief stricken to the point of paralysis. And 18 months before that, I knew she was on a downhill slide. I just didnt listen to my gut, I listened to others. I wont ever make that mistake again! God bless my little “Minky” as I called her. She was such a feisty, precious, sweet and wonderful presence in my life, as was my kitty lover man. He just couldnt love me enough it seemed. Cats are special. Your heart has been opened more, congratulations. You were chosen and you are blessed for being picked. Just know that. AND, you will be again and I bet your fur baby will have a hand, er PAW, in that.

      • Rossea says:

        it was the begining of my last year in highschool when i went down in the break with 2 of my classmates for a smoke and something made me look out the window and when i looked i saw little kittens next to a car together with they’re mom, as soon as i got out of school in that break i rushed to that place to see them, my biggest wish since i was a kid was to have a cat, when i saw them i couldn’t stop myself from awwww-ing … i sat down next to them and started calling them to pet them a bit… then this little angel came… a beautifull black with a white spot on the neck little kitten… she was just like her mother… her mother was so nice, she let me pet her and carry her… that little kitten that came to me she didn’t just let me pet her… she sat on my lap, curled there and purred her way to sleep .. she shot herself deep in my heart since that moment.. i waited patiently another month and a bit till her mom started to refuse feeding her and in the meanwhile everyday i went to see them and feed them cat food or my sandwich, on 5th october 2012 i adopted the little black one that came on my lap, i named her Yume which means ‘dream’, i chose that name cuz it was my dream to have a cat since little as i mentioned earlyer… my mom refused her but accepted her 1 hour later admitting she fell in love with her the second she saw her pretty little eyes, as time passed by she gave us so much happiness… she played chase with me, ambushing me so i would chase her, jumping on my head but not scratching, we used to scare eachother around the corners, we did alot of starring contests till she pounced on me and we would play, she used to sleep in my arms and wake up with her beside me or sleeping on my chest… she used to ‘steal’ my mom’s place where she usualy stays watching tv or my desk chair… she was so full of energy and playfull … unfortunately she passed away 3 days ago… in the night of 22 august she fell off from 8th floor, i found her 20 mins later after i searched the whole house for her and took her to the vet imediately.. she had a broken hip and internal hemorage, the internal hemorage ended her life, even if the vets cut her open to stop the bleeding the hip couldn’t be saved, her spine nerve was affected and even if they did the surgery she couldnt have controled her bladder… my mom and dad brought her to me on 23 august and i held her lifeless body for the last time saying goodbye… i wish i could have gone and see her while she was still alive.. i miss feeling her little paws grabbing my face to give me a sweet kiss.. i feel so guilty cuz i should have putted window nets the first second mom bought them.. she could have been still alive… i am hurting so much and i feel so guilty… she didn’t had to die … i wish i could hold her and let her know how much i love her… i even spoke with a friend who has a black male cat the same age as her to breed… i wanted to see her groom her little kittens… i wanted to see her become a mother… even if it’s been only 3 days i feel her pressence in the house… i feel her watching at almost every corner… earlyer when i was reading the article and reached the “They can also become quite upset when they see their human/owner upset by their grief and loss. They know of no way to comfort their owner as the owner can’t hear or see them. They can be right next to them and their human/owner doesn’t realise it” i started to cry and i felt her paw on my ribs like she usualy patted me to give her abit of attention and i felt so sad that i saw the floor instead of her beautifull eyes… i lowered my hand i swear i could feel a slight feeling of her soft fur… we miss her so much…. we are planing on adopting another cat, i will start looking for her mom and hopely she’s still somewhere near my school so i can adopt a sister of hers…. but she will never be replaced… she was indeed like her name… Yume- dream… she was a beautifull full of happiness dream… farewell little angel… thank you for choosing me to be your owner… thank you for all the happy moments you gave to everybody who got to meet you and pet you… hope u’ll be waiting for me on the Rainbow Bridge…

  11. Steve Siles says:

    Hi my name is Steve Siles im a pet owner of 4 beautiful indoor cats. i had a total of 5 but i experianced a tragedy a lil over a mnth ago i found my cat laying dead on the bd rm floor! i lost my mind and went crazy i was in trauma i had him for 4 yrs he was 100% indoor cat never went out he had a family w the other ones including myself. i was in lots of pain he was doing fine the day before the tragedy occured! he didnt got into anything there was nothing there to had caused his death to occur. he showed no signs of illness. the last time i saw him alive was fri 4th at around 7pm and the last i heard his voice was around 9sh but it was just his way of attn. like he usually used to do and then i thought to my self thats his normal self wanting to play! after words i went to bed around midnight and in the morning as i usually do i do the kitty chores food water and litter. i found him laying dead i thought he was just fooling around. But then when i touched him and felt his whole body stiff and his eyes opened to the top of the brain i went crazy i called everyone for help. My girlfriend panic and was broking down too. we drove immiadtly to the vet and he suspected a open heart failair an acute possible cardiac arrest to the heart! part of my life was drained out of me i felt that i was dying right there. and then i never expected this in my life. he was happy and had a hm he didnt deserve this. to all the pet owners my condolenses for your loses and im sure i will try to go on w my own pain. sincerly steve siles

  12. Steve Siles says:

    Hi Andy and Matt: my name is Steve S. i read your message on behalf on Benson im truly sorry for your guy’s loss. i experianced one my self on sat: Nov 5th very early morning i found 1 of my cats laying stiff i went crazy i was in trauma i forgot who i was. not knowing what happened to him. he was fine on the 4th the day before. its a mystery how this tragady happened to me he was 4yrs old he was indoors never went out, im still greaving for him. the last time i saw him alive was on fri 4th he was fine. the last i heard his maoo was at 9:30pm but that was he’s normal maoo as he normally did! he showed no signs of illness he was healthy. My girlfriend and i took him in to the vet it was too late to save him. the vet suspected it was more then likely he had a acute cardiac to the heart. a possible heart failiar more then likely” i never senced what was wrong w him. because i never suspected anything w him. Andy Matt: im w your pain i never expected this loss to happen like this w out any signs. i will never 100% know what really happened that morning, all i know is that i went to bed at midnight so there is no telling how long he was gone. rigo mortis settled in his body i tryed cpr and nothing he had no life anymore! i know that our heavenly father called him for a reason. And he didnt suffer when he rested i will never forget him: and as for Benson” he’s w my lil man his name was moo moo: up there there spirits are w us for ever! im in so much pain to even exept my loss. because i still can’t let go anyway my friends stay strong if u guys ever want to talk please feel free to email me at esiles1117@yahoo.com have a blessed day. sincerly steve s. i will always miss my lil boy! for ever.

  13. Stephanie says:

    I am very heartbroken and sad. My sweet 11 year old golden retriever, Dakota, passed away in my arms on Monday due to lymphoma. He held on until his body couldn’t take another breath. I am devastated, broken, sad and depressed with his passing. I look at all the places in my house where he would lay or come sit with me and they are empty spaces now. I have cried for the last two days and find myself wishing to be with him. My husband and daughter tell me how he doesn’t like me crying for him. It makes him sad and he is with me, I just can’t see him. I need to believe this, but can’t. I am praying for a sign from him to know he is okay. I miss him deeply.

    I have a copy of Rainbow Bridge when I lost my Bassett Hound about 6 years ago. I read it and it makes my cry but brings some comfort knowing I will be at that same bridge to greet him some day. Pets love so unconditionally and are so forgiving. Dakota taught me so much over the last 11 years. His patience, kindness and deep love will be with me forever. I never knew a dog could love a human so deeply.

    I love you Dakota. I hope you are running and enjoying the sunshine in heaven now. Your health and vigor has been restored. Send me a sign when you are ready. I will be waiting…

  14. Roni says:

    On 29/12/11 I lost my sweet liitle George, a 6 year old Cornish Rex to kidney failure. The pain is almost unbearable, he was my best friend and comforted me and loved me like nothing else and I loved him. after 18 yrs as a police officer and seeing so much death, I wasn’t prepared to feel what I am feeling, a tidal wave of grief and sorrow. More than anything I need a sign from Georgie to know that he is ok. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you, but if love would have been enough to save you, then you would have lived forever.

  15. Barbara says:

    I lost my beautiful black cat Samantha on Friday 1/27 to what the Dr now thinks could have been either a heart attack or a blood vessel burst in her brain as she couldn’t move her head, couldn’t turn it or walk straight — to the point where she’d just collapse. During the x-rays that day he also found that she had an enlarged heart and liver – she was 13yrs old, but earlier in the week she was fine — playing , eating, jumping on windows and so happy. I noticed her head not being able to move on Wed evening — took her to the vet on Friday, he took blood tests for results on Sat, took her back home where she lay on the floor trying to breathe. I couldn’t accept that she was dying…I kept telling her we’d take her bk to the vet for oxygen. My guilt is that I felt I didn’t “prepare” her for the Rainbow Bridge / the Other World… I worry how she is doing, if she’s alright, where she is. I miss her so much, but I know she knows how much I loved her. I was looking for a bell as I heard that spirits come to bells, chimes, candles, but couldn’t find the bell and so went over to her toy box to throw out her old toys. I cleared everything out of the box only leaving some tissue papers, nothing else. On my way out the door to throw out the box, I heard a jingle — when I looked down, there was a small bell in the middle of the box that I had not seen there before. I take it as a gift from her and a sign so I put it on a blue ribbon and now wear it around my neck — hoping that soon, the jingle will draw her to visit me. I sit here and talk with her as she loved to watch me on the computer so I hope she’s nearby. Its always a guilt, a “what could I have done”, its a big hole of hurt and pain, its devastating to feel that we didn’t do enough because we didn’t expect it at the time it happened. I have learned you can never take too many pics, or tell someone how much we love them. I wish all of us great healing, for not many understand the depth of our emotions and pain. I wish for us all healing, wellness and continued love from beyond.

  16. Barb says:

    I lost my dog and Ihave a problem to cope with it.
    I am very unhappy and devastated.I can not live normally. I have questions and no answers

    • Sylvia says:

      I do understand how you feel. My dog died 2 weeks ago. I loved her like a little sister. I feel so alone and lost without her. I prayed to go with her and couldn’t eat for days until I was getting weaker and weaker. But I found a way to connect with her in my heart which really really helps. I feel so still inside, and not afraid, and bessed when I can do that. Go very still, and imagine your dog, and the special love you shared. The dog has a Sprit which you will be re-united with when you die, and till then will help and guide you in the heart, and show you true love and how to live your life.

      • Amanda says:

        R.I.P. My beloved Yorkie Phoebe, my very best friend has been called back to the Rainbow Bridge October 3,2012 @1:15a.m. She had Hip Thigh Perthses and ultimately died of kidney failure. She was the critter most connected to me in my entire life. I take solice in the fact that she waited for me and left me from my arms while i was praying and talking to her to not worry for me. My home misses her dearly. Every time i begin to cry and feel emotional (daily since this just happened) i suddenly feel warm comfort in my heart. I have never felt this with any departed loved one being human or pet. I only attribute to it as being my connectedness Phoebe and the visualization you mentioned as keeping her spirit alive within my soul, until we meet again.

        I was very hurt because Phoeb’s only gave me 5 years, but after reading some of these entries, i am every so grateful for every single moment…

        • Shannon says:

          Hi Amanda I totally understand what you are going through. I lost my beloved Pekingese Howie on October 26, 2012. The worst day of my life. I believe my Howie waited for me to say good-bye and for that I am truly grateful. I work graveyard and was working that night. My husband told me that about 2 am Howie started to make these horrible yelping sounds. My husband got up with Howie and at one point during the night Howie wanted to go outside. My husband let him out and my baby sat in the grass looking up at the sky. My husband said he could not get his attention he just sat there staring at the sky. I must tell you my dog never started at the sky before this. I truly believe he was being called home and it helps in a way knowing one day I will see my baby again. I didn’t get home from work until 6:50 the morning of October 26th. As I walked through the door I saw my baby Howie in his bed panting rapidly with his eyes bulging. I ran to him and hugged him. His breathing slowed and within a few minutes he took his last breath. My baby gave me the greatest gift. He waited for me. I hurt so much. The house has an incrediable emptiness without him. I don’t think I have felt this pain with anyone else’s passing. I love Howie with all my heart and for a few days after he passed I could hear his little pekingese snorts. I told myself I must not be selfish and I told Howie it is okay if you go. I want you to be happy. It was one of the hardest things to do but I owed him that much. Since then I haven’t heard him. I cry daily it is so hard and unbearable that he is no longer here. I’m so sorry about Phoebe I bet her and Howie are having a great time. Thank you for listening it helps a little to talk to someone who knows exactly what I am going through.

    • Lisa Coleman says:

      I am so sry for you. Just look for your pet and you will find your pet.I promise.

  17. Brandon says:

    I lost my beloved huskie when i was 11 she had been the most loving and adorable dog that i have ever had. One day after school i went in the backyard because for about a week she was ill. she lost all of her fur, and looked terrible. So when i went in the yard i saw just lyng there in the hot sun becaus she could not walk anymore. that very day we had her put down so she wouldn’t have to suffer. This beautiful dog was named shadow. i miss her deeply even thou its been 5 years.

  18. Natalia says:

    I lost my baby Busta 5 days ago. He was a Maltese and poodle mix, only 4 years old. He was my world, my substitute child. He was hit by a car and died suddenly. The pain is so unbearable and I can’t stop crying. It feels like one horrible dream and I am waiting to wake up. Reading your words has comforted me tremendously. I so needed to hear this. I sometimes wait sitting on the couch for him to jump in my lap and give each other endless kisses. I love him so much and miss him so much. But to know that he is still playing and happy and that I will see him one day is an amazing feeling. I am looking forward to seeing him or sensing him or hearing him. Most importantly kissing and cuddling with him again…Mama Loves you Busta!

  19. rodger darlington says:

    ive just come to this site looking for comfort after having my best friend put to sleep on monday 19th march 2012 he had heart failure and hid it so well till it was to late ,id have spent my entire savings to save him if the vet could have… he broke my heart watching him slip away . hes buried in his garden near my lovely kittens that didn`t get a chance of life they passed in october 2011 .. but i know i will see all my pets again on rainbow bridge so till that day all my pets are buried deep in my heart … hope thats of some comfort… to know george waits for you at the bridge . rip bingo love you always xxxx

  20. Kathryn says:

    Our Gypsy Queen died on Sunday 1st April 2012 at home, in a cool spot near our pond, surrounded by a special flowering orchids (the flower looks like an angel) and all the many other elements of nature in our garden. The spot where she lay to rest was so obviously marked by her and I am truly grateful as its a beautiful spot where I can spend time with her in these days just after her passing. It is almost as if she choose this spot. I practise kundalini yoga and do the sat siri siri akal mantra each day for her soul to be able to leave us peacefully. I am comforted by the fact that she sat with me everyday when I did yoga and as if she too enjoyed it and got a lot out of it herself. I tell her that I love her and I visualize myself hugging her. When I wake up in the early mornings I feel her presence very strongly and I instinctively open up all the doors for her to be with us. My partner hears her scratching the door to be let out and often sees her passing. I have been crying on and off for the whole week, sometimes it overtakes everything. I have found peace gardening and feel as if I am with her. Our other dog has come to sit with me when I do the mantra for 7 minutes near the spot where she died and then again at her grave.

    Gypsy was a silky terrier and she was incredibly special to us, that is my entire family. I remember her youthful days when she hid every treat under my brothers pillow, playing with her ball and fetching it, and basically engaged every aspect of her life, to later years when she went on walks as often as we could, to the sea, to every beach and excursion with us, her command of the house and her demanding and fussy eating habits. But most of all I remember her helping us all through our difficult times, the death of my Dad, my siblings and partners depressions, operations, the death of my Mum. Its almost as if she tried to stay alive for us in her last couple years (after my Mums passing) and then again even in the last days to be there for us. I remember when my partner was going through a difficult time she would come every morning to greet him at the side of the bed, and she did the same for me when I came home from a major operation. To me she almost sacrificed for us to heal, she took on our pains and healed us. She became diabetic and lived I think approximately ten years on insulin shots twice a day, and in her later years became blind with cataracts due to the diabeties, and most recently lost her hearing and then even her sense of smell. We did witness it becoming more and more difficult for her to find us, find her way etc, but she ate well and functioned normally up to the day before she died. We supported her with constant hugs and cuddles and just being with her.

    I am truly grateful that she died very peacefully by the pond, of normal old age and a natural death. I will forever be grateful to the universe for giving us Gypsy and for her sharing almost fourteen years of life with our family. I miss you Gypsy and will forever love you… I don’t know what made me do it, but I continuously told you that I loved you over and over again, every day of life for as long as I can remember and I hugged you so much. I which I could hug you again tightly now and it make me remember your last affectionate cuddles with me and with my partner the day before we went away and two days before you died. I wish so much I were her but for some reason the universe arranged that I would not be here so you could die very peacefully in the garden that you so loved. Now I know why you were making holes and looking for cool spot around the garden in the last month or so. I know I have to let you go so you can soar and be free. My psychic told me once that Gypsy was a healing dog and I did and do believe it. She was a caring and really connected companion to us all, she shared everything in our lives. Last night I missed her physically walking out our visitors to the front gate, as she always did, but I turned around I actually felt that she was there. I love you Gypsy, so much.

  21. Luisa says:

    My Dog Charmin Reacently Died On Wensday And ive Been Sad When I Think Of Him Its Hard Not To Cry Because. I Loved Him So Much i Cant Wait Until I Meet Him Amd All My Beloved Lost pets At The Rainbow Bridge I Wish I Could Still Have Him Here With Me Now But I Guess That Disease Won The Fight He Had With It When I Found Him Layinq There In His Dog House Blood Dripping From His Rear End I Knew He Was Going To Be Gone Soon I Hoped He Wouldnt But I Happened So Fast I Couldnt React To Anything But Reading This Gave Me Confort And Hope That One Day Ill Be Reunited With Him At The Rainbow Bridge I Cant wait Until That Day Comes But Until Then He Will Allways Be In Heart Along With All My Other Loved Pets

    • Holli Q. says:

      I found this site this p.m. looking for relief that I am not the only person who is so upset about having to put my 15 year old black lab to sleep later this pm. I am beside myself in heartache just anticipating it. I have been crying nonstop for two days. The steroids stopped working and she can barely walk. Her hind legs are like sticks. She has stopped eating and I took her to the vet yesterday and begged the vet to “save her.” Vet said one more shot and that her system is shutting down. It is pathetic and why do I feel so mad and sad. She was so nice and loved going on walks. I am going to miss her and the smell of her fur. I feel guilty and am crying at work right now. I lay with her last night and she is not herself, won’t look at me and does not act happy. I know it is time, but my God, as an owner you know one day it will come, but in my heart not ready. 15 years, just flew by.

      • Tracy B. says:

        Hi Holly, I was wondering about what happened to your lab, you mentioned steriods. My boy Biscuit, a 2 year old chocolate lab, died on June 20 from immune mediated hemolytic anemia (imha). He was on steriods for 2 months when he lost his battle. The first few weeks were unbearable. Last week was the 2 month anniversary of his death and I had been “tear-free” for a week, but then I had a horrible dream about him and have been crying every day since. How are you doing?

    • Gage Bennett says:

      Hey, Holli, I’m here just to say I’ve recently just lost my dog, which was about to turn one in a month.
      He was my absolute world , we did everything together,he wouldn’t even eat or drink until i came home. He wouldn’t do anything without me .. Such a strong bond dogs have on their owners it’s unspeakable of.
      My dog was perfectly fine & then all of a sudden starting throwing up & bleeding out his rear like your doggie. This disease that we are unknown of yet.. ate through him in such a few hours. A vet wasn’t even an option. We just knew he wasn’t going to last. But, it was his time to go. The look in his eyes that day.. He stared deeply into my eyes and held in his tears. And passed in my arms. He passed knowing i love him & most die knowing their owners love them. They hate leaving their owners behind.. but they also hate seeing them upset. Our pets will be waiting for us. They will never forget their owners who loved them most. Im so sorry for your loss. The pain is unbearable but things will get better. Your pet does not what to see you upset.

  22. Lynne says:

    I lost my beloved Susie on April 9th and I miss her more than words can say.
    Susie came to us over 13 years ago when we lived in Dubai. She was a black
    Cocker spaniel aged about 4 months and had 3 owners before us each takng turns
    to beat her. I can only begin to imagine the pain she had gone through. When
    I saw her I fell in love instantly but it took a long time for her to get over her
    traumatic start in life. With a lot of love and patience she adapted to
    life with us and followed us back to Scotland. Unfortunately she had
    to go through quarantine for 6 months which was horribly hard but
    easier than leaving her in the Middle East where she would have ended
    up going from family to family. We lived in Scotland for 2 years then moved
    to America. Susie came out with us and loved her time there, watching
    all the wildlife in the garden and chasing the occasional unsusupecting
    Chipmunk. After another couple of years we moved back to Scotland
    and fortunately with her pet passport she disnt have to do quarantine.
    Susie was such a gentle character and took everything in her stride. She
    lost her sight 3 years ago to glaucoma and adated brilliantly
    to being blind. She loved life but suffered a stroke in January and from
    there her body slowly started to give up. She
    had several infections then her legs went. I manged to find
    a brilliant vet specialising in acupuncture who I’m sure
    helped in Susie having a pain free final month. Although we knew she
    was old and getting weaker the end was still a shock.
    She packed such a lot into her life and I miss everything about her.
    I’m so comfortated that she’ll be waiting for me
    but I like to think shes with me evey day.
    I miss and love you so much Sue Sue.

    • Zaida says:

      I got my beloved Sushi, 13 years ago as a birthday present. She was a little white ball of pumpek fluff when I got her and grew to a 12 inch, 8 pound little lady who ruled our home. I thanked God ever so often for the gift of her every day she was alive. She brought joy into my most darkest hours, and unconditional love when I needed it most. She shared all my good and all my bad, and through it all she always had a way of making you do as she beckoned, including forgetting your problems and focussing on her.
      She was a often a passenger who required an open window (even though she had to be held the entire trip to actually reach the window) . She was a guest who attended our dinner parties (however this guest exclusively monopolised at least one family’s member time through-out entire events). And was even a guest at my sister’s wedding, (she’s in every family shot). This little white dog, even had her own guard-dogs and pets. She was so physically small in comparison (smallest member of our family, including the 6 remaining dogs) yet we all knew her place and ours.
      Yet she was loyal and protective of her humans. Everyone excluding family members were afraid of this fierce little angel. She would quietly sneak up to strangers and make a mad rush for their legs when she was inches away. Not afraid of anyone or anything she had to be held with both hands on daily strolls if any very large vehicle (like trucks) should dare venture on the road she believed she owned. An excavator driver once had to stop his machine for fear of squishing her, as she dutifully ran around the tires instructing it to leave. I really don’t think this little lady knew how all our hearts stopped as she barked. She also had a habit of chasing neighbours dogs into hiding when she got the chance, which was always funny in my mother’s eyes because she is the smallest dog in the neighbourhood.
      We shared walks in the citrus gardens, lazing around on our backs, breaking apart any reachable wooden furniture we felt my mom would not see (literally), breathing in the cool evening breeze and then blowing it out (I think she was trying to teach me some ancient yoga thing!) and lying on the floor mulling away at who she felt she could control.
      I learnt the value of 1) a belly and head scratch, 2) nuzzling (which we dubbed a “narf”), 3) making up a bed until all blankets are just right 4) hiding bones for later smells and 5)cuddling up before bed as necks are rubbed as an awesome way to end the day.
      She had been through all the typical dog aliments and even the not so typical including kidney stone surgery and surgery to remove tumours. All through of which we fretted and worried for “our baby”. Recently her arthritis became crippling, I had to hold her up to even urinate, her pain kept her up all through the night panting. All the possible courses the vet could have taken was done and in the end on the 18th of April (1day before my birthday) the vet came home and I euthanized by most beloved friend.
      We buried her next to the house in a pain-filled ceremony.
      I still feel her and look behind me ever so often as if she is following me as usual. I miss her dearly and I want to thank you for sharing your story, because even though you had a cat and my Sue Sue was a dog. I stopped and read your contribution because of her name. It made me stop to write what Sue meant to me, which helped in my own grief. Keep strong, pets give as so much pleasure, the memories, love and lessons they leave with us will last a life time.
      My Sushi was my best friend, and I may never have that with anyone else. But I try very hard to remember all the brilliantly bossy ways she would bark me out of a slump and know she would want me to not be impaired by her moving on. She will always be there when I need her, but God felt her job was done. He needed her home pain-free and made it, so that I had to release her. I know she is with God, but there when I need her.
      I love you Sue and I am comforted in knowing we will meet again.

  23. Tina says:

    I lost one of my fur kids on April 18, 2012. I had to put her down because she was suffering for Congestive Heart Failer. It’s been such an emotional few days and cannot stop thinking about her for a moment. I’ve been down this road before, but it never becomes easier losing a beautiful pet. I wish I would get a message or a feeling that she is still around. I miss her so much. She was so special in many ways and can never be replaced. I still have 3 other fur kids who I love just as much and will be in great pain when their time comes. I know that its part of the life cycle that we all must go through but it’s so painful. I know that some people think I’m crazy for being so emotional, but it’s like losing a family member. You are with this ball of fur for many years. You learn about each likes and dislikes. You don’t speak the same language but at the same time you know understand each other. They show you love no matter what. They are with you through thick and thin.

    Raven you will always be in our hearts. You will never be forgotten. We will always love you.

    • John Bean says:


      I know how you must have felt or still feeling, I lost my doggy(Nonnie) yesterday i last night was the first time in 8yrs she was not there to greet me, I know she is in a better place but it doesnt make the longing and pain better.My house felt strange you could sense nonnie’s presents but also her absence.I vever in my life thought a doggy can bring so much Love and unconditional Love too. I sad and feel i lost a best friend,someone who has been through so much with me, my down moments nonnie would come lay next to me and i could feel stress leaving me.

      Oh i feel somewhat empty today but know God is good.Stay strong and thank you for sharing your storie cause it really help me put thing in persective.

      Go well

      JOhn Bean

  24. Jodie says:

    I’m sorry in advance as this maybe long, I don’t know who to turn to or what I’m going to write so I will just type…

    We lost our beloved Staffy on 30th April, we had to make the choice to put him to sleep, the most painful choice I have ever had to do, he looked so sad and I cant get the image out of my head….I know its only been 2 days but my heart is hurting like I have never ever felt before.

    We have had Lloyd since he was 8 weeks old, along side his sister Peggy, they were inseparable, never ever been apart in the 10 and a half years we have had them, these two staffys were our two babies. I had to miscarriages and after suffering the second we decided to give up for a while and get two dogs, and that’s why we have Peggy and Lloyd.

    I’m going to now just talk about Lloyd, but you must know I feel exactly the same way about Peggy, but she is still here next to me as I type

    Everybody loved Lloyd, he wasn’t your normal Staff, he was a wimp and a little nervous boy, we dint know why as he had always been loved from day one….I think maybe I mothered him way too much , they slept in our bed, took the covers from us, life was just them…he was an absolute one in a million dog, so unique and so odd lol, makes me smile thinking of the stupid things hes done…

    I fell pregnant again in 2007 and this time was a success, we had Ronnie in 2008, and Peggy and Lloyd were just BRILLIANT with him, looked after him, played with him, just so so brilliant…

    Both dogs have never been poorly, we have been so lucky really….

    About a month ago Lloyd started coughing here and there, we didn’t really take too much notice and carried on life, about 3 weeks ago he become very breathless all the time so we took him to the vets who said he had fluid on the lungs and pneumonia, he was given tablets and we was told to go back once the tablets had finished (2 weeks), we had a bit of joy thinking he would get better….on Saturday 28th April his condition started getting worse, he could hardly breath but was eating and drinking, so we thought maybe its the tablets, so we gave him lots of cuddles and affection…

    On Sunday it was a different story, he was so so poorly, he didn’t want us to cuddle him, kiss him, he looked frightened, we took him to the emergency vet who gave him a water injection to release some of the fluid around his lungs, we were told to take him home as his breathing was bad and he needed to take him home to be comfortable and to take him back to the surgery first thing…that night was awful, I was so scared and upset

    Next morning we took him the vets who when examining said it didn’t look good and they would run tests and we were to phone them midday, we went home, 20 minutes after getting home the vet called and said we must go back now as they were losing him (my heart is crumbling as I write this), we went back and poor Lloyd was on oxygen, his whole body was infected and there was absolutely nothing they could do for him, and he would be alive for a few hours, but we decided to have him put to rest there and then as we couldn’t see him suffer, it was the MOST HEARTBREAKING THING EVER..I am so glad we was with him the whole time

    The guilt and the hurt is unbearable, I dint sense him around me in spirit at all, I feel this is because he wasn’t put to sleep at home and was somewhere strange, he hasn’t come to me or given me a sign he is OK and that he still loves me, I’m hurting so much, we have his ashes at home with us and he sleeps next to us, I cant quite believe he is gone, snatched so quickly…

    Peggy is so sad, I’m wondering how she is feeling, they have never been apart since they were born, over 10 years ago….now I’m thinking Lloyd hates me for all the times he was a little ratbag and I told him off…..that’s all I can think about is when I told him off and how I wish I hadn’t,

    I cant eat, sleep, stop crying, I cant even have my 4 year old child around me being so normal (I know its not his fault), I just want Peggy with me….I miss Lloyd like I never ever could imagine, I just want to die so I can be with him and he isn’t on his own, hes was so vulnerable…..I want this pain to go away, I want him home with me….please someone help me…please xx


    Rest in Peace my lovely beautiful boy, I cant wait for the day to come when we are together again xxxxxxxxx

    • Lisa says:

      Dear Jodie,
      As I lay in bed crying over my little beagle that drowned two days ago, I tell you from the bottom of my heart how much I feel your pain. You must know Molly is right there with you to help guide you. No need to worry because her spirit is there for your whole family. Live and enjoy everything God has given you. Molly loved you and wants only for you to be at peace. That’s how you can show your love for her. She will always love you! Love your daughter up and show her how to love all living things. Watch for small signs…butterflies,prayers to you

    • lissette leal says:

      dear sylvia i read your story and tears were coming down im sorry for your loss,,i know what you are feeling cause i have been there too..i have read all these articles about all these pets passing away on their owners,its very hard but time will heal the wound.when my 17 year old dog negra passed away i wanted to go with her.i had her since she was 2 months old.she was everything to me,she used to sleep with me, eat with me well we did everything.when she got realy sick i refused to put her down she was blind deaf you name it but i didnt care i still cared for her.there were times when she would wake me up 4 times in the night to help her out to the bathroom.i forgot my life and lived only for her,one day i think she was having a stroke i took her to the vet crying he said it was time to put her down,i cremated her and took her ashes home,i didnt eat sleep for weeks all i did was cry.to me my life left with her,i didnt beleive it but time will heal that wound,i have her ashes and all her stuff in my closet in a box,i know shes with me,and your dog is too,be strong,this dog will always be by your side.

  25. Jamie says:

    My name is jamie.
    Me and my parents put my 14 year old yellow lab Molly to sleep today. It was the worst day of my life. We have so much love for her and she has given us so much love and joy in return. I’m devastated. I want to be with her right now. I know we made the right choice but that doesn’t make it easier. Right now it doesn’t feel like its going to get better. The void of her not being at the door to greet me or cuddle with is unimaginable. I can’t stop crying and I’m distraught. I hope and really do want to believe that she is still with us. I wish she was in my arms right now. I love you mollygirl, I always will and you will always be in my heart every day.. I hope u know that and we did everything we could to keep u with us. I love you

    • ADRIANA says:

      we just lost one of our dogs, he drown in the pool, we did everything with my husband to save him, we really did but it was too late, it is a tragedy for us an specially to our sons, he was their younger brother.

      I know is too recent but I see him and hear him everytime….it is very painful

  26. Melanie says:

    Our cat died just an hour ago during her sterilazation operation. She had stopped breathing and they put her on a heart-lung machine. The moment my phone rang, without seeing a caller id, I knew she was gone. So I gave my permission to take her of the machines. To let my little girl go. Her name was Xena Warrior Princess, a silly name I know but given to her because she was born to a street cat mom, very tiny and timid. So I gave her an over the top strong name. She grew up confident and oh so sweet. We are so proud of her. We still have her mom Sophie, her sisters Zelda, Willow and Raven. My Xena girl, I miss you and thank you for being the magnificent creature that you are. I love you. Mama

  27. Jourdan says:

    I lost my cat on Tuesday (12th June 2012) He was put to sleep because of various reasons.. im 11 and my sister is 7 and shes dealing with it fine but i cannot cope.. how do I know if his there or not?

    Lots Of Love
    See You Seen Gizmo x x x

  28. Sylvia says:

    My beautiful girl, Misty died 2 weeks ago from a big internal hemorrage. She had Hemangiosarcoma. Up till the last couple of weeks of her life she was incredibly fit and strong and well, even though she was not young. She loved to run in the fields, go for her walks, play frisbee, she loved her food. One week after her cancer was diagnosed, she had an internal hemorrage. But she pulled through and was starting to recover…but then she had the big one. I had to have her put to sleep because she was bleeding to death. I loved her so very much. All the time I had her we lived each day to the full. She had a happy good life. I would have given her my own blood I loved her that much.
    I would be happy to feel she had gone “beyond” this world, and was in a lovely place with fields and woods, and happiness, maybe with my relatives or her special friend who died 18 months ago….and I can join her one day when I die. But I’m unsure….
    Sometimes, is it possible dogs stick around in “spirit”, still connected to their home and the human whom they loved? The reason I ask is I don’t want my grief to upset her if she is still around….also would it confuse her or upset her if I think she’s not here, ignore her -and she is? Sometimes I speak into the silence and say the cheerful things I used to say to her just in case…I still save her a piece of fish, or a piece of cheese or bread off my dinner plate (I eat it in the end, but I offer it to her just like I always used to when she was alive) We had an incredibly close bond. She was with me 24/7.
    I’m really unsure what to do. I feel very close to her in my heart. I have not had any supernatural events concerning her, but there is this feeling of being still so close to her.
    If I’m sure she has “moved on” then I will still send her prayers and blessings and my love, but will stop talking now and again to her, and will stop saving her treats. I just don’t know for sure, so am being on the safe side.

  29. Melissa says:

    we just lost our loveing dog wrinkles on 6-21-12. i have a 1 year old boy and a 4 year old girl that played with her all the time. she was so good with bolth of them she played diff. with my 1 year old than my 4 year old. my lil girl is so sad she lost her best friend and always asks when she is comeing back. she was very young her birthday is 1-26-12. one day she got up sick and the next we got up to find her diad. i couldnt take her to the vet untill the 21st because they had no appts for the 20th. i dont know what happend to her, i wish i did. i should of stayed up with her. i put her to bed at 3am because i couldnt stay up any longer(how selfish of me). i should of been with her but i thought she would b ok untill we could get her to the vet. when i saw her she looked like she was sleeping so i guess i have that in my head and want to go wake her up to play. we buried her in the back and i sometimes think i hear her bark. i wish she was here we all lost a good friend. R.I.P. WRINKLES 1/26/12-6/21/12 WE LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU.

  30. ritu ray says:

    i am waiting to be @ rainbow bridge with my scoobby who had to be put to sleep on 21st june2012…his both kidneys had failed..liver & heart was giving away. he had stopped eating from 12 days dr thought might be coz of worms..no medicine worked after the blood reports came in dr told me the damage i was shattered..i had to put him down the next day…i couldnt seem him go away i held him close and ran away from that room..he was called as my boy..mummy’s boy…i cant imagine my life without him he was 10 yrs old had adopted him when he was 1 month…he use to sleep on my lap…b with me…he was a pariah indian breed…i have 5 dogs my babies 2 home now…..i can feel him around me…i know i am not letting his soul go i know iam being selfish but cant let him go….i can hear him barking when i come home from work…my mom and freinds understand my feelings..they are supporting me so is my fiancee…my 5 babies can feel my sorrow…..i want him back….

  31. Stefan Tita says:

    i believe we will be one day again together but this moment is very difficult to support. Motica, the Siamese tomcat , my best friend from my life, died on 17 / 18 June 2012. We will never forget him !
    I even perceived him from the other dimension, it was not a joke but I have to learn more to communicate again in a more explicite way. I think it was very special and different and the tragic story of his life (as I described it in a little e-book) can even change the life perception of other people.

    Stefan, from Romania

  32. someone says:

    we had to put our black lab to sleep november 26 2011 at the age of 11 because his hips were getting to hurt him too much and a month later we had to put our cat oly down on december 31 2011 at the age of 13 because he had jaw cancer. I also lost many other pets and hope to see them in heaven ine day.

  33. Angela Kongsted says:

    we have just lost our little Lally, a sweet albino budgerigar… after 1 year with us, the day before she passed away, i noticed she was not well, she was the bossie one of the little couple, always wanting to eat from the same place the little Flaffy (the male) will be eating…. only that last day, she was not herself… the following morning, at around 5am, i heard a noise of something dropping and the flying around of the male, i heard a little sound like if it was a chick crying, i went there and i saw her lying down on the bottom of the cage, she was still calling, i got her in my hand, she gave me her last tweet tweet, and then she was gone…..
    we buried her in the same place were the mother of my husband was buried last Xmas.
    I was expecting the little male to be very upset, although he was for a couple of days, suddently i realised he started singing just like Lally used to… and from being a shy berdie, he is now just like she was… I really believe the soul and spirit of Lally went into Flaffy…

    thanks for sharing and for giving the chance to share..

  34. John Bean says:

    Reading all the comments i am sitting at work with tears running , My heart is broken my dog, Nonnie just passed a couple of minites ago.Nonnie has given so much love to our family and i am so affraid to go home this evening not seeing nonnie.This morning before i left home i said my gooybye to Nonnie and knew their was a charnce i would never see him again on this side.

    I was never a pet person but nonnie came into our lives eight years ago and gave us so much love.Nonnie was a little star,loved to dress up and show off.When my son was struggling with withdraw simtims fro drugs Nonnie showed him UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and the two of them became great friends.25/07/2012 AT 9.30AM Nonnie left us but he will be in our hearts forever.I spoke to nonnie before i left for work and told him to give me a sign that he will be ok.As sad as it is Nonnie is better off and out of pain but it doesnt make me feel any better. Walking into house this evening will be hard as it will be the first time in eight years that he will not be there to greet me and be happy to see me. Strange how people tell you dont worry you will get another pet, I understand that but it’s not nonnie and it’s like telling someone hwo lost a child dont worry you will get another child.Nonnie R I P. You where Loved by so many touch the lives of so many and you are my hero. Go safe my friend we will meet again i told you this morning to ait for me no matter how long it will take i we will meet agin, i have to believe that.You were a great companion, will miss the cuddling and playing.When the mood in the house is not right Nonnie just did something that made everyone forget about our problems.

    You will be missed nonnie,but in our hearts forever.

    Much love till we meet again.


  35. John Bean says:

    R I P Nonie, we love you

  36. kimberley mansfield says:

    I returned home late from a difficult work day, to find my big ol beautiful dog not in his spot. Searching the house, I found him on the floor by my bed, passed! The clock read 333. I am in shock and dismay, I know the numbers mean master guides are present, but i feel so empty. He died alone, without me here. I have had his wonderful companionship for 15 years and grieve his loss deeply. I have been dreading this day for some time, but feel somehow it came at a moment when i could not be present to comfort my beloved friend. i will try and sleep, with him remaining by my bed, it is late and he is enormous and i don;t want him outside, away from me and alone. i know his spirit may remain as i sleep, and so i will try. i will pray for his safe journey and know that he will return when the time is right, in the shape of another dog, who needs a peaceful, safe and happy home.. rest in peace my treasured friend “B-bug” aka Bailey

    • John Bean says:

      Kimberley, I understand your pain and the empty feeling.We lost our beloved Nonnie yesterday and last night was the first time in 8yrs she was not there to greet me with her happy face jumping up and down.Some evenings when she got over excited i would lay the ignoring game and she would go crazy for our attention.

      No animal lovers think we crazy, sitting at work you know you have to go on but it’s not that easy.I was saying to my friend i grew up not know my father and after almost 42 yrs when he past his family then knew where to find us.We burried our dad with dignity but even then i did not feel what iam feeling today for the lost of our beloved Nonnie.she was just a little spark and ray of sunshine in our lives.As life goes on we get stronger.The night before nonnie was to be put out we had the charnce to say our goodbye’s. That evening i played Jesus take the wheel over and over as i stroke noonie and ask her to give me a sign when she is on the otherside and safe.I told her i loved her and that she will always be apart of our lives.Coming home las nght 1st eve without nonnie we refelcted on our jurney and spoke of the happy times and all the joy she brought to us. As strange as this may sound, we werent even focusing on TV all i heard the presenter say the next contestant will perform A SONG OF Carrie Underwood: Guest what song: Jesus take the wheel i have ver listened to that song untill that last evening with nonnie. I immediately jumped up and said tahts the sign Nonnie is ok, well and safe.Her body couldnt keep her with us no more but the little Diva she was had to connect with us. Our house felt empty and although we sad we know Nonnie is ok.Kimberley you will be ok and know your Dog is ok. It still hurt the same anyway but to know they ok brings peace and we have angles watching over us.I know Nonnie is watching over us.It has only been one day, but its one day without our beloved Nonnie.Stay strong friends you not alone.In time your beloved pet will give you the sign you need. Ours was the last song we played over ond over.Jesus take the wheel. Stay Strong Friends.

  37. Debbie says:

    Nelson passed on June 13, 2012 Wed. Afternoon. All his organs shut down. He was 8. He was the best of the best that ever came into my life. He was a sick little pup. Nelson came into this world with a heart problem and a lung problem. After singing and taking him into the bathroom (steam room) with the hot shower filling the bathroom, he finally grew out of it. I held him and sang to him for about 9 months til his breathing became normal. The vet didn’t think he was going to make it. At that time Nel was only 5 months old. Will, he made it until he was eight. He loved to swim, travel, he will sit there so I can vacume him. He loves baths, He would cry by the bathroom door just to get shampooed. I’m disabled so he help me a lot. On night, he bit me on my finger to wake me up ( I was on prescription sleeping med) and two men were trying to break into the house. Nelson saved my life. Next day I had an alarm system installed. He loved to dance, laid on his back and twist, when I sing ( and I’m not a good singer) Nelson would set and have a crooked smiled on his face like elvis. He tolerated me. He had the most beautiful tursting eyes. He slept by me night and naps. Played catch. Nelson greeded me Every morning my licking me, . I have two doggie doors, one in the master bedroom out into the Florida room then one that goes outside. His sister and Nelson sounded like coupled of horse ( I have ceramic tile) trotting chaseing his sister Abby in and out of the house. slipping and sliding. Christmas, we had to have a Christmas trees,,He knew what presents were. I miss him so much and can’t stop crying. Abby, Nelson and I always prayed together at night to.. I was in the hospital for close to 7 weeks in March and April.I did think I was going to make it. I ask to come home. Doctor’s let me come home with pic-line for IV and nurses. I left my husband incharge but I dont think my husband did a good job. I can’t do much, Nelson’s know’s I’m sick. Two months after I came home from the doctor’s check up and found him quivering and upside down. Took him to the vet. I had a funny filling. But the vet told me that he will be just find. Will it wasn’t just fine. All his organ shut down. I talk to Nelson all the time about going to heaven. Surely I thought I was going first. My parent in CA told me to send Abby and Nelson out there if something ever did happpen to me. My husband doesn”t have the compasion but my parents love animals and live on a farm. So that was the plan. But Nel left me and Abby behind and its been a month and half.I talk to him everyday even though he’s gone and my eye’s are so puffy from crying every day.I can’t leave Abby alone now, so I’m staying strong. I’m so lost with out him. He was my baby boy. I miss my kisses, the warmth of his belly, the crooked smile, how he runs up to me a greets me when I come home or open my eyes in the morning. Where is he, what is he doing? Is he with God. Did God make him well. Will we see each other again. II’m waiting for a sign. I look up in the sky the other day and the shape of cloud was a dog jumping and waggling his tail. I had pets before but Nelson is closer to a human with unconditional love. It really hurts. Rest Baby boy get well May God be with my Babie(s). xoxoxox alway in my heart Nelson.

  38. Linda Pew says:

    I lost my beloved German Shepherd, Heidi on July 31st 2012. My normal routine is to open the back gate just enough to feed a stray cat every morning. Heidi would either wait inside or step just outside of the gate. I live on a very busy street and Heidi saw another dog walking with their owner, she ran before I could stop her and was instantly killed by a car as she ran into the road. There is only a small gap where she could see the road and the owner and dog had to be walking by at the same time my beloved Heidi stood there inside the open gate. She was 2 and 1/2 years old and has been my companion since I received her as a Christmas gift. We walked together daily and slept in the same room. I am responsible for her untimely death. She died in my arms and my husband and I buried her in the backyard in our “pet cemetery” which contains the graves of our many cats. I am inconsolable as is my husband. I am riddled with guilt because I should have known this could happen. I will never be able to forgive myself for her death and the pain I am causing my husband who loved her dearly. I would trade places with Heidi if I could……………I am heartbroken.

    • alma says:

      i can not imagine how you feel but i can hear the pain in what you are saying.
      your beloved dog died playing, chasing a could-be friend or a boyfriend perhaps.she did not suffer, but died instantly. your and your husbands suffering is related to missing her in your life and having her taken to another dimension suddenly and early.she sounds like a confident and happy dog who did not suffer and had all the love in this earthly life.
      i truly understand why you are feeling the way you do.your guilt has no reason to attach itself to this loss as you had no intention of harming your dog or your husband consequently. you were giving more love to another stray animal – do you blame yourself for this as well?
      you sound like a lovely, caring, loving human being Linda. your dog would probably give anything to be able to let you know that your suffering as a way of punishing yourself is not needed, and can be replaced by loving connection with her – by sending her love from your hearts.
      the more time you spend blaming yourself focusing on guilt- the more time you lose in disconnection from your Heidi, not feeling love and that special bond you two had with her here – and can still have with her between ‘worlds’.
      replace the blame with love and you’ll have her love back in another way.
      i wish you peace and hope that you and your husband will support each other through this part of the life-journey.
      love, a

  39. Elizabeth says:

    I lost my loved pet bunny ruby. Sadly she drowned when getting away from me, I have been crying on the couch for hours, I didn’t know if she would watch me after me being so dumb and putting her in danger but from reading I guess if shes not right here next to me, shes up there waiting for me and checking on me often. Yesturday I felt her fur on my side and my hand reached to pet her but she was not there, I felt terrible. But know I know that my soft long eared friend is safe in health, and if not playing with other bunny’s, shes snugling with me. This post made me wipe my tears and look at her empety cage area relax ed once more. Thank you.

    • Jul says:

      Elizabeth, I’m feeling the same you were… I feel guilty but reliefe that my rabbit is in a better place. I need some courage to clean up her cage but I can’t. :-(

  40. Jul says:

    Hi, this past few days was the worst for me. My dog of 15 years just gone, and tonIght my rabbit was gone. I felt both times they are dying, and both of them passed on the vet minutes after I got there. I was not expecting seen my rabbit screaming of pain and laying to rest.
    I have the scene on my mind all the time, I don’t know what to do. My dog was my good friend but I was away from him for 6 years and my rabbit was my company of my lonely life.
    I hope I can see the rainbow bridge and hope they are in the other side together!!
    It is tough but all of us can one day think of our animals as our best time with them.

  41. subhasree goswami says:

    Feeling better after reading this article.My pet cat Goldy suddenly passed away 4 days ago on 10th august,i was totally devastated.I used to love her like my baby.I am missing her terribly.May god bless her soul so that she can be happy always.waiting eagerly to meet her on the other side, never to part again.
    Mamma loves you beta…..

  42. lee d says:

    We lost our dear cat butch monday 20th august . He was 16 years old. watching my cat gasp for air at the vets and knowing they could do nothing to help him was heartbreaking so we made the decision to put him to sleep. I stayed with him and stroked him and made sure he was not alone . in a split second he was gone.From the moment he was born in my house to the moment he died i was with him and always will be. The whole family is missing you butch, i cant eat my heart aches im crying typing this but i know i will see you again some day.

    Have fun playing with your brothers and sisters until we meet again
    R.I.P BUTCH 1996 – 2012

    • MARTHA SANCHEZ says:


    • alma says:

      lee d, i so feel your pain.
      i lost my beloved Muki yesterday at 10.10h (as if the clock was smiling)
      it was my birthday too.
      he suffered for the last 2 days, slowly slipping away, his paws not being able to carry him to his food dish or litter tray any longer. the vets did what they could. i was with him till the end at our home. the most painful thing was those last few minutes when he was releasing painful miaws, gasping for air and having some sort of spasms in his hind legs.i caressed him and talked to him, telling him how much i loved him, how he was always such a good boy, my mate, my baby.
      i also got him in 1996.he was meant for my sister but from the start he was really my cat, my companion.
      he is now resting in my garden.i can not stop crying.i still hear those painful miaws. as i was having my coffee this morning in my usual chair i missed him pawing my leg, asking to lift him into my lap so he can be part of my morning routine.i pretended to stroke this empty space on my lap not being able to stop the tears.
      see you at the rainbow bridge my mate, my friend, my baby.
      i miss your soft fur all over the coffee table and all the naughty places you used to lounge on.
      please give me a sign you are well.
      love you,
      your mama

  43. alma says:

    oh dear universe, i am at work but can not function at all. i miss my Muki, my good boy, my mate, my baby.it is 48hrs since he’s gone.i’ve put a ball of yellow flowers on his grave yesterday – yellow for friendship, and an a3 poster i custom made for him with the Rainbow Bridge painting on it and a tom walking across the rainbow into the sky.i can now put the carpets down on the floors again, since he’s not there to pee and be sick on them any longer.but i do not want carpets in the house.i’ve learned to live without them, but i don’t know how to live without Muki. He was the keeper of the 16yr old history of secrets of my life, he was there always. when no one else knew i was hurt – he did.he was the one sitting on my chest curing the soul-ache with his purring, soft pawing of my face, a soft and claw-less paw hug, a word in cat language – whatever he thought would let me know he understood and he was there with me.my history keeper is gone, all i have left are empty food bowls, a baby flannel he last rested his head on, his green brush – the rest i had to remove from the house.it was too much to see.

  44. Laura says:

    I lost my loving 15 year old husky 3 days ago she had cancer spread to lungs and brain we had to put her to slee
    I cannot stop cryng she was my worrld my little shadow . Now she is gone and my heart aches so much I hope she gives me a sign she ok rip laska

  45. Nicky says:

    Lost my dog Toby today…held him whilst he was put to sleep. Only 5 years old and too young to go. He was perfectly healthy this time last week. A beautiful, loving soul … and the pain of losing him is unbearable … would give anything to see him again

  46. Morne says:

    My pet dog Isabella whom we had for 12 years died last week tuesday and me and my wife are struggling to cope the sense of loss is so great and i have have sunk into a very dark depression i feel like crying the whole time, i realy miss her so very very much, but now that i know there is hope of seeing her again it helps a little, but i still want to know if she is ok and that she is happy, i wish i could see her just to know she is ok.

  47. vanessa gaines says:

    my tabby cat FATTY passed away early wednesday morning 09-05-2012 at 2:55 am he had been ill with liver problems for about 2 weeks…. on tuesday morning he could not walk I had to pick him up and take him to the litter box…. I could tell he was in pain(he was crying alot during the day) I was going to take him to the vet to have him put down. on wednesday but at 2:50am Fatty walked into my bedroom woke me up and laid down next to my bed…… I knew the time has come. as he laid there I placed his paw into my hand, rubbed him from head to tail gave him several kisses, told him that God was calling him home and that even though I did not want him to go I knew he had to go….. I told him Mommy loves him so much and will alway love and miss him. he squezzed my hand meowed for the last time and left this earth, I miss you Fatty……………………………

  48. Tyler says:

    I just put my cat down today who was such a big part of my life. Infact, I didn’t realize how a part of me she was until I lost her. She had been puking 2-3 times a week for over 2 years straight. Mostly hairballs, but also just a lot of vile. So I had taken her to the vet and they said she was healthy, but more recently I noticed blood drops around her food bowl. So I found that it was coming from a growth on her belly that she’d been biting at. Anyway, I’ve had a lot going on in my life, had to move to a new apartment, very tight budget etc. I’m feeling sad and guilty for having really no choice but to put her down cuz I couldn’t afford further vet bills or consistant vomiting staining my new carpet. She’s my beautiful Sadie girl or “Tator Tot” and I’d like to know if when you put animals down, that they understand or are even grateful for you doing so. I held her and told her I love her many times and so did my fam.
    I guess I just hate the fact that I was the “ruler” of her death instead of her passing on her own. But I just hope I was able to do her a favor of no more suffering…

  49. Baby boys mom says:

    I lost my sweet Golden Retriever who was nearly 12 just a few days ago. He had been having problems with arthritis for a couple years and one morning he could not stand. Like you I had to take him to the vet which he hated and once there had to have him put to sleep. I am struggling with his death. I miss him so much and I still am having problems sleeping. I feel lost. The one comfort I have is when I need to go someplace that he never could go in life like the grocery store, or my kids school I ask him if he wants to come along and finally see it. It helps me feel a little less sad to get along with life, imagining him finally really getting to come along everywhere. It’s heartbreaking. Finding places like this where others are trying to cope with the loss of their much loved fur baby does help though. I know I tried to give him a wonderful life and he always did the same for all the people around him. I guess in the end the love we had for each other has to be enough.

  50. emily goulbournr says:

    our dear tazz passed today 10 year old bull mastiff so sadly missed love you tazz x

  51. kobie says:

    my little cat called billy got knocked down an i saw it happen, he was only 6yrs old the vet said he might have a chance i was so hopful but 2 days later i had to have him put to sleep, i was broken hearted ive cried so much i cant get over losing him,we have only lived at our new home for 3mnths,and he had just started going in to the garden but he decided to have a look around an i saw him on the road, i went out to get him and thats when it happened, i wish we had never moved home now, we have another cat who billy adored an he has also taken his pals death bad , god bless my little man i love you sooo much , the people on here have all suffered the heartache an my heart goes out to you all.

  52. Sylvia says:

    My dearest baby Kitty (a pomeranian) just left me for the Rainbow Bridge on Tues.Sept 25/2012, I am devastated, couldn’t stop crying and longing for my beloved baby. We’ve been very close although I have another baby Nikki (also a pomeranian), Kitty is very possessive and wants me for herself. She will growl and watch when I hold or cuddle Nikki. She has this jealous streak and I loved that she’s my shadow – everywhere I’m in the house all I have to look and Kitty is there. She can read my mind it seems. She was very intelligent, “too smart for her own good”, cheeky, lovable and full of mischief. I cannot function and have lost my apetite since Kitty left. That morning, before I left I tried feeding her breakfast but she wasn’t eating, I then gave her some baby’s formula thinking she’ll be ok by the time I got home. She was coughing for a couple of weeks now (chronic cough), but she was healthy eating her meals, we went for our daily walks so didn’t think anything would happen. I left home at 9am and got home by 2:30pm and surprised to see her lying on the floor, wet herself and unable to move. Don’t know how she got the energy to move herself from the place I left her to the foyer waiting for me to get home to say goodbye. I immediately picked her up, cuddle and massage her ears and neck as I always do when she is in this state and then she is ok – but not today. I could see she’s delirious and slipping away. I held her very close to my body, rocking her back and forth and comforting her in her last hour with me, all this time I was scared for the inevitable and praying and crying at the same time. My sweetheart darling baby died in my arms an hour later. I sensed because she knows I love her so much and throughout the 16yrs never complained or get annoyed at all, but will give or do anything for my babies. My babies come first in my life and are truly a blessing from God and right this moment and for the last 3 days my heart is heavy filled with sadness, a profound sense of loss and couldn’t stop crying. I have to be strong for my other surviving baby Nikki but misses Kitty so much. She is my everything – sleeps with me, comforted me and just love me.. Good bye my darling, you’re at peace now and I know you’ll be watching and protecting me and Nikki from the Rainbow Bridge…
    Luv Mummy

  53. Sonu says:

    My pet dog passed away yesterday. He was a german shepherd and was 9 years and 2 months old. I donnot know when he died as he died in the night. I feel very guilty that I was not with him when he passed over. I am so worried about what has happened to his soul, he was my baby. Is there anyway to know he is fine and what can I do for him to comfort him if he is not happy on the other side. I miss him but I am more worried about him, can u communicate with a pet and give your love,support and comfort after they are dead, pls advise how to help my baby, live a happy life on the other side, am worried, Sonu

  54. Sunny says:

    Hi,Sonu,I’m so sorry for your lost,I know how you feel..but things will get better.Pray for you boy,it will help.
    My lovely 10 year old cat,Tom died 3 days ago,duo kidney failure.. I’ve been crying since then,I wish I did more for him..I found him as a stray 18 months ago,and he brought a lot of joy and happiness into my life.Yesterday I pray to Angels to take my boy into Heaven,I cried and pray..then Omg I’ve experienced something amazing,so I’m gonna share with you.I’ve been cuddled,hugged,kissed by learner guide female labrador in front of the school.It was like she feels my pain and sadness…she hugged me and comfort me like no one before.Thank You dear God for giving us a lovely animals,their sincere love is just priceless! I feel bit better…I know out pets are in better place all together. Sonu they are ok ,just pray .

  55. Beth says:

    I put down my little boy, only 4 months old last week. I miss him so much… beyond words and sanity. I found him on the side of the road and he tested positive for felv and fiv, my vet wanted to put him down right away but I didn’t agree, he was full of life and seemed like a normal kittie. Then in 2 months, he suddenly went down the hill in one day, overnight his fever spiked to 106.9 and developed ulcers in his mouth, they suspected he caught another virus and with his conditions practically he had slim to none chances of fighting it off with a great deal of suffering. And I promised him, I will not let him suffer…so I made the worst and most heartbreaking decision of putting him down… but now, I think, he was such strong kitten, he might have fought it off, I can’t get over his loss and the guilt, I am a total mess. I miss him so much. I wonder, will he ever forgive me, my house is not the same without him, and only if I have given him more time, maybe second opinion, anything that would make him feel better, he still would be with me. He brought me so much joy and I feel like I failed him and gave up on him so quickly, nothing makes the pain go away, and nothing will bring him back..I am so heartbroken…I love you and always will my little boy, Moj Maly Dziubaszku..

    • paulina says:

      I also had to put my rabbit down and later had regrets (although she really needed it).
      I SO understand you.
      And I miss my rabbit so much! She died a year ago and still can’t stop crying over her… I guess one can never really recover from putting down his/her own baby; your mind says “that’s what you had to do” but your heart… that’s a totally different story… :’( If you ever find the cure, let me know!

  56. madison says:

    just put my beloved rat Ernie down today. This made me feel much better, and secure knowing what he’s doing. Thank you. R.I.P Ernie.

  57. Jessica says:

    My Pug named Bugsy got hit by a car 2 weeks ago. he was my bestfriend, he cried when i wasn’t home and he loved me so much. He listened to no one in the house but me. This article touched my heart very deeply. It let me know that he is doing okay, and he gets hurt to see me sad. I love him with all of my heart, he was my very best friend. There was never a dull moment in the house with him, and now that hes gone, the whole house is silent. I miss my little pug, and i hope hes doing okay. i cant wait to see him again one day. Even if hes not here physically, i know that he is still here <3 I love you bugsy brady. You were more than just a dog to me. You were my best friend. I love you times a million baby boy. Don't forget me <3

  58. Mel says:

    I have a few friends over the Rainbow Bridge…. Beloved Saten~dog, who visits me often ~ but i still long to have his physicality!!! Just to let u all know that our beloved animals will never forget us!! Ad we them! !
    Psychic Jo (owner of th blog) gave me a reading awhile ago… Working w animals as i do~ she told me that i have a young Indian brave w me~ who has a colt w him…. My first horse Brandysnap was killed n i believe it is him!! I howled for him for YEARS. What a gorgeous precious thought that they are always w us!! .Much love light n healing hugs to all u who have loved n lost!!

    May i always be the person my dog thinks i am!!!!
    Angelic hugs.. Mel <3

  59. clare cooper says:

    our cat died on christmas eve not long before xmas day we couldnt find her my mum and myself looked for her mum called her from back garden nowhere to be seen she would normally greet me as she new the sound of my car she was more close to my dad but i loved her just as much i opened my window and called for her i could hear her answer me vagely but no sign of where she was i called again she answered even more queitly still couldnt find her when looked outside as it was dark then heard her no more so went back inside checked wardrobes etc no where in the xmas morning mum saw neighbour after coming back from driving round to see if mum and dad could find her then the neighbour in the garden saw her laying in there garden she already passed away only then for me to realise she was their and could hear us calling but she couldnt move feel so guilty im so heartbroken and sad i cry everynite cause i failed to find her i feel such a let down to tigger she was so beautiful loving and a very chatty cat to us all i miss u so much tigger and will never forget you i will always love you and will be reunited on dayxxxxxxx

  60. Carla Biscardi says:

    I lost my baby boy 3 days ago, a rottweiler named Magnum. It took such tremendous effort for him to get up that I had to lift his back end with a rug to walk him outside. The vet gave him a steroid shot, but the panting that had begun 3 days prior only got worse. I laid next to him on the floor, helplessly watching him go through what must have been horrific pain, holding and petting him, trying to stay calm. It was torture, but mercifully, he died not too long after. He was my rock, my protector – always closeby watching over me, even when he could barely walk himself. It’s been gut wrenching, and I know I will miss him forever. Ive been asking for a sign, that he’s still closeby, and tonight I tried the method described below. I’m not sure if I really felt him or not, but after that, my other dog, Inga began acting differently. She began staring at the dog bed in the other room. She had left 3 biscuits there all day, not touching them, but when she followed me outside she quickly ate 2 and took the third outside. When a nearby siren sounded, I thought I heard a very faint low howl(he always howled at sirens), and a little earlier I saw what looked like a blur of black walking toward the food dish, with Inga following behind. As this was happening, the energy in the room seemed lighter. I’m so grateful for these little signs and for all your comments. I feel so happy that my baby is no longer in pain, though I miss him terribly. It helps to know I’m not alone in my experiences, and that Mag is still here w/me in spirit form.

    • Adrienne Lewis says:

      Carla, I lost my beloved Rott Berlin a week ago yesterday and I will never be the same!! He was fine in he morning and when I came home his back legs were completely paralyzed. He was ten. Vet said either FCE or slipped disc into his spinal chord!! I’m heart broken!! I miss him so much!!! I miss his love, the hugs, the protection, the kisses!! His only flaw was his short life span.

      I hope time has healed your heart, and your memories of Mag comfort your soul!!!


  61. Lynda says:

    My beloved Mitzi, 15 yr old American Eskimo died alone on Jan 10 probably sometime in the morning after I had left for work. When I got home for lunch she was gone. She had been ill for sometime with heart problems, later developing ataxia due to what our vet thinks was a brain tumour on the lining of her brain. She was a fighter and didn’t give up easily, Two days before she died she made me walk her as far as she could go and did not want to come back in the house, enjoying the cold winter weather and wind. Mitzi always loved the snow and would stand in the wind letting it blow against her face. Even with her loss of balance, falling over and all she would not slow down…she still moved quickly throughout the house and had a good appetite. But as she was progressively getting worse I soon came to the realization that it would be best to put her to sleep on the weekend. I guess the angels decided to take her first. Mitzi was a rescue dog who’s previous owner abandoned her when she was only a year and a half old in the woods. She was covered in fleas and apparently had been with another agressive male dog. The male was euthanized as unadoptable but Mitizi had a great personality and the shelter deemed her adoptable. She was always loving and loyal, great with kids and when I found a kitten under our car and brought him in to the house she immediately accepted this feline companion. They were best friends from the start. Mitzi was the light of my life and will be missed every day.

  62. marty says:

    Hi Carla, I felt your grief as I am now feeling My rottie/ shepherd x died in my arms today in his home with
    the vet after administering an injection. He was 13 yrs old and my best companion and friend ever.
    He also lost use of his back end and I had to carry him or support his rear when he stopped eating and refused water I knew I could not hold on to him longer, he looked at me this morning after wetting himself as if to say “let me go now dad” he had 11 visits to the vet and I tried everything possible to make him well again. I am grieving to the bone now but his memories will pull me through as we did everything together
    he was the most loyal friend ever and I loved him as my own children, We all will miss him greatly.
    I read the above “Rainbow Bridge” which has given me the most wonderful peace and I hope this too comforted you.
    Bless you, our dogs waits for us.
    Marty (Australia)

  63. William says:

    Hi. This article really helped me a lot. My cat just now died and she was only a week old. I just wanted to know if she was safe on the other side and if there was one. The thoight of her little body running towards me as we cross the rainbow bridge together was breath taking. Yeah I’m only 14, and I didn’t really know how to take this except for crying my eyes out. Thank you. And tigres says thank you too. I just know it. :)

  64. Sima says:

    My dearest pet, a 7 months old cat, died lastnight. He died because of Herpes Virus after 2 weeks treatment. All the doctors made sure me that he will be fine, but he died ….. He was a vety happy and beautiful cat. I am very sad and depressed. all of the events in my life, remind my dearest little innosent angel ………I hope to see him one day. I have lost my father recently and aske him to care my cat, ARTA.
    Thank you for your beautiful website.

  65. Marty says:

    An update from Marty’s comment above.
    Marty says,
    I’am still grieving but somewhat at peace as I prayed and asked for a sign that my best 4 legged mate was okay now. 2 nights ago I had a dream, in this dream my beloved dog”Jack” came to me with a message, he was laying motionless on the ground (lifeless in body) but his eyes were looking at me his ears were purt up and his mouth was moving. I believe he was trying to tell me don’t be sad dad ! I may be gone in the physical but I’m here with you in spirit as I can see you, hear you, and I will speak to you through your heart.
    This has given be great peace and I urge all who are still suffering their loss to believe their loved pet continues to protect and watch over us all.
    have faith.
    Marty (Australia)

  66. Carol says:

    Its been 3 years since I had to let my girl Peaches go. I’m finding that I’m struggling with her loss this year. Ive been having doubts and worrying that I had let her down. She was there for me thrum 2 rounds of cancers and many surgeries. She would always lay herpaws on my stomach whenever someone would visit as if to protect my incision. Last week while at vet I saw a young girl bring her beautiful dog in for a final visit. As they rolled the dog past me on the gurney. I saw in her eyes the pain that I saw in Peaches eyes at end. I actually startedcrying , in that moment I felt as though I was seeing my girl again. When I lost hr I felt as though Ai was losing a piece of myself. Ive si ce gotten another pup…but I ca t help feeling like I let Peaches down..

  67. John says:

    Heidi 08.08.12 :-(

    Still tearing me apart, always will x

  68. Corrine says:

    I had to put my 16 year old cat. Figaro, down in early October 2013. He unexpectedly quit eating, and before I knew it, I was rushing him to the vet the next morning. He went into kidney failure. He was practically comatose by the time they checked him out. Then last week, on Jan 30, 2013, I had to put my beloved dog, Mickey, to sleep. He was 15. Poor baby had been suffering with congestive heart failure since last summer. He seemed stable again until last week and then he just quit eating one night and I struggled to get him to eat even 1 small meal each day, and then he just finally quit eating at all. I took him to the vet and they tried to treat him but his heart wanted no part of treatment anymore. He went into heart failure and his lungs were filling with fluid and blood that morning. I I put him down immediately. I held him tightly as they put him down. He took his last breath in my arms. I was heartwrenching and I will never forget that day. I try to think of him now as being a young dog again in the spirit world, and I’m comforted knowing that he is no longer in pain or dealing with a weak heart or congested lungs. I still feel devastated. I cry every day. I loved Mickey so. Mickey was so attached to me, he always had to see where I was at in the house. Every evening when I got home from work, he would be staring out the front window, waiting eagerly for me to come home and when he would see me he would have this big smile on his little face and run to the door to greet me. God, I miss that little boy He had the most expressive little eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog. He was a Jack Russell mix – so adorable that even in old age, people thought he was still a puppy. I love you Mickey, and I know you and Figaro will be waiting for me when it’s my turn to pass over to the other side.

  69. lorraine says:

    i just lost my Heidi ,,on the 25 of Jan .
    she was my sweet lille gorl .she was 17,,year old
    Heidi was my dog .we had sucj a bond ,, that i can feel here he at times she had this oder
    when she pass,, and at time during in the day i can smell her it not llong but i just get the chills.
    I miss my girl and i know i will see her again at that bridge

  70. Paul says:

    Yesterday (2/10/2013) at 12:15 pm My beloved Shihtzu Domino was put to sleep. He was already blind, very sick and in a lot of pain but one day before he had a seizure. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was an act of Mercy and love. One last painful service to this beloved little guy. I miss him so much. He was the greatest little companion ever. Be asured, dogs have a soul and like us are indestructible. I am going to ask the God of the Universe to send him back to us when he’s ready. I also know that we’ll meet again. Right now, I just want him to rest and recharge and when he’s ready, I’ll know so that I can get him again. I love you Domino.

  71. damian howell says:

    it was about 1993 or 1994 not sure.
    there was this stray male cat living in my dads boat in the yard.
    i fed him, and he instintly got attached to me , we got attached to each other.
    his loyalty to me was that of a dog to his owner.

    years later, i got older and selfish, i didnt let him sleep in my room anymore, because he would walk over my stuff, and i was worried he would break things.
    today i dont have any of those things, and realise how unimportant they were and how selfish i was.

    one night he kept meeowing , trying to get into my room, i wouldnt let him.

    a few days after that, he was ill , stopped eating and i tried sitting with him to get him to eat,
    he had to be put down, his kidneys were finished according to the vet.

    i really loved this cat so much, and in his last few healthy days, i abandoned him! i kicked him out of my room! all he wanted was to be by me.
    it still bugs me so much, more than 10 years later.
    i have his photo in my car.
    i dont know if he understands that i really did love him, and i know i did him wrong, if i could turn back time, i never wouldve done that, by the time i learnt my lesson it was too late.
    he was my best friend. i miss him!!!
    i hope he understands that i do love him so much still, and i would give anything for a moment with him! i hope he has forgiven me ! this bugs me so much!

    im sorry for being a dick at the end, u are my best friend ever , i miss u , and i wish i could take my selfishness back.

    • valita says:

      This is to Damian,
      I understand how you feel, I have had to have many of our pets put down, the ones I feel most guilty about are rusty my Cocker spaniel and misty my shelty, one had Seborea mange and one had arthritis, I still cry for them and always will, I feel so guilty for putting them down, I just hope there really is a heaven and I’ll see them again.

  72. Mary Ann Herzog says:

    I jjust had written a long letter to you but because my eyes are so swollen from crying, I got the code wrong so now again I wanted to tell you about my beloved, gorgeous black Lab “Buddy” that died eleven days ago. I cry all the time. When he died my husband pulled me away into the house because I was almost hysterical. I didn’t get to say a goodbye to him. Where did Buddy go when he died. I have prayed for a sign but nothing has happened. I dearly want to connect with Buddy. Years ago, I took yoga and learned Reiki but when Buddy got so sick the Reiki didn’t work. I am so distraught. Please give me some words of relief. I loved your post that there are other dimensions out there. Yes, I believe it too. Will you send me a note about this? I would be so very grrateful to learn how to connect with my Buddy.

    • Mary Ann Herzog says:

      Hi Sylvia, I wrote early afternoon to you and am hoping you will send a note to me. From your post I felt that you could help me. My dog also died of Hemangiosarcoma because he was bleeding to death. The vet didn’t even detect it and sent him home to suffer more. I felt so helpless to help him.
      When you get a minute please send a little note. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You!

    • Mary Ann Herzog says:

      Hi Sylvia, I have written to beforeabout my beautiful black Lab that died on Feb 4th. You had mentioned other universes and who knows if they are there or are they waiting for us. I dearly want a sign that he is okay. How do I ask it…who will listen. I am so terribly sad and need to know where Buddy is. There has been no sign. My life is so empty with him. Do you think that maybe he is still with me in this house? Please reply. Will it be in an email? Thank you in advance Sylvia. Mary Ann Herzog

      • Monique says:

        Hello Mary Ann,
        Sorry for you loss. Our Pets DO reside on the other side of the veil and are very much STILL connected to those they loved in life. I lost my baby Darla on August 2 2013 and was TOTALLY DEVASTATED! I literally cried sooo much that I made my self sick.

        I would like to tell you something that happened to me after I has a phone consultation with a women who is a grief counselor and animal communicator for those who have lost pets (can give
        you her contact info if you like. She is VERY GOOD at what she does and was accurate with many
        of the things she said). Every since my mothers death in Nov 1998 i had ALWAYS sensed spirits around me so I knew we all continued after our passage and thought WHY NOT OUR PETS TOO?

        So the night after my consultation, before I went to bed I prayed WITH ALL MY HEART (did it for two nights prior as well) that the Angels or Ascended Masters from the heavenly realm would PLEASE either give me a sign or bring my Darla’s little soul to visit me to let me know that she has continued after her passing. That night I woke up around 2:00 am and sensed a VERY STRONG male presence in my room. Not sure who it was but I am positive it was someone of high authority I just felt it. He came next to me and I felt this pulsing vibration that I only felt with those of ascended masters and angels (loooong story as well but am a VERY SPIRITUAL person who has had much trauma in my life and and MANY visits with my friends from above who helped me with healing).

        Anyway…I had laid there trying to figure out who that was in my room and next thing I knew I felt baby foot steps coming over the top of my blanket….one after the other!!! It was my DOLLA beight brought to me. I still don’t know who brought her to me but she has been with me on and off now within the last few weeks. I never got the name of the HEAVENLY helper but I thanked him with ALL MY HEART!!!!! All though I still miss my Dolla I know she will be waiting for me when it’s my time and NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PRAYER!!

        I know who much it helps to speak to someone who has endured the same heart ache and if you would like to talk to me or any one else on this board my email address is….mlogabe@msn.com

  73. valita says:

    I know I just put a post on here, but I think I need help coping with putting the two dogs I mentioned before, it’s been almost 10 years and I still wonder if I did the right thing, I still cry myself to sleep at times, my family doesn’t know I still cry for them, I think they would think I’m crazy, I know its been a long time, but I can’t seem to forget them, I feel so guilty for putting them down.

  74. Marija says:

    I lost my best friend on Valentine’s Day. Gio, exotic shorthair, the most beautiful cat in the world. He was only 5 years old.
    He was my everything,now i feel like nothing is beautiful in life anymore. I didn’t suffered this much, even when I lost my grandfather.
    I still can not breathe sometimes, and nothing makes sense. I just want to hug him one more time:(

    • Odetta says:

      It’s going to be okay Marija. Ironically, many of us has lost our babies at the same time. They’ve bought us so much joy, and it feels like it’s impossible to go on without them. But they are still with us in spirit. I miss my baby soooo much! He’s been with us for 17-years. But I keep thinking about how he was in pain. I hated to let him go, and I always dreaded to think about the day where we must say farewell. We must ask the lord to carry us through this. It has been six days since his passing, and I’m still grieving, but I’m doing a little better today than that day. I hope you get through your pain as well, and just know that your baby is always looking over you. Yes, I too miss holding my baby, his warm body laying against mine…if I could hold him one more time. But just knowing he is in the comfort of the lord and with all of our love ones who has passed, brings me peace. Lets take this one day at a time, and pray for god to get us through this pain. Bless you Marija.

  75. Hoss says:

    Our 15 year old Yorkie was taken from us yesterday at 3:00 pm by a wild coyote. I saw the coyote running off with my little guy in his mouth and tried to chase it and get him to drop my baby. I am am so devistated and want answers that no one but God can provide. Problem is that as hard as I pray there seem to be no real answers. How am I suppossed to cope with not knowing if he suffered or was killed instantly. The thought of him being dragged off somewhere near and my not being able to save him is unbearable. We serched all afternoon & again today for his body but still haven’t found him. Did he suffer for very long? Was he scared? Was he waiting for us to come and save him & bring him home? Where is my sweet boy? I can’t stop thinking that the coyote didn’t take him very far before either leaving him or eating him! I pray he died quickly and is with Jesus in heaven but I want closure. Where do I go for help? God please, please, please help us find our boy and bring his body home to rest. I know he was old and didn’t have much more time in this world but just don’t undertand why such a sweet & loving dog had to die in such a horrible way. What lesson is to be learned from this experience? Why? Why? Why this way? I want to feel his spirit but can’t. I just keep looking out at the spot where I last saw him, dangling from the coyotes jaws and waiting for him to come leaping back over to me. Oh God help us! Please fill our minds with peace and knowledge that he is with you in heaven and didn’t suffer. We Love You Hossy, our lives were so much richer with you in it!

    • Natalie says:

      Your story reduced me to tears, thankfully we dont have coyotes here in the UK, but i cannot begin to imagine the pain you and your family went through witnessing this. Stay strong, big hugs all the way from the UK xxxx

    • Larry says:

      Our beautiful cat was killed by what we are sure was a fucking coyote just like your poor dog. We heard the fight in our back yard at 2:30am and although I ran out there was no sign of her or the varmit… she was 16 and still had a few more years of love to give… I am grieving so much I miss her and her perfect little self so much… I had the same thoughts as you about the cruel God that they all say loves us all so much, so where is the Love….. Fuck God.

  76. Diva Comeau says:

    Today is the 2nd week since my beautiful loving fur baby Mini Me left me to go to Rainbow Heaven. He was about 16 yrs old and a handsome silky terrier. I got him through a vet hospital when he was 2 years old. His former owner was a foreign student at the University here in Hawaii and I was told couldn’t take Mini Me back home to his country. My son’s friend worked at the vet and she knew from the very beginning that Mini was special and she wanted to make sure he would be rescued by a loving family… I was worried about my daughter who was depressed during and after my divorce. I told my son this and he checked with his friend at the vet and that’s how I found out about Mini Me being there. As it turns out, I didn’t rescue him HE rescued me and there have been so many times when my daughter and I were sad for so many reasons and he would always come to us and gently lick our tears away. He could be very noisy but during those sad times he’d just sit quietly next to me or my daughter and we’d rub his beautiful head and fur and look into his eyes and he’d calm us down. He was also so very smart and entertaining and eager to please. He loved family/friends come to visit us, in fact he loved people more than other dogs and always wanted to be the center of attention. The rule in my house I would advise visitors to not say ” good bye” or say ” I am leaving “. That would make him very upset and he’d follow you out the door barking and then looking for a toy or slipper that he could grab in his mouth and make it a point to get in front of you so that he would shake that toy/slipper in his mouth ferociously to get you to stop walking out the door and grab the toy from him and play toss and fetch…That way he’d distract you from leaving the house. He wanted to keep anyone who came to my home captive, he was happiest when there were people around… He knew tricks before I got him and learned so quickly of many others. Years later when I remarried my husband fell in love with him too. Mini Me had rituals that he did with us everyday. With me when I came home he’d see if I brought home a treat. When I cooked he’d start off sitting there watching me, hoping for a sample of what I was cooking or sometimes he’d just flop on all fours and lay there as I cooked. He also loved to lay on my chest and lick my face and eyes for almost 5 minutes non stop and look into my eyes as if to say okay I gave you honey kisses, now give me a treat :D I loved to play hide and seek with him, he’d go crazy when he’d sniff me out in the bathtub or closest and start barking like crazy. When I’d climb out he’d chase after me and try to nip my butt or ankle. My husband would sit on the couch and laugh and smile watching this interaction. On Jan.04 2013 I took him in for a steroid shot because he was coughing and gagging due to the discovery that he had congestive heart failure back in Sept. of last year. The vet also diagnosed him last year with low thryoid and arthritis. And was give 5 different meds for all this. He was always good about drinking water with ice cubes…but in December I noticed he seemed to drink more…not too long after the steroid shot he also started to pee a lot more too. He also started to have a hard time lifting his left back leg to pee and then his back legs would buckle under him in mid stream of his pee so that he was sitting and peeing at the same time. Early morning of Jan.08 I heard him running around in a panic. He was frightened because he was peeing uncontrollaby ! The vet ran a blood test and said he had diabetes…that’s when everything happened so quickly…he started to throw up and have diahrea, refused to eat diabetic dog food and then simply refused to eat and even drink. On Jan.16th he was so weak and I took him in again…they said he now had kidney failure. Searched internet and grim reading that by the time I discovered the symptoms that more than like 75% of kidney is damaged….My heart hurt so much…he was a fighter and he showed me signs that he wanted to stay and fight this out…so I did…I hung out to the fact that sick as he was that Mini still had that spunk to give everyone even the vet a hard time to take a syringe full of Nutrical (smells nasty, looks nasty tastes nasty….its like Ensure for humans)before his insulin shot. Everyday I’d drop him off for the shot and for iv fluids….everyday I’d pick him up to take him home and everyday something else was showing me that he was getting worse instead of better. By Feb.03 he had not eaten for over 2 weeks and he could barely lift his head. But he would bark loudly to let my daughter and I know that he had peed and/or diahrea on top of the puppy pad that he laid on…to the very last day….I miss him soooooo very much…and it hurt me to have his vet come over and give him the shot to help send him to Rainbow Bridge. My biggest regret is that I didn’t have him in my arms. I was in shock !!! to see that this inevitable day had come !!! But I had knelt in front of him on the floor and my face in his as I held his face and kissed his mouth and eyes and whispered in his ears what I have said to him so many times before even when he was young and healthy ” I love you my little old man…I love you with all my heart, forever and forever through eterntiy ” and I told him that I was going to miss him and that I was sorry…he went so fast so peacefully and I felt a soft little breath push out of his parted lips and he was gone. I am having a very hard time and I love my husband and kids and grandkids…but there are times I wish I died before he did because I cannot see my life without him…I know, everyone says it takes time…grieving is part of healing…keep busy….think of the happy memories and that he lived a long wonderful life with many great adventures because I was a wonderful Mommy….but I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same person again…a huge piece of my heart is gone, a void…and I don’t want another pet because the emotional attachment is so deep and I can barely breathe at times. I want to believe Mini Me is now keeping my mom and dad company and playing with Puma cat our pet we lost last April (whom I am still grieving for too). I want to believe that we will be together again one day….My heart goes out to ALL of you who have lost their loving pets and companions….it has helped me to know that there ARE others out there who know and deeply understand the pain that my family and I am in….Aloha to all of you…..

  77. Odetta says:

    Thank you everyone for sharing your feelings. It’s assuring to know that i’m no alone in feeling the way that I do. I too am devestated. I had to put my baby to rest Sunday, February 17 2013 at 3:05pm. At age 17 today (February 20, 2013), he was the joy of my life…besides my children and husband. A beautiful apricot toy poodle, he has been in our life since 5 months old when I bought him home as my daughter’s Christmas gift. We had a bond that was so strong, that it hurts to know that he is no longer here in the physical. He was so tired a few days before, and then suddenly his health had deteriorated where his legs gave out and he became faintly weak where I had to carry him around the house, and had to hand feed him. He had arthritis and rapid weight loss, but had a strong appetite. He never cried until Friday, which is when we had to make a decision to put him to rest. Oh how I miss my baby.
    I miss our tag games in his younger days, and our chill time in his golden years…when he use to lay on my stomach and watch tv (couch potato partners we were); when I rush home from work to cook his dinner which consisted of fresh salad and grilled chicken–his favorite; he had me on a schedule that I was used to and enjoyed. The end is so unexpected, and I guess no one is prepared to say goodbye to their loved ones, but to know that they too are on the otherside brings peace to my heart. However, no matter how many funerals I’ve been to, I was unprepared for this pain which is so strong, as though I lost my child, and it hurts. I’m sure that I will be able to move on some-day, as for now I can only take it a day at a time. I too go to all of the spots where he laid and hope to feel him. I even have a picture located on the lower part of my book shelf that he use to always nock down…I’m hoping that he gives me a sign and nock it down. Until then, he will always be in my heart, and his memory and pictures will always be in our home where he is forever loved.

  78. S Rehmeier says:

    I lost my gray and white tabby cat, Oliver, of 15 1/2 years on February 6th. Back in September, I came home and he could not walk. Took him to the vet and they said they thought he had a blood clot on his spine. I gave him a low dose aspirin, as they suggested, every other day, for quite a while. He got his appetite back after 3 weeks and came back to life. (He had been lethargic for 2 – 3 weeks.) I came home at lunchtime everyday for a month on check on him. ( I only have 30 min.) Somehow, someway, he came out of it and blessed us with 5 more months. He lost his eye site right before Thanksgiving, but always found his catbox and food and his way around our house even after the vet had said their was nothing that they could do.. He had a surge of another life…even if it was 5 more months. We took it. He never seemed to be struggling. He blessed us since my daughter saw a van driving around with a sign on it that said ” Free kittens to a good home”. We were blessed to have Oliver be part of our family since 1997. It is sooo hard coming home to an empty house. My kids are both grown now and have places of their own. I cry easy at the smallest reminders. He had 4 seizures between a 6 hour period on Febr. 6th and we could not see him suffer so. they think the blood clot traveled to his brain in which the seizures came. Everyone in our family meet at the Vet where we sadly conceded to have him Go to Heaven and not suffer. He was my 3rd child. How I miss everything about him. We are to get 3 paw prints ( one for us and one for each of my kids) from the Vet and we had him cremated and I have a perfect place his picture and marble etched picture box will go in our home when we get it back. I have made each of the kids a book of pictures of Oliver from Shutterfly to give them with the paw prints when I pick them up. I have also made a video to remind me of all the fun times we had together. I hope to get another cat when I am done mourning the loss of my beloved Oliver. ( which feels like never right now) Although no cat will ever take his place. Love you Oliver. xo Thanks for letting me share on here. I will see him again… Your mom, Sally

  79. Odetta says:

    Request From Rainbow Bridge
    …by Constance Jenkins

    Weep not for me though I am gone
    Into that gentle night.
    Grieve if you will, but not for long
    Upon my soul’s sweet flight.
    I am at peace, my soul’s at rest
    There is no need for tears.
    For with your love I was so blessed
    For all those many years.
    There is no pain, I suffer not,
    The fear now all is gone.
    Put now these things out of your thoughts,
    In your memory I live on.
    Remember not my fight for breath
    Remember not the strife.
    Please do not dwell upon my death,
    But celebrate my life.

  80. jodi says:

    Iv been reading these stories And am so very crushed. I too lost my dog but you see i feel that its all my fault and the guilt is killing me. My girls, German Sheperd Haze and My pitt Layla love running and playing as all dogs do. I keep them tied but on some occassions i would let them run in the yard for awile and would do so at nite thinking they wldnt go far or run off.and THEY TOOK OFF!! Well Layla never returned home. My neighbor has threatened to shoot the pitt in the past,(as we know they hav bad raps as dogs being pittbulls). iTS BEEN TEN DAYS and i know in my heart shes dead and becuz of me. She was the sweetest dog ever. I dnt know how to move on. My heart crys for her and i miss her terribly. I hate goin home cuz i kno shes not gonna b there to greet me as she always has. Is there such a thing as ANIMAL HEAVEN??? I wld hav never deliberately hurt her but the guilt is so bad i cant think about anything but her and i continuosly replay that nite in my head. I pray shes in HEAVEN AND KNOWS HOW MUCH I MISS HER…..

  81. Amanda says:

    I lost my sweet boy just this past Saturday (the 23rd). He was a toy yorkie, very small, and had jumped out of the back of my car when I opened the door to move my cat out of the way so I wouldn’t run over him. I turned around and saw him lying on his back, eyes open, blood coming out of his nose, struggling to breath. It was awful. He passed away minutes later. I have so much guilt and heartbreak. I just feel like it wasn’t his time yet and he should still be here with us. I feel like it was my fault and I let him down. He and I were so close, he was my baby and I was his Mommy and it was because of me that this happened. Even though I want him here with us so badly, I know he is so happy in Heaven. I do feel he is with me, I smelled him a little while ago. I know he wants to reassure me that his little soul is ok. I hope he knows how much I love him and miss him. I can’t wait until I get to see my little sweetheart again.

  82. Jay says:

    I am so sad right now, i just had to put to sleep my bull mastiff cross. Her name was Lizzy, and she was my best friend and only friend, and to me was like my child. I am a loner, though i am funny and get on with people, i tend to not trust people , from pass cheating, lying etc etc… My life has sucked from the start, really it has, for i was 6mths and hemorrhaged from the mumps. So my dogs i only become extremely close, for they take me for me, and their love is unconditional. My last dog 5yrs ago dies in my arms from a stroke, then this dog Lizzy had a small lump on her front shin. I thought it may have been a small fracture, so took her to the vet…BUT…. Nope, it was bone cancer, and the leg could have broken at any stage. She also had bad arthritis from knee surgery from years before. The cancer was inoperable. So here she was, and i was hoping for some pain killers and a cast on her leg, BUT i was saying good bye to her. Truly i feel gutted right now, and am crying while typing this. She was my child, my friend, my world, but gone and i’m alone. I’m wondering, that if they can’t let me know their here, but see me grieving, then maybe i should leave and meet them. For i would give anything to have BOTH of my dogs again, and wouldn’t care if i was the only person on an island, as long as i had my two dogs. It is hard for when we lose our pets, but being a loner makes it all that much more worse I have a photo on her bed, a space on my bed also where she would lay beside me, and i walk around the yard remembering spots where she sat. I am fully alone, and feel like there is nothing left in me. I am really trying to fine a reason to stay in this shitty world, that has given me nothing but pain and heartache. It’s not like anyone would miss me, for if you all knew my life you would cry i guarantee it. So what is the point of me staying, for i love photography, but now not working, can’t even do that, for all my money i had went on my dogs. I hope hope HOPE, i get to see them again, when i leave here. I though QLD was beautiful one day perfect the next, but all it has given me is pain. Sorry to ramble on, but i had to….I need to be with my best friends again.

  83. Wyatt says:

    I just lost my Payton cat to kidney disease on 3/13/2013. I adopted him in 2001. He was a male tabby. I work alot and I knew he was getting weaker by the day. The vet told me he is too old , and he may not take well to medication. I held him and pet him the last time on 3/12/2013. I told him I loved him so much , baby boy. He was in pain but still purred and he would hide. I went to bed that night and woke up to find him dead on the floor eyes open. I feel so guilty as if I could have done more to help him. I don’t think 11-12 years old is that old. Maybe I am wrong. I miss him so much that the chair he used to lay in is now empty. Someone suggested I adopt a new kitten cat , But I know the new cat will never take his place. I am so upset I am crying and I never have cried this much. I have children , But this cat really was like a child to me. I think about him all the time. Why must God take them back? wyatt…..

  84. whiteglider says:

    I can’t say much as i am very much still grieving as Dixie my bestfriend dog just left yesterday. Thanks for sharing this, even the Rainbow Bridge. It can comfort to get through today, thank you. I thought I was ok already this morning and then reading this, and thinking she’s just around makes me cry and cry again. Sorry for all those who have lost theirs too.

  85. whiteglider says:

    @Jay, I just read your long post and I feel what ever hurt I am feeling now about my pet is nothing comparable to your loss but I hope you stay on. JUST DON’T GIVE UP JAY. You are not the only one in this world feeling that way or being in those shitty situations you’ve mentioned. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THAT KIND OF SITUATION. If we all could just meet, we could all be better but then we are all just on this site, never physically like our pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. But at least we can communicate here. Maybe am not making sense coz am also crying typing this as I am very much in pain also for my loss. JUST HELP YOURSELF, JAY. Me, am gonna get another puppy right away, not to replace my bestfriend but just so the new puppy can help me get through. Maybe you should do the same. I think you should do the same. And for all those who have just lost recently. I hope this second post will get approved and actually posted.

  86. Ray says:

    My beautiful Skip,a 13 year old Jack Russell was tragically hit by a car yesterday.He was the light of my life the entire time he was with me.He endured a divorce and a move from his original home which made his life much more difficult.I have a job with long hours and he’d wait for me,much depressed.Through all of this he still shined and accepted the way things were.He was the best lover in the world,he would glare deep into my eyes and me into his and we knew our love was forever..He made friends with every dog he ever met.He is a part of my life forever,if god took my life today I am ready to be with him.I have never had a friend that I could trust with my life,but he was the one.Daddy loves you boy!

  87. Stephen Megna Union NJ says:

    I had 3 Dalmatians: Named Destiny age 14 Titania Age 14 Maxwell Age 12 and Rocky 23 months old. These are the ages of them when the left this world. There souls and energies I see and fell all the time. I was told by many gifted spiritual persons that I am connected to them and we are all as one. My Destiny is the one I am closest with and her energy and soul visits me all the time. My Titania visits me once in a while and I was told that she is incarceration as a Dolphin in Hawaii, Maxwell is also reincarnated as a Yorkshire Terrier and lives in Paris New York. He has never visited me and Rocky has been reincarnated as his soul and life was abruptly cut short at 23 months and he has not fulfilled his journey here on earth. He has come back to finish his job and is now reincarnated as my present Dalmatian RORY who is 6 months old. He is a carbon copy of Rocky in all ways. He came back to finish his job with me that Rocky could not. He has same manners same personality same eyes. When I look into his eyes I see its Rocky all over again, I see his bright white energy as I have seen before with Rocky. I have a slight advantage then anyone else . I am an angelic person and can sense and feel energy and spirits. I have frequent animal visions and angelic visions. I want to leave you with one thought “WE ARE ALL TIME TRAVELERS. WE ARE HERE ON THIS EARTH AND IN THIS PHYSICAL BODY FOR A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME AND THEM THIS BODY DIES AND OUR SOULS MOVE ON TO THE NEXT WORLD. WE WILL ALL MOVE ON SOME DAY THE QUESTION IS WHEN. TREAT YOUR ANIMAL’S AS YOU WOULD TREAT YOURSELF BECAUSE IN THE NEXT WORLD THEY ARE PART OF YOUR JUDGEMENT DAY “

  88. Shannon says:

    I don’t know how to talk about this but I start crying when I talk about my dog. Lee that’s his name he was a small Chihuahua I got him from my grandmother I loved him since he was a pup. I would always smile at him and watch him carefully like a protective mother would do. we both been through so much together. but when I was 16 I got a message from my fathers friend and once I got that message I knew something was wrong, I felt strange when I was at school like something painful. my fathers friend told me what happened when I got home. it seems that there was a coyote on the lands so he took all his bigger dogs over to chase it away but he thought he shut the door but it was open. that’s when lee decided to step outside. Lee would always follow my fathers friend around and he would follow me but I don’t know why he didn’t that day. he went down the road but a old lady was in a rush to work and hit him, my fathers friend manage to drive the coyote away but after that he saw the woman and lee. he was in pain he was dying but only he was there not me. I told lee I would always protect him but I failed. the only face lee saw was my fathers friend. I should of stayed home that day. its been three years now I still cry at night I blame myself for what happened. I don’t think my dad understands me the way I feel about lee. I loved lee as my own son. I just want him back in my arms in my bed, trying to find a nice spot to sleep in and hogged the bed even though he was small I gave him the bigger side.

  89. gill says:

    I have just my lost darling dog amber. 13/4/13. I am heart broken. Took her to my vet as I thought she had a water infection. So you can imagine the shock when I was told the best thing to do was to put her to sleep. She was only 12. I just can’t get over how quiet the house is. Please let there be a rainbow bridge. I hope and pray she is with me now. I love you with all my heart my dearest friend. Miss you Amber. Rest in peace little girl xxxxxxxx

  90. Andre says:

    My wife and I had to put our beloved cat Meeka to sleep this afternoon. She had facial cancer eating her nose. Very difficult decision but I meditated and prayed and used the violet flame for her and us to help her make the transition and for us to be comforted. It is difficult and we understand all your stories and grief and pain/sadness and empathise with you all who have lost beloved pets. They are truly gifts to us and teach us so much about acceptance and unconditional love. Don’t our pets make great psychologists
    May you all find peace and comfort in the coming months..

  91. Michael says:

    My most loved beloved little pekingese Timmy passed away on April 27, 2013. She was 8 years 4 months old. I cannot forget her loving look just about a minute before she left me. She had Anemia but came out of after getting a blood transfusion but alas could be with us only for another month and could not carry that small little body of hers any more when she looked me in my eyes as if saying ‘ carry me ‘ . She loved me so dearly that she breathed her last within moments of being in my arms. I feel as if I can see her flying and want to fly with her and hold her in my arms again. Rest in peace my little beloved ,We will miss until we meet again on the rainbow bridge.

  92. greta y. villanueva says:

    I feel ur pain for I loss my 9yr old dog chicklet 2 days ago may 12, 2013 mothers day. I’m still n pain for I consider him as a family. My hudbond s a sailor n s away for 9 mo, its my dog chicklet n the other dog wizard s my companion at home while my husbond s away I don’t have children. My husbond has no knowledge what happened until this time, I’m grieving alone wishing him to call this week to comfort me for I can hardly sleep at night. I ‘m just enlightened by reading today that dogs have soul n they r still n the house watching us, waiting n the rainbow edge, wish to see him one day n the other side , I hope his ok now, miss him so much.

    • greta y. villanueva says:

      Thanx to our dear God my prayers were answered my husbond called last night and told him everything, he comforted me and says he’ll coming home soon. To all pet owners who are still in pain, grieving for the loss of thier beloved pets bless us oh Lord, give us courage, acceptance for we wii unite with them in the future, God bless

  93. Tina says:

    We just lost Mia, our new kitten of 5 weeks. Saturday evening she kept trying to hide under a dresser. Silly kitty we thought as my daughter took her to her bedroom for the evening. She woke up Sunday morning, unable to stand properly. I called my vet, who was of course not there on a Sunday, nor would she be there on Monday due to Memorial day. We called the local emergency care centre who told us it would cost $250.00 just to see her. My husband had been out of town working for over a month and I was running very low on funds until his return. He called them to see if they could treat her and let us pay them on Tuesday, today, when he returned. The answer was no. They told us to apply for the credit card that they offered. We just spent the last two years fighting to modify our mortgage so our credit didn’t pass. We could not treat or sick kitty. I went and got some kitten milk from the pet store and a little bottle to keep her hydrated and comfortable, hoping that she would make it through. As the day went on she could no longer open her eyes, she was shaking and crying, could no longer swallow the formula. I called the same emergency centre and told them what was going on and asked them if the could put her down for us so she didn’t have to suffer at a reasonable price. The girls response was “sorry, that runs $300.00″. I had just over $100.00 until my husband returned, so we just sat with Mia until her little body gave out Monday at 5:19pm. It was the most horrible thing I had ever witnessed. My heart is just broken, not to mention my 14 year old daughter who can still hear the cries of this poor baby cat. I have heard the shot costs around $20.00. I cannot believe that this emergency clinic could not find it in their hearts to save us the pain. A fire has been lit. I spent the day gathering non-profit organisation information. I will make a difference. This kitten will not die in vain. If it takes the rest of my days, I will at least put that one clinic out of business by offering the same service at a “what you can afford” price. We have fallen on hard times in the past few years and this had never been an issue for us before. They say everything happens for a reason? I now know the reason. I’m gonna make a difference. No one’s animal should ever die because they can’t afford to treat them. Some one has to stop these people who prey on grieving people to take much more than they can afford for the sake of a profit. Wish me luck!

    • JW Chadwick says:

      I am sorry for youre loss, I understand. Let me t me please explain the cost on owning aa good friend. Non once have I ever had a my friends cost me less than that, Ive always paid a bit more just for an exam, or an office visit or a medication. I truly believe youre heart is in the correct place, but please don’t blame the people who were trying to help you. I had an office visit of 2500.00, I could barely afforf the monthly payments for my boy scout, who had severe allergies. I adopted him at 2yrs old and had him for the next 8yrs. The poor boy wasn’t used the Pacific northwest and had allergies, and was poisoned by a neighbor, and I couldn’t prove it. Yet I know, Hew wasn’t ready to leave me. I cry about this frequently. I miss my boy, along with his companion, ladybug, who this a hole killed within a day as well. Never in life would I do this to anyones dong, never. I feel youre sorrow. jwchadwick33@gmail.com

    • Jillian Wile says:

      I completely understand your pain I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to save my friend only for him to be miss diagnosed time after time again by vets who care nothing more than the money itself by the time I found s decent vet an operable situation turned into death for it had taken so long! I lost my best and only friend two years ago and my life is so ruined. The guilt and despair I feel is so abnormally large that I have made myself physically ill but there are good vets out there in it for the right reasons is just s matter of finding them in time : ( I am so sorry for your loss

  94. JW Chadwick says:

    I lost my two dogs to what I thought was a suspicious act, yet I cry daily over my two. I loved them bothe, maybe I didn’t show it, yet I think about the two daily, scout and Bug, both I knew wher connected to each other, ever at the age of 5 to 12 as they had been with each other since that age. I grieve daily and have put their collars together and hang them in the living room. I Miss them so much..

  95. Kass says:

    My White German Shepard, Krystal passes away April 22, 2013 I still cry about her till this very day. She was having seizures and had a chemical imbalance. I’ve had her ever since I was 4, im 15 now. Nobody in my family are animal people at all so they really couldn’t care less that she’s gone. I still remember the day I hot her and she peed in my dads car hahaha I remember when I taught her how to dig. Let’s just say the backyard was a mess after a day after teaching her, my dad got really mad at us and making him even more upset.. I taught her how to open the gate lol! I haven’t had any encounters with anything “spiritual” but i can feel her presence everywhere I go. And every night when she was still her, she would sleep right next to my bed, I would let her in my bed but she always got off and slept on the floor after like 10 minutes. But it feels like she’s always in her sleeping spot. everyday on my way home from school I would see her waiting on the balcony for me to come home and right when she saw me, her ears shot up and she RAN to the front door and she would jump on me and give me kisses. I really want another dog to try to get my mind off her because it doesn’t matter were i am, if I’m thinking about her, I’m crying. I can’t wait to die. I never thought I’d say that. but I love you kris! Can’t wait to see you again </3

  96. Mia says:

    I lost my cat Alex 2 weeks ago. She was 17.5 years old and we had to put her to sleep because she could no longer walk or eat. She had wasted away from Kidney Disease. It is such a dreadful disease. I miss her so much. She is my soul mate and best friend. I feel so lost without her. I pray everyday that one day I will get to see her. I do pray that we all get to see our loved ones again. Mia

  97. michelle says:

    I knew my Lucy (cat) had died last night.
    I had been searching the grounds for her, there were 6 of us, 1 human, 4 felines and a canine.
    .. after giving up at dusk, I stood by the wall calling her name, then a young black bird came to me we just looked at each other for a few minutes it seemed like a long time, he sang a few notes, then flew off into a tree below , and it was then I just knew she had died, and as I just stayed there comtemplating what had just occured, Lupita, one of the other cats started doing the rips around the pool, but as if she was playing with another cat and then and I thought of something I had read and I knew that is was Lucy’s spirit saying goodbye to Lupita, my goodbye had been the little blackbird.
    But I blocked it out becuse I didn’t want to believe it. I blanked it out. The following afternoon when I found her with the help oof the neighbours dog, Muffin, she greeted me at the gate all happy, and then she was waiting for me to leave the house, she took a few minutes to take me to the body of Lucy, she pointed and wagged her tail.
    I lifted the branch back and I must have wailed and wept outloud, within 2 minutes Sebastian was there, he spent a minute gently smelling her, and then he cryed out like a baby,. like a scream.
    I spent some time nursing her body, kissing her, stroking her. I brought her into the house and laid her by my side on the sofa. Jordi kept gently sniffing her and kissing her. He was trying to understand. He is still a baby.
    I called a good friend. He came. We smoked. Then I decided we should lay her to rest by the gate, and I howled my grief (she was always at the gate when I came or went, I was always sticking her inside the gate.) I didn’t want her outside. Now she is always inside. Be careful what you wish for, came to mind.
    The silence is deafening.
    The next morning she was still here I saw her a few times, .. in my glass of water, in the garden.
    Gabi still only appered breifly last night to eat. She is very sensitive. Lupita was very angry, arguing with everyone for no reason last night.
    Only after I found her body, with my own 3 dimensional eyes and my 3 dimensional life and my 3 dimensional denial, did I have a realization of the messages I had recieved from the animals, but didn’t want to believe, I was in denial.
    By the state of her rigor mortis, I didn’t need to know more, she had died and sent the little bird to tell me, she was saying goodbye, and then went on to Lupita, I saw that, and I sure she said goodbye to everyone here in her own way. I just didn’t see the others.

  98. Lisa says:

    Losing my cat Max has been one of the most difficult experiences I have ever had. I live alone and am single with no close family. Max and I were like a little family. I raised him from an 8 week old kitten and he moved with me 6 times and has seen me through tough periods of my life. He was my little buddy. I loved being home with him especially during rainy or snowy bad weather days where you just wanted to stay in. He died April 24 2013 from congestive heart failure. He was 17 years 11mos. old and I had to make the gut wrenching decision to euthanize him. I was with him when he passed away and watched him die and saw the light go out of his beautiful large eyes that were always so full of light. I held his still warm lifeless body before they took my Max away to be cremated. Max loved me and was such a loyal sweet cat. I am still very much in grief and it has been hard to press on. My home is empty and very lonely. You just do not realize the strong bond you have with your beloved pets until they are gone and without their presence you then see how they touched almost everything you did and every aspect of your life. My mornings are hard without having Max as he was such a part of my morning routine that I did not even realize how much. Me running around getting dressed and talking to Max and getting his fresh food and water out and cleaning his litter box and making sure he was set every morning before I left for school and work. I’d have long days sometimes but Max would always be waiting and happy and running to the door for me and his dinner of course! (smile). He would wait for me no matter how long it would take me to get home. I know that he is waiting for me now on the other side. I miss my cat so much and my sadness is like hard to carry but everyday I try to go on but life is not the same. A chapter of my life has ended with the death of my cat. I feel his spiritual presence and know that we will be together again in due season. I just wish I could have made Max well and had more time with him. To anyone with living pets still please cherish every moment with them. To the person who posted about continuing to feeling guilty he turned his cat out his room, please do not. Your cat knows you loved him and knows your sorrow. Just say a prayer to God to keep his spirit safe and secure and learn the lessons your precious cat taught you and live your life and do things to honor your pet. I am striving to find courage to live my life in honor of Max. He would not want me to be sad and depressed. I am because I miss him so but I strive everyday to go forward. We must continue forward though we love and miss our dearly departed pets who loved us unconditionally and supported our lives with their pure sweet innocent presence. May God bless the souls of all our dearly departed beautiful pets and bless us with the strength to go on without them. I am encouraged I will be with my Max one day.

  99. Raul says:

    On Sunday July 21 2013 I lost my lil buddy Sammy he was my shadow my best friend he was hit by a vehicle I cry every night and I can’t eat and sleep I feel so helpless and I wish I could just bring him back I really hope he knows how much I love him and miss him he always knew how to make me happy on bad days and lifted of my spirit just to see him happy I miss when in would lay on the couch and he would move my arms around just son I could cuddle him I love you Sammy your the best friend a person could ever have and thank you for this site brings me hope to know I will see you again love always your dad… :’(

  100. Natalie says:

    I lost my lil baby Squeak ( Guinea pig ) when i was younger, it was my own fault, he died because of one of our dogs. he was only a baby himself, to this day ( im 28 ) i feel so so so so guilty and it still upsets me, he didnt deserve to die :’( I hope he forgives me up there, im so so sorry lil one, please forgive me. Please anyone who reads this, dont laugh or hate on me because of what i have written. x

  101. julie says:

    My cat just recently died of a dog attack.
    I had him ten years an my neighbors decide to get a older dog not knowing his history and not treating him as well either. And that had yo happen . I just did not understand why and still dont. I had my cat so long and then he ends up getting taken away from me. O miss him. But a couple times I keep thinking I see him like a glimpse. Or when I get home from taking my dog for a ride he used to are the cat and Chase him, just teasing him cuz they were buddies well my dog did that same thing and cat was not there, and my dog even looked around like he saw him.. its weird. But if he is here with me . Seeing him for longer than a second would make me feel better. He s a good kitty.

  102. Jasmine says:

    Just 2 days ago I had my dog Tia in the yard. She found a hole in the fence and got out. She ran across the street and got hit by a car. I feel that it is my fault for not watching her more carefully so every time I see one of her pictures I instantly start crying and apologizing and feel guilty. Just the thought of never being able to see her or hug her ever again made me feel even worse but reading this article gave me hope. I hope that she is at rainbow bridge making new friends and happy. I hope she is waiting for me and forgives me and that some day we can be reunited. Never to be parted again. Though it may be a while for I am only 13 but the wait will be worth it if true. I wonder if her spirit is here with me now because even though it has only been 2 days I have felt peace inside all morning.

  103. Anthony says:

    We lost our Handsome Samson last Friday unexpectedly. He was a Jack Russel terrier with an awesome personality. He was our first addition to the family. Laura and I were married in Sept of 2002, and we got him early in 2003 when he was about 3 years old. He was there when we brought our first child home in 2005. He was there for everything really. He would go to the shore with us (and he loved to swim in the bay), he’s gone on camping trips with us, and all of our friends loved him and he, them. Friday, around 7:20pm while a friend visited, he was out in the front yard with us. He was a dog who didn’t like to be on a leash, and we live in an area where he had plenty of room to run and chase squirrels. Traffic is intermittent…it’s not a busy main road. For 10 years I’ve made sure to keep him out of the street, but sometimes would see 5 or 6 cars lined up behind him as he just trotted down the road as if it was his. LOL He ran across the street to bark at a squirrel, but as he walked back to us after i called him, he was struck by a car and died about a minute later. He had cataracts, a few fat tumors (one of which was bigger than a golf ball on his belly), and was losing his hearing. I HAVE to believe this was God’s way of taking him so he wouldn’t suffer, but just the same, we are denied saying goodbye the way we wished. Nothing can prepare you for an enexpected death. Especially one as violent as that and to witness it is even more traumatic. I will always regret not picking him up before he ran across the street or just running out into the road to stop that car just as I called him. My friend who was there said he was already in the road when I called him, but being dusk and the road having a hill crest, the driver just didn’t see him.There was nothing that I could have done. I just miss him so much. He left a GIGANTIC whole in my heart. I haven’t cried so hard for so long…we miss you Sammy. We will always love you and can’t wait to see you again on the other side. XXOO

  104. Cece says:

    My dear kitty was diagnosed with Kidney failure disease 3 days ago. I happened so unexpectedly….but once we knew, we payed all the money needed for my baby to heal. Boossa(my kitty) got blood test and results were about to come to determine whether its an Acute Kidney Desease which can be healed or whether its a Chronic Kidney Failure which can be treated but unfortunately cannot be healed. I was praying so hard that it would be Acute and we would heel her and live happily ever after again…She was in the hospital for 3 days getting fluid therapy. They did everything they could for the therapy and antibiotics to make her feel better…but results came yesterday night and it was the Chronic failure..the doctoc wanted to call us today to let us know and how to treat her…i would never agree to euthanasia because there still might be a chance…………but it was too late……this morning Boossa was gone…..we were about to visit her in the hospital right now…bring her some toys to cheer her up…..i should have came yesterday to say good bye….

  105. Jillian Wile says:

    I lost my sweet Tommy two years ago and I can not seem to let it go. I have since sat up every night with this overwhelming guilt and despair every single night for two years. I dontn even know what to do to help myself. Every non and then I begin to think im a bit crazy for mourning a cat the way most would mourn the loss of a child. He found me one night sitting on my front porch one night right after being diagnosed with a very serious illness. And as I day there smoking my cigarette it was as if he could read my mind. This animal I had never even seen came to me licked my face and cuddled up in my lap. I then gave him food anf water and we say outside for a very long time. At this time I was unable to bring him in because my sister wad living with my and had a very mean territorial cat but when it was time for me to go inside I had to force myself because I felt as if I was abandoning him in his time of need when he just comforted me through mine. But I went in expecting never to see him again but I came out the next day and there he was and then that night and there he was. This went on for 2 months until my sister left my house with her cat. He never left. Finally I wad able to bring him inside to stay and he was so greatful he followed me around every where I went even in the dead of night add he slept if I got up to use the bathroom hewould come with me. He never would use the bathroom in the house so he would let me know when he had to go out and I would let him out the back door he would use the bathroom and come right back in. Through the course of the next several months I went through countless surgeries and When I would come home he did nothing but lay over top of me watching and protecting me from who ever would walk into my room he guarded my body with his own. soon after he became very ill vomiting constantly he began to eat less and less I took him to many vets where he was Misdiagnosed finally it got so bad and finally we found adoctor that told me he had a large tumor in his abdomen and at that moment I thought I would suffocate w with grief the plan wad then to do surgery and remove the tumor and start chemo I wad willing to do anything the time came to take him to surgery and I promised I would pick him up right after but the doctor called and said that it had spread to fat and there wad nothing they could do. The vet suggested I put him down so I rushed to the vet and when I saw him he looked at me and tried to escape into my arms. the very said he would suffer greatly over the next two to three days and then that would be the end I just wanted to take him home and hold him in bed and never get out again. But I didn’t want my best good friend to suffer so badly. I held him in my arms add the doctor slowly administered the drugs and add he wad slipping away I changed my mind and maybe out of selfishnesd but I needed him he was the best and only friend I had. The guilt torments me and I have nightmares about watching him slip away in my arms and I don’t understand he wad only with me for just over a year and I don’t know what to do. Still to this day I feel complete and utter dispair I thought by now it would have eased up a little bit it gets worse with every passing day that he’s not with me. I am still so shocked that when I wake up his body isn’t laying overt mine. I am at a loss I never thought losing a pet would ever be this hard. Every one I know that had lost animals have been able to miss therm but be able to move on but for some reason I just can’t. …

  106. mona says:

    I lost my baby labrador tomy today morning.she was only 5 yrs old.I want her to take a new life again.i want her to forget us,because we were the world to her. we miss her,but we all are together and can come up through all this.but she is all alone now and i knw she will miss us very badly.i dont want her to miss us and wait for us in the rainbow.she should get good frnds and should live a hapy lyf.her mom is also there.i want her to take a good care of her so that she will never miss us.

  107. Daisy says:

    I lost my beloved budgie “Angel” today . He was only 4 yrs old. He had a kidney tumor. I am missing him a lot. I agree with everyone here that pets are with us for only short period but make a huge place in our hearts. My Angel was truely an Angel. He was the sweetest, kindest and most lovable bird. I miss his sweet chirps. He will always have special place in my heart. I feel so blessed that he came to my life. I hope that he is at peace, and pain free and souring high above in the Heavens..Love you my Angel..

  108. Anuradha says:

    I have just lost Lucy today at around 1:10 p.m. I am totally heart-broken. All of us in our family are feeling kind of shattered. Now word is enough to define this loss. She’ll always be amidst us, in our hearts. Forever and for ever.

  109. Abrina says:

    We just lost our red nose pitbull 2 weeks ago. I had known something bad was gonna happen that day but not that my dog would get hit by a semi. My father had barried her and I didn’t get to say goodbye!;( I only remember the good and funny things about my dog. I miss Mya very much and can’t get over her death. I had been reading a book called a dogs journey and it told me that my dog would come back as human or spirit. My friend had just found some puppies. One looks exactly like her. I hope it is her. I don’t know much about spirits. But I know that she was me. We do miss u dearly mya. Love Abrina

  110. Josh says:

    Hello, my dog Oscar just passed away last week Wednesday and I haven’t had any contact from him knowing how he’s doing. I would really like to see how he’s doing, is there any way to contact his spirit?

  111. Tonny K says:

    My little dog was killed by another dog a few days ago. My whole family hurts so bad… and we all feel really guilty. A few days ago we haven’t notice that Garry (our dog) has slipeed out of the house before dinner, One of our neighbour’s dog entered into our yard and killed Garry.
    Maybe if we have notices his absence earlier we could have prevented his death, maybe there was something we could have done to save him.
    I haven’t heard or seen any signs from him since his death, so I think that he is mad at me for not being able to protect him.
    It feels so bad, because I loved him so, so much… he was my little boy.

  112. Alexandra says:

    Yesterday we lost our beloved family member, Clementine, a 16-year-old cat.
    It brought tears to my eyes reading this page, although I must admit that I’m feeling comforted to know that my darling Clementine will be watching over my family and I.
    Someday we shall be together again <3 what a blessing it has been to have you as a part of our family. Missing you terribly

  113. Gillian Keighley says:

    Hi I am Gillian my dog kept running away he got picked up by the out of hours dog warden 2 weeks tomora. Any way because I couldn’t aford to get my Oscar back home they put him to sleep. I tried to reason with them and offered to pay installments but they wouldn’t let me so he got put to sleep on Tuesday I’m so up set with this. He was so healthy and wouldn’t hurt any 1. They said he couldn’t be rehomed because of his breed a staffie. What I want to know is, is he with me and my children. We miss him so much and just want to see him again and tell him how much we loved him. I no sounds crazy but I threaded him like 1 off my children thank you if any 1 has any answers I would love to here them

  114. Nicola says:

    I just put my 13 year old, giant orange Maine Coon cat to sleep. He had arthritis really bad, and he went through bouts of peeing / pooping on the floor. He had gone a little senile to the extent that he would constantly claw the furniture as a way of asking to be fed. I would put the food out and he wouldn’t appear to see it or smell it. He would go back and claw the furniture, then walk in circles around the food bag to say “Feed Me” even though there was food in the bowl.

    Sadly enough this isn’t why I made the final decision.

    I was somewhat forced into the decision by the animal control department of my city. There is a brand new bi-law in my city. Any outdoor cats must stay on the owner’s property on a LEASH / tethered to the ground like a dog. I’m not kidding. You can let your cat outside but it can’t leave your property or you can be sued.

    My cat was licenced with the city, he had all his shots, he wore a collar and tag, he was even microchipped. Regardless, my neighbour called the city to complain that my cat sometimes WALKED ON HIS LAWN. He admitted that my cat never damaged anything, and all he did was walk on the grass. (He was an old cat with arthritis, don’t forget….)

    The new bi-law gives my neighbour the right to sue me for up to $10 000 for trespassing on his property if my cat had walked on his grass or his property in any way. Then I would have to pay lawyer’s fees on top of that. Then I would also be fined by the city for breaking the bi-law, on top of it all. I was so shocked and enraged. The neighbour warned the city that if my cat walked on his grass again, he would take a photo and SUE ME. The guy is a lunatic so I know that he meant business.

    I am a single mom with a very limited income. I could not take this chance, even though the idea of suing someone because a cat walks on grass is ridiculous. I couldn’t just keep my cat inside because he had been an outdoor cat for 13 years (I originally found him in a farmer’s field at almost one year of age, so he was born outdoors and not happy being inside for long periods of time).

    The city told me to pour ammonia around the perimeter of my property so that the cat would stay in my yard (are you kidding me) or to build a screen on top of my entire back yard so that my cat couldn’t jump over the fence (are you on drugs?)

    I can’t believe all this is true.

    Long story short, I have been so worried about getting sued and losing my house that I caved in and put my cat to sleep today. I’m consoling myself that he was old and arthritic / senile, but I know deep down I wouldn’t have put him to sleep if not for this ridiculous bi-law. I feel guilty and sick now.


  115. Trixie Meeves says:

    Hi. I am Trixie and I am only 10. A couple of months ago I lost my Grandma. I was still recovering when my minuture sausage dog Freelick had to be put down. That was yesterday. I have cried so much I can’t cry anymore. I wish I could see him like some of you have reported. At his funeral yesterday I lay down frangipani all around him. God I miss him. And when we wrapped the towel around him before we put him in his grave I looked into his now like glass eyes and he looked at me peacefully almost like saying “I will miss you, I’m sorry. I love you”. Then the towel was completely wrapped around him as we lowered his in his grave to eternally rest. Never to see him again. He had been with me my entire life. My heart was aching like hell. His THIN (unlike Freelick) brother Otto started whining he had also spent his entire life with him. Frolicking through pastures chasing rabbits. And the saddest thing was I didn’t get to say goodbye. Mum didn’t want me to come to the vet even though I am his third best friend. But that night my mum couldn’t get to sleep so she went to the open window and looked at the pool and she saw an owl silhouette against the pool. Just hovering. then she turned around for one second and when she looked at the pool again the owl had completely disappeared. No fluttering of wing or anything.
    In honour of Freelick the worlds best dog may he Rest In Peace I’ll always remember you I love you to the moon and back have a nice time in heaven. Till we meet again

  116. susan says:

    My gorgeous blonde ginger cat Sox passed into the light 7 hours ago, (23 Nov 2013) My sweet sox was just over a year old. 12 beautiful months I had him here with me. He was hit by a car when he ran across the road in my street. although it was a shock and i wept terribly for him I take comfort that his passing would have been quick for him and he wouldnt have suffered. He wouldnt have know what hit him. I also take comfort in me not being there at the time it happened, and that he is now in the light. His resting place is by an ocean… I just want to say ‘Thankyou Sox for your time with me. For the joy and the funny things you did to make me smile and laugh , for the unconditional love you gave me, for the cuddles and the snuggles., for your beautiful nature and your curiosity at the world at large . Thankyou beautiful baby! You are at the Rainbow bridge now. Have fun and take care. See you again someday . XX

  117. Chris says:

    So many stories of loss here, it makes me sad but does give me some comfort that I am not alone. Unfortunately my German Shepherd died suddenly yesterday and I am so heart broken that I can barely type this out. I can’t eat or do anything at the moment, just sit here and reflect on my loss. Missy was the greatest dog I ever knew, she had a hard 3 years of her life before I rescued here from a kill shelter. At the time, I had no idea how attached I would become to a dog but now after 7 years I cannot imagine life without her. She fell ill yesterday and when I came home for lunch I knew something was seriously wrong. I got her to the vet and it turned out there was a tumor on her heart causing fluid to build up and I was told she did not have much time left. I was hoping to see her one last time alive while in the ER but she went into cardiac arrest and never returned. I just wanted her to see me or at least know I was still there. She was the sweetest thing I ever knew, so kind and loving, I just miss her so much. I keep looking around the house in her usual spots expecting her to be there but she isnt. Missy was my best friend, my comfort and kept me sane. She went through my life battles and stood there next to me always. Now I am alone and I dont know how to cope yet. Its still a shock because this happened so quickly and without warning.
    I have no idea if anyone will read this, nor do I know if this will do me any good but I just loved her so much. If you are reading this, just know you are not alone. My life has changed because of her and I just hope she is out there somewhere. I wish so much, that I could see her again even in spirit, just to let me know she is happy…I will keep waiting and I hope someday when I pass this earth, she will be there to greet me.
    I love you Missy.

  118. Yolanda Faber says:

    My baby passed away yesterday. Love you forever. Cannot wait for the day we meet again. Xxx

  119. deb says:

    I am so devastated we lost our 4 month old puppy he got runover so bad they didnt even stop he didnt have a chance he was so beautiful rottweiler x american bulldog words cant describe how heart broken i am i hope he is following us i just want to know his spirit is ok im constantly crying he didnt even have a life poorlil man i love u titan your free now xxxxxxxxxxx

  120. SisiliA says:

    I lost my sweetheart on April 29th when she was just 10 years old. It was my german shepherd doggie that I’ve always loved so much. So many people loved her and carry her with them. I miss her smell, her fur, her eyes so pure… I miss her soo so much. I’m dying to see and feel her again. If only I was sure that she still lives somewhere and is happy. I often have those strong dreams with her, I always get messages from her. Yesterday I had a dream about her and when I woke up my hand smelled like her, like I’ve pet her just in a few minutes. It was unbelievable and so important to me.
    I will always dream the reunion with my beloved dog and I will wait to see and hug her again!

  121. Mayra says:

    Today my little girl died. I can’t bare the pain! I read this and it made me smile and cry that I’ll see her soon! My hammy was very special idk what I’m going to do without her. I feel a very empty spot in my chest! I’m so heart broken. I don’t want the days to pass by because every day that passes is another day I don’t have her with me. My only comfort is I was with her till the end! I saw her take her last breath…I love her I just wish I knew how to cope with the pain. I don’t know what I could of done differently maybe just maybe she would of still been here in my arms.

    • dave says:

      was your pet a hamster ,i lost my guinea pig not long ago and it was horrible e mail if you want a talk about it thanks await your reply

  122. Apala says:

    We lost our cat ‘Chess’ last Thursday. He came into our life as a small cute kitten and was with us for 2.5 years. He always liked going out and roaming around the house. He was an independent cat and loved us so much. He even recognized the sound of our bike and would go sit on the seat when we are home. He slept beside us on our bed and sat next to us on his chair when we would watch TV or have dinner. He never messed around the house and didn’t eat anything else except for cat food. He never hunted or killed other animals. We even have a pic of Chess playing with a mouse. He was unwell for a week and then he had started feeling better. Last Wednesday (8th Jan 2014) he went out in the night and came back in early morning. He asked for food from my husband and then went to sleep next to me. After some hours he again woke me up asking me to open the door so that he can go out. He always used to go out and come back after some time. So we had no idea anything bad was about to happen. He went out (on 9th Jan) and didn’t come back the whole day. We started looking for him in our neighborhood. We even looked for him near our old house from where we had shifted to this place only a month back. We couldn’t find him anywhere. Finally we climbed up a small hill opposite our house and kept walking as the trail led us. We walked for some time calling out his name but no response. Generally Chess responded to my voice and came to us immediately. But we couldn’t find him there as well. We turned back thinking lets go home and start looking for him in other places. And there he was lying under a tree. No marks on his body, nothing. We couldn’t make out what had happened to him, but he was gone. Both of us were shocked and devastated. We didn’t know what to do and we were crying like anything. Finally we gave him a burial and bid him goodbye with tears in our eyes and hope in our hearts that he will come back to us some day. Chessu, we love you and we will wait for you to come back. You can enjoy at the Rainbow Bridge as long as you want and then come back to us to share your love again.

  123. dave says:

    e mail if you want to chat o/l i will exchange a story with you luv xx dave

  124. Anthony says:

    Out 10 year old dog the boy passed away yesterday saturday January 18 2014 due tp diabetes and pancreas problems. He passed away on hes sleep at my parents house. My sister iris call me that morning from the road to my parents house and told me that the boy was probably dead and when she got to my parents house she confirmed it and we called our other sister over. It was one of the most painful moments of my entire life. We wrapped him up on hes favorite blanket and we took him to the vet to have it confirmed and to register hes dead body for cremation.
    Its comforting and soothing to hear that he is on a better place and will be waiting for us. I missed him soo much.

  125. Cory BOWEN says:

    I lost my beloved yellow lab Max yesterday afternoon 01.20.2014, he had diabetes and on insulin for quite sometime now, Saturday he begun experiencing weakness from his hind end legs and not been able to get up on his own, Sunday he begun breathing heavily and unable to sleep, I can still hear him trying to get up but unable to and falling down, he never show any sign of pain and he will just look at me when I ask him if he would like to go outside, that Monday I told him that I will take him to the doctor, I have to carry him because he is unable to walk, he used to be so fearless and strong as I was saying he is the leader of the pack(I have another Lab dog 1 yr. older than him). I was so shocked when the doctor told me he will live on this day, and he will die sooner than I thought. I was hoping for a miracle and hoping that he would bounce back as he always have been in the past. I have to leave him in the Vet so that they can treat him, with a heavy heart I left and went home, I took a nap as I was so tired and worried, I have a dream that he was in front of me, I woke up and utter his name, I went back to the vet without waiting for their call, I just want to be with Max as he have never been away from me alone before, I was so shocked when I received the call from the vet that he just passed away, I can not believed this was happening to me, not Max as he was my fearless and strong baby boy as I fondly call him and to think that I was not there when he took his last breath, it really kills me, I weep and weep until I can’t weep anymore, I took him home for the last time to see my other dog Hunter and just to come home once again, I just could not bear and think that he left and never came back home. Just as his daddy did, I lost my husband sept. 2012 and Max is his boy, my husband left and didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to Max. Since then Max is very sad and the bark of excitement and love for Daddy never came back. Max always waits for my husband to come home. After that Max became so clingy to me. I always talk to my dogs as if they were children and Max is very attentive. I miss Max so dearly even though I just lost him yesterday, it seems like forever, I’m sure he was now with my husband together again. I still calls out for his name “puppy boy, where are you? Come here boy”, I feel like I’m loosing my mind every time I call his name, I love to see him…I’m longing to see him, can somebody help me find someone who is animal medium of sort just to reconnect with my Max. Please, I need to know if Max is alright.

  126. CJ Marrow says:

    Chrissy, my 19 year old calico cat passed away in my arms January 19, 2014. She slowed down three days before, stopped eating, even distancing herself from me. Her last day, I made the decision to take her to the vet, just see what they would tell me. Euthanasia was the last thing I wanted, and struggled with the possibility. As I started to get ready, I heard her breath labor a bit. I knew what was happening. I picked her up, held her close. I took her bed outside and played her down. I wanted her to smell the air, see the sky. Her breathing labored more, I just pet her, kissed her, thanked her, told her I loved her. I continued telling her please let go, mommy will be ok. She was relaxed, didn’t appear to be in pain. I tried to comfort her the best I could. Finally, her last breath was taken.. I watched the life in her eyes fade. I knew our time was over. She took care of me in so many ways. I was 23 when she chose me.. I am now 41. We started this journey of life together. I was trying to find my way in the world. Six months ago I had brain surgery. She stayed I am sure to make sure I would be okay. I never had children.. Chrissy was.. she gave me love when ever I needed it. Patiently waited for me to return home after long hours working. It has been almost a week since my Chrissy went home. My heart is so heavy. Even at the end, Chrissy was thinking of me. She saved me from the tough choice of pitting her down. I was able to be with her to the end. As hard as it was, I didn’t want her to die alone. She granted me my final wish. I love you Chrissy. I will be looking for you on the other side. You will always be in my heart.. you were my heart. Look for me my friend.

  127. S Palmer says:

    I don’t know if this will help anyone…but here goes…my Havanese dog, Archie was put to sleep on 30th December 2013 .It was a very sudden deterioration over a few days and it was felt he had a brain tumour. He went blind, he was circling, his legs were wobbling. He was panting and terrified. My love for him is so great that I wanted his suffering to end as quickly as possible. We had a phenomenal bond. I have another dog who I love dearly but she is more independent and the bond is less intense. Now I don’t know if this is a grief thing but three times now I have felt Archie cuddled up to me. I believe it is real and I just need to enjoy it! When it happens, I feel the same happiness as when Archie was with me physically. I can’t call him up at will and anyway I still want what is best for him. I don’t know how this other side thing works. I hope he stays close. I am learning our incredible bond has transcended death. It’s lovely.

  128. Jamella says:

    I lost my baby Quaker parrot yesterday and I’m devastated but when I read this I feel a little better!!thank you for posting this!!

    • Eero Kovalainen says:

      I know what you feel. This past Sunday my canary died. I’ve posted my story and if it gets moderated hope you can read it and help me. Hope everything’s fine with you too (;

  129. Karan says:

    I saw how many people were affected by this article. So many who loved their pets and their pets loved them. Each pet we have is a gift to us and should always be cherished. Even if they are gone to the other side, they are still with us through the bond of love we have. I have often seen my former pets walking in my home after they have been gone several years. They are always with us and I always like to feel their presence and love.

  130. Eero Kovalainen says:

    I didn’t know where to go or to ask. That’s why I am here. This last Sunday my canary died, perhaps you may think he was just a bird. I love birds and he was a great company to me. And I’ve got some questions because I am feel sad yet. Past Sunday he was very happy singing, no symptoms or something could tell me he was sick. Sunday morning I said to him we’ll buy him a new partner to do not feel alone. He was with us for more than 5 years. Maybe a little bit old, and in the same day he died. I took him on my chest in his last moments and cheer him up telling him everything’s gonna be fine and with some years from my eyes he died. So, is it possible to release a pet so they can past away without any blame or feel sad for us? Or he thought when we said to him we’ll buy him a new partner to feel alone and he decided to go knowing a new partner will come home so that way we won’t be alone? He was fine, we stated this words and I don’t know if this was a trigger to let him go, or as I said he decided to finally go when he knew a new bird will come remove him any burden for leaving us alone?

    I’ll appreciate your kindness and any answer to these.


    • Your own intuition has already answered your question for you ..

      • Eero Kovalainen says:

        So many many many thanks. I really appreciate it. I feel bad for saying that. But I honestly wanted him to have a partner. I am still sad. Home is quiet and I need his signings. But I will keep my promise. A new comrade will come home so that way wherever his soul is will be happy a new bird is home and he is now happy in another place.

        Thanks again.

  131. ben dalton says:

    Hi I just lost my 9 week old kitten last night I have 9 cats and two kittens now I called or kitten luckly my husband called him luckie charlie. He died once I brought him back but last night I could not do anything my heart is breaking mother cat crys for luckie I hold mother cat she crys even more then I cry. how do I let go off thegref and pain he always comes and sleepsith me and ickks I miss luckie alot. But I read about the rainbow bridge. I glad he not alone. His brother crys because they used to play together. And his sister wont sleep. I hold her and say everthing all be alright. How do I stop mother cat from crying.. luckie folllowed her every where know she wont eat. please can someone give me advice.

  132. Annie says:

    My Jack Russell passed away on 11/15/13 from a brain tumor.Not a single day goes by without me thinking of him and yes, sometimes crying. Although I knew nothing more could be done,I feel terribly guilty. He was loved so much. He gave me more than I could ever give to him. He was very attached to me and me to him. I know it sounds crazy,but I wonder if he’s okay wherever he is. I asked God to give me a sign that he’s okay. Crazy…I know. Today,I found a doggy toy in my closet. He must had hid it in there. That made me cry and smile,as this was my sign he was okay.

  133. Narendra Gala says:

    Is there such a belife that after death of a dog it takes new birth. In human beings ???
    On 4th March 2014 my cute puppy of 5 month died. Her name was Rony. She had come down of a car !!
    My one more puppy was going near to her & asking her to wake up & play with me !!
    Is she will near me only or she will not??

  134. Debbie says:

    Six weeks ago this pass Monday, my beloved MacGregor died suddenly. We loved him as much as anyone loves a Child. My husband and I are totally devastated. It was just the three of us for
    32 YEARS! We cry everyday. He was a Africian Grey Parrot.

    He spoke fluently and new what he was saying. He was very loving and caring. Couldn’t stand it if my husband and I argued. He would whistle like a referee, and say ok..now..ok..saying our names. If my husband laid down on the couch, he’d fly over pull his hair because he thought he was sick or dying. If a bird did that they would be. Once I was sick, and he flew from his room, down a hall, through the kitchen, dining room, into our bedroom. He landed at the end of my bed, walked on top of me to get to my face. He had food in his mouth and put it on my mouth to feed me. Though I spit it out, I was so touch by his help and concern for me.

    He made me laugh or smile everyday, with something he’d say or do, even on the worst days, like when my Mother died. He wanted to know everything and give his opinion of it. I would ask him what he thought of something new I bought. He would look it over, and either nod his head up and down that he liked it or shake it sideways like Italians do with their hands when they disapprove of something. He loved to dance by himself or with us and whistle a song he made up. He would swear when we took him to the vets for a checkup. S*it, s*it, what a s^it. I could go on forever of moments with MacGregor…

    TODAY I took a nap. I dreamt I was in our kitchen by the window and sink. I heard a noise behind me. I turned around and there was MacGregor sitting on top of the frig, looking beautiful staring down at me. I was so happy to see him and said MacGregs you’re here, you are alive. He said “Hi Debbie” like he always did in his sweet voice. I ran over to him, but he vanished and in his place was a ivy plant with one big leaf where he stood. I don’t have a plant on top of the frig. It was so real. I woke up and realize while taking my shower, though he never sat on top of the frig, he did this time because his body is in the freezer. We can’t bury him, because the ground is frozen, we have to wait.

    I totally believe that he came to me to let me know he is ok and for me to stop crying and being depressed. He couldn’t stand it when I was sad. He would always give me the sweetest kisses and snuggle up to me to make me feel better.

    My husband and I were truly bless to have shared our lives with the most amazing being we have ever known…the one and only MACGREGOR WARRIOR! (his full name, which was the first words he ever said)

    • Pam sheridan says:

      Debbie, so sorry about MacGregor. We just lost our beloved Bluebelle (Indian Ringneck) on March 13th. She had this condition that we brought her to the vet a few times a year ago. She would bleed from her bottom and then it would go away. She acted great! The last episode on Weds even 3/12, put her to bed knowing she would stop in a few hours. I went to bed later where she would sleep in our room. Didn’t check, her her moving around 4:00 am, put the light on her and she was at the bottom of the cage. I tried to touch her, she just lifted her head a little bit, I shut off the light, covered the cage more and in the morning when I got up and rolled the cage into the living room, we realized that she had died…Long story. We had her 7 1/2 years. Someone left her at a pet store and we adopted her for $75 (they wanted $250). All we were told was she was 4 years old and female. We never had a bird, so luckily I educated my self. She was so loved. Was such a good bird. I miss her so much and I can’t stop crying. We recently took in a cockatiel. These people wanted to rehome because they couldn’t spend time with her…I’m glad she’s with us…She’s getting more care seeing the condition of her cage…Anyway, it’s hard with one member of the flock is gone. (me, my husband and Bluebelle)….A lot of people don’t understand. I’m trying to bond with this little one…she’s not a replica of Bluebelle…Wanted you to know there are people who feel that way you do. God Bless you. Pam

  135. Janet says:

    My beloved Meg died 10 days ago march 2014 and we had her cremated and her ashes are now in my living room by the electric fire.She was 9 yrs old and was suddenly diagnosed with diabetes the vet said it was the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep peacefully so that was what we did.Last night i took a few photos of the casket with her ashes in and pretty large perfect circles appeared on 4 photos i took.As anybody any ideas why these circles have suddenly appeared

  136. Serge says:

    Our faithful and beloved cat disappeared several days ago. We know that he is gone. We lost a part of our soul with him, his warmth, his loyalty, his friendship and, maybe, his spiritual protection… We moved to a new location and for him it was an incredible stress. Maybe, it is our fault.
    I lost all my tears with his departure… I can not live without faith that one day we meet again. If I could I would give out a part of my own life to have him with us. Only hope which supports me is that he will be accepted by God in the Haven or at the Rainbow Bridge where we will meet again. I pray him for forgiveness for all I might have done wrong for him. I want him to know that he will leave in my heart for ever…
    Tigger we love you and believe that one day we will be together again.

  137. Danny says:

    I post muy baby Salma con. 4/10 i has to put ver to sleep fue to kidney failure ver kidnies never develop and she was going through a lot in her last 24 hours, hunger was one of the things and throwing up even water all though she was so positive and a warrior. I feel so guilty even though I did all that I could the final vet I saw that day told me that she was going to suffer even more had she stayed living. Everyday I’m angry and I ask God and Salma my English bulldog angel for forgiveness and I tell her how much I love her and miss her. I really hope that my days are number to be with her but that love she gave me for those 6 months will last me a life time.

  138. Maggie says:

    I just lost my baby Chiquita early sunday morning 5-4-14. Her birthday was this coming Saturday 5-10-14, she would of been 3 years old. She got ranned over by a truck. The pain is so unbearable, I can’t even explain it. Everything reminds me of her. I’ve cried so much And continue to cry but my pain is still there. My house feels so empty without her. I’m also afraid that my other dog will get depressed if he continues to sense all the sadness that I’m feeling. But it’s so hard no tp be sad.

  139. Mona says:

    My dog died one year ago and I still cry for her and talk to her, its weir but I know she´s there, I don´t see her but I can feel her, for instances she used to scratch the door every morning to ask for food and I hear the same sound at the same hour, or sometimes I feel her in her favourite spot staring at me. I wish I could see her, cuddle her and tell her how much I love her, she is/was an important member of my family.

  140. Vixki&Evan says:

    Lost our cat ginger today to horrible lung cancer. Couldn’t be treated. Cat stop crying and hope she shows a sign saying she is okay and she passed the rainbow bridge. I can’t wait to see her when I pass. She was the best cat. She was apart of our family like she was a human. So devistated that we can’t stop crying or touch her food. Forever ginger, we love you and always will be thinking of you. Xoxoxo June 16th 2014 3:58pm. Forever in our hearts, see you again.

  141. Maria says:

    I lost two of my puppies to Parvovirus. It was so hard on my family. My mom felt so guilty for not being able to proved them with all the medical attention they need due to our financial situations. It was so hard when the first puppy, Penelope, died. She and I had a special bond. I even got to name her. I was devastated. I cried for days. When Toby passed the night we brought him and Leala from the vet my mom was at work and it was just so hard to see his lifeless body laying there. We got them cremated, but couldn’t afford to have a ceremony. Leala on the other hand is our little miracle. The morning we took Toby to get cremated, we were going to take Leala to get euthanized, but as we got her in truck of our car, she looked at us and I swear I could hear her say, I’m not ready to give up. We took her back inside and with in a couple of hours she was already walking around, looking more lively. She’s truly incredible. If you were to see her today you could never guess she had been so, so sick. To this day I look at Leala and picture her with her sister and brother, playing, running around. I miss them terribly. Not everyone understands the bond one can have with a pet… They become family, a companion, a best friend, and it’s so, so, so hard to see them go. It’s been 3 months since we lost Toby and Penelope. I still cry my eyes out. I often think about them and the way they would curl up to me at night, the way the would greet me when I got home from school. I honestly have never felt so helpless, and useless until the day they were sick and I couldn’t do much. It’s not fair that they had to get so sick. I often blame myself for not getting them vaccinated a lot earlier. They were only four months old. They were babies. They didn’t deserve to be in so much pain.

    I’m able to cope with the loss of my two babies a bit better now. Leala is always so much fun to watch.

    I will forever remember my two little angles.
    I can’t wait for the day we will reunite and be together forever.

    Until then, Rest in painless paradise Toby and Penelope. I miss you two so, so, so much. And love both of you to the moon and back X1,000,000,000.


  142. Kate says:

    I started crying at the part where you said pets get upset when they see us grieving. I lost two cats in just one month. I’ve had both of them for my whole life. Greenie, who I begged my mom to bring home, passed away a month ago. Peekaboo, just like my best friend, passed away two days ago. My house just feels lonely. I just want a sign from either of them. But after reading about the rainbow bridge, it really does make me believe. Thank you.

  143. breanna says:

    OUr family dog of 8 years died from cancer. It was hard for all of us. Even two months later, I am still not taking it well. It is just hard to accept the fact of never seeing this big part of my life everyday. It feels like I lost a parent or even a spouse

  144. Lori Meckley says:

    My fur kid Sully died only a few months ago. It has been so very overwhelming how hollow our home and life feels without him. I had almost 15 years with him but it will never be enough in my mind or my heart. I feel as if my soul mate is gone.

    Since his passing I only feel content when I’m outside. I never sleep more than an hour or two at a time. I wake up and look out our bedroom window thinking he’s out there but I see nothing. Every so often I feel as if his paws are on my shoulders. He used to put them there and smell my hair.

    I believe we will be together again but the wait sometimes feels smothering, as if it’s a struggle to get through spots in daily life. Coming home is the worst because there is no sound of him jumping off the sofa, whimping and the mad wagging of his tail impatiently — all those things that tell me he missed and us so happy I’m home. There is only silence and that empty feeling our house isn’t home sweet home anymore.

  145. Maya says:

    Today, after eleven of the best years, my poor baby Delilah passed away. Even after burrying her this morning, I still dont believe I wont be coming home to her waiting by the front door for me or surprising me by popping her head from underneath my bed when I go to sit down.

    I love you dearly mama. You’ll be loved and missed forever.

  146. Nadia says:

    On the 29th of August 2014 I lost my gentle and loyal cat Chippy. I had to let her go after 14 years . She suffered kidney failure. Needless to say my heart is broken. We were soul mates and she stayed by me and consoled me through having to place my 90 year old mother in an old age home. Now I am not able to console her. I have this constant feeling that she is scared. I talk to her and use our special words ” mommy loves her Chippy” as this used to immediately make her purr and curl up in my arms. I just hope we meet up again one day and that she can find peace and happiness without any pain. Maybe by using cyberspace she will somehow find her way….

  147. jean knapp says:

    My most wonderful cat Milly passed away on the 18th August 2014. I cant stop crying I miss and love her so much. On the 17th Aug she laid on her side panting and breathing very fast her chest was making noises. She was shaking her head. She had her mouth open trying to breath. I got her to a vet who did/a xray and said it was fluid and would drain it. The fluid taken showed it was very serious, and a mass on her chest. So Cancer was diagnosed. She sadly left us. She showed no symptoms before. I wish I could have helped her more if I had known. My Milly was with me all the times that I have been very ill. I just don’t know how I will cope , I keep looking for her. The only comfort is that my beloved Milly I buried in the garden. Hope one day we will meet again my Baby Milly. Miss you so. She was nearly 15. What a lonely life it is now. Your comments have helped me so much. Bless you all.

  148. Kim says:


    I lost my dog just over a week ago, she was 13 and became very ill very quick, the vet tried everything, but nothing worked, her Heart was weak. I’ve cried every day since and lost half of my body weight, my whole life routine has gone, but I do talk to her and belive her soul is with me, her scent is much stronger now than when she was alive, I begged spirit for validation that her soul was with me, I had that validation from spirit and I thank them for it.. I did not see my dog, but had proof she is here, my Mother used the same form of validation over 25 years ago when she passed.

    It still hurts and I will miss her, as other comments above, I too wanted to go with my dog…

  149. my little kitty Sopapilla had to be put down on Sunday. She was such a brave cat right up to the end. She had mouth cancer and lost her tongue but she still managed to catch a lizard 10 days before she died. She was drinking water through her nose but it wasn’t enough. Until then she was having subQ fluids. She loved life to the end, going outside feeling the breeze in her. She was a very timid cat with a large spirit and we had her 10 years. she died at around 13 years. she will be very badly missed and i cry out every so often. is is so sad but how proud i am of her and how brave. i would like to think her spirit is around us. i have a picture of her, and he eyes don’t leave mine, i feel she is looking rhough that image where she is happy and free of pain and suffering. i loved her so much.

  150. Theresa says:

    I am so happy to have found this site. My cat of 15 years passed away 5 days ago. My family and myself are devastated. Smoke (our cat’s name) was suffering and he passed away 2 days before we were able to receive our paycheck to take him to the vet for what we knew would lead to the high likeness that we would have to put him to sleep. The guilt of his suffering and us not being able to get him help in time do to financial hardship is killing us. He curled up under the bed and passed away sometime during the night and we found him the next morning. Last night, my husband saw our cat’s spirit walk out from under the bed and followed him to the next room where it suddenly disappeared. I was scared this would happen. I have many experiences with human spirits, however this is my first experience with an animal spirit. I can sense him from time to time and I have been trying to research online for ways to help pet spirits cross over but cannot find anything. Does anyone have any advice? I cannot bear to think that our cat’s spirit is trapped here and I am very worried that my 9 year old daughter might see him and be terrified. We love and miss Smoke dearly and want him to feel complete and at rest,ready to move forward to his next adventure. Any advice would greatly help me during this difficult time………

  151. Donald says:

    I believe animals die and like being in a coma they will reunite with us and not even know they were ever apart from us. I don’t think they are alone from us with other strangers awaiting our arrival. But I think the early morning my cat passed I felt the feeling of someone in my house. I was half awake in my semi conscious mode and felt someone was in my house. Maybe a angel came for my cat who is taking care of him. Not sure what the facts are yet. I just need a sign from him.

  152. Helene says:

    So I was visited by my beloved jack, Missy 6 months to the day of her death and at the same time I buried her (she died early in the morning and I buried her around 1:30 ish). I was walking by the garden and heard her panting and running behind my left leg, I heard, felt and sensed her, so I quickly turned around, my husband was standing only a few feet away and I turned back to him and said did you hear that? he said yes, she visits me on occasion. I didn’t realize the days importance until about a week later when recalling the story to my daughter.

  153. Trish says:

    I just lost my 11 y ear old lab due to cancer. She had a sarcoma on her head that over the last month must of doubled in size. She began to stop eating, etc. and I knew what I needed to do but it was so terribly hard. I wanted her to stay with me and didn’t want her to go but I knew at this point she was miserable. So, I took her to the vet and ended up putting her to sleep. She was the best dog anyone could have. So gentle, never got into trouble, and my buddy. Everywhere in the house there are reminders. She slept with me and now her specials pot is empty. I don’t know how to get through this. I am find one moment and then crying again the next. I know she is free of pain and cancer now but I just don’t know how to get through this.

  154. Mary says:

    Hi my beautiful Stella passed over this morning. She died at the university vets hospital I’m overwhelmed with grief I was not with her when she passed. I’m struggling to cope and want to connect with her. I just hope she knows how much she was loved and we did not abandon her in her hour of need. I know she will contact me when she has settled in on the other side I have asked my mum and uncle to look after her. We were so blessed to have her in our lives but the loss is sheer agony. Animals are angels that come into our lives to teaches us. Thanks Stella for teaching me so many valuable lessons I will never forget you. Until we meet again lots of love hugs and belly rubs.xx

  155. Nancy says:

    I am a victim of a malicious hate crime because I was stupid enough to give a hoot about what I thought was injustice on another person. I didn’t realize that I would end up a scapegoat and the cops would take my life exploit it and more to keep save a man and his friends who showed disloyalty and more. My representation was stolen to protect these people and I have been ordered to ‘roll with the punches, everybody to blame for this and more!”

    Anyhow, I have just suffered 2 major losses in less than a week. My cat Sam who I saved from the outdoors on March 23, 2005 just died on January 22, 2015 and the sickest part was that I could NOT get any help from the vet for all he wanted was the money upfront, wouldn’t wait a few days for payment, wouldn;t sit on a post dated check. Last summer I had major dental surgery done on my cat and I asked for help to split the payments up that was well over $600 and I am on SS disability and they told me to my face to get Care Credit, I can’t get anything life has been stolen from me, my blood spilled for other people but there was NO compassion for me. I have well proven myself with payment and the sickest part is SS deliberately and criminally demanded a payee for my money told me I was never allowed to touch my money and more YET, refused to place diagnosis in writing to me so I walk around with a stolen identity, mine! I was well educated and I was an art teacher until I was victimized and assaulted by a fellow teacher on 5/14/93 and threats made against my life to the point her friend told me I was going to be arrested and it was going to involve kids because people were out to get me for her firing, I had nothing to do with her firing, I was 29 yrs younger than this teacher/politician whom members of the district wanted her out the door and even sabotaged her assembly campaign. Then on 9/29/94 the building principal and his ‘friend’ came into my classroom and threatened my life, they victimized me, assaulted me and he told me to my face. “keep your mouth shut or you are going to have a big problem” and several other threats, The board and the district concealed those crimes and a few years later, the local DA admitted they should have done something they were criminally liable but refused to do nothing but give my attacker that order of protection, the request that I asked to have for me!

    Anyhow, I can’t live with Sammy’s death, I blame myself horribly for that for I have been caring for Fuddy and I spend about $150 a month on his care out of my money. He has kidney disease and he is up there in age my baby who moved in with me 2 days after my XMas eve birthday 12/26/02 after my other beloved cat, Punkin was actually murdered by his vet when his vet placed a face mask over his face to take blood. He was 16 with liver issues. Fuddy was said to have been 7 when he moved in. 3/11 another vet made promises to me that he would help Fuddy and pay for all his treatments, then on 6/2/11 his daughter figuratively threw acid in my face I was dealing with a sick cat and she said “in the future call earlier” and her father told me I could come whenever I wanted. Long story and I believed in him.

    Well, on 11/4/13 Fud made it to another vet for he was awful sick and that vet wanted to put him to sleep right then and there and said it would be a few thousand dollars and he would have to stay for three days and it would only to fix him up to say ‘good-bye” well, he is still going.

    Now, Sammy I had no money for 3 times in the past I asked for help requesting that could they hold a check for a couple of days and even his wife told me NO in regards to an earlier appointment. Dad ended up placing our home in dire hot water with Wells Fargo when he loaned me the money for Fuds surgery. All I needed was a couple of days! We were in between checks so I knew I couldn;t get help for the owner was out playing golf and I thought had he been there I might have been able to talk him into helping me out for a couple of days, for I didn;t know the others there and dad didn;t like them! See, I am persona non grata thus this was my last place and it all has to do with the hate crime. I know it sounds nutty, but I am telling the truth.

    Anyhow, I did all I could for Sam with amoxicilian I had, he was getting worse and to watch this happening while others are illegally collecting over $8 grand a month from the district not to include SS makes me sick Sam died and I can’t live with it for I wonder if I could have initiated his illness for in September he crowded Fuddy and knocked Fud off and Fud lost his sight, he might not have lost his sight had the vet been willing to hold a check for a couple of days. Sammy wasn’t supposed to be on Fuds steps but was I was just so mad at Sammy he ran and hid in the hay box,

    Sam did get over me being mad at him but there was a major life change for Fud and what makes me mad about Fud is that had the vet done a bloodpressure check when Fud had the surgery maybe Fud might have his sight and never had that stroke early October. The Vet says he never seen a cat like Fud and the broad vet he was seeing is gone and we would like to know if she was let go in regards to Fud and his stroke. Anyhow, I have been shafted. Now, shortly after Sammy died, Orangey a beautiful cat with the most gorgeous orange eyes, the same color as his fur acted strange, I didn;’t catch it a he died, I believe was UTI I asked my sister for help and she sends me an email “oh, the poor kitties” this is the same woman who brags she has her husband on a short leash who this year as poor as I was I remembered her birthday and her brats birthday financially but this Xmas not only ignored my birthday but me and our parents for Xmas.

    I did call the vet looking for the golfer he wasn’t there and when I pressed them I was treated stand offish. So, I watched a cat I saved for some bastard threw him out of their passing car die and there was nothing I could do because no one wanted to give me any compassion, support or other but a cop can tell me “that looks good you’re handicapped, you can sue and that alienating you opened up a big can of worms but other people more important than you are involved…”

    So, I am tormented by Sammys death for a week ago I had to rush Fud to the hospital he was appearing to be gravely ill and I had to death with a female vet for the golfer was gone, out of state, and this woman took blood and when she brought Fud back into the exam room, she didn;t give him to me she placed him not on the exam table but as if he was a rag she placed him on the scale and this is a blind elderly cat I was in shock. Understand, Fud was there one week earlier and the golfer told me to go play the lottery this cat is ‘lucky’ and that bill was $138 and only 7 days later another $198 so I put almost $350 out of my SSD! and he is fine now, in fact I was dealing with another sick cat and I had to take drastic measures and I gave him 3 of Fuds pills and he is now perfect, he just turned 16 he was born on my bed the second Tuesday in February 1999. I woke up to 4 baby;s and their mother at the foot of my bed.

    I was promised years ago by NYSUT that I was going to have a lawsuit and prosecutions and more then it was whatever they did and wrote on November 17, 1994 that without my consent and more ended my life. This fool named Dennis Wittern said they were scheming something up, but I never thought that an entire lifetime would be stolen from me and to reach a point that I am alone, no compassion for me, no support for me and no care for what little I have, my pets, I can’t live with Sammys death, it is killing me, as well as Orangey. Bee now eats with Fud on his bed for Sam was his eating partner. See, I had always thought that if I ever got a settlement, i would open my own vet clinic, hire my own vets and run the clinic 7/24/365 at below rates to get even with the vets who didn’t give a damn about me, didn;t want to help, didn;t want to care about anything else but politics and money when my blood was stolen from me!

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