Spiritual Law Of Attention

‘Energy flows where attention goes’.

Whatever you focus on and give your attention to will manifest into your life.  This is the Spiritual Law of Attention.  Attention is the focus of your words, thoughts and actions.  Spiritual Law ensures that an outcome will manifest to the exact degree you give it your attention.

Our expectations differ according to the expectations of the individual.  Although people may live similar life situations, each will hold a different picture of the expected outcome.  Each will create a different result as each person creates their own reality.

We are to pay attention to the hints, signs, symbols and whispers from the Universe in order to be guided along our path.  The Spiritual Law of Attention governs that if we give our attention to worry and/or fear, we give it energy and manifest it into creation.  If we are continuously picturing worse-case scenarios and always talking about our fears and worries, we are actively drawing and attracting the energy of those fears into our lives.

According to the Spiritual Law of Attention, positive energies are more powerful than negative energies;  therefore when we focus on the positives rather than the negatives, we are much more inclined to draw in and manifest positive outcomes into our lives.

When we hold the positives in our attention and focus we are able to manifest our dreams, goals and desires into our lives.  Our positive expectations come to fruition when we hold the vision and do the necessary work.

The Spiritual Law of Attention tells us that what we focus on will manifest;  therefore be careful what you wish for, as you just may get it.


  1. wakokid2 says:

    Well the self reflection of mind should naturally lead to the light… and its shine on others, if the spiritual law – what you give, you receive is valid… then light and love is naturally the best energetical choice for such mind…

  2. Joleneqjwcn says:

    7 Spiritual Laws of Success. Monday – The Law of Giving – bring whoever you encounter a gift. Keep circulating wealth by giving.

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