Spiritual Law of Gratitude


Gratitude is being truly thankful from the heart.  When we have genuine gratitude, positive energy flows from our hearts and activates responses from other people, as well as Universal energies.  This is the Spiritual Law of Gratitude.

When we are truly grateful to another for what they have done for us and express this gratitude, that person feels and absorbs the energy of our thanks and feels joy from it, prompting them to want to help and/or give of themselves all the more.  In line with the Spiritual Law of Gratitude, when we send out our heartfelt thanks to the Universe for all the blessings we’ve received, the Universe in its Divine wisdom and love responds by bringing us even more blessings.

The Spiritual Law of Gratitude tells us that they key to abundance is gratitude as it unlocks the positive resources of the Universe.

The opposite of appreciation and gratitude are criticism and judgment.  The energy of genuine gratitude and appreciation heals us.  When we have genuine appreciation and are truly grateful we pay attention and focus upon it.  This in turn activates the SPIRITUAL LAW OF ATTENTION, and blessings are increased and multiplied.

The Spiritual Law of Gratitude encourages us to realize that we are sent challenges to overcome and learn from them so that we are able to grow.  This alters our attitudes towards them.  Every challenging situation is the gift of a lesson.  As human beings our task is to learn the lesson of the challenge and appreciate what it has to teach us.

If we truly wish for our lives, body and soul, mind and spirit, to become healthier, happier and more positively abundant we are to keep a ‘Gratitude Journal’.  Each and every day we are to write down the things that we are grateful for and appreciate.  In doing this we find ourselves looking for the good things to record, and will automatically become more positive and appreciative.

In order to activate the Spiritual Law of Gratitude we are to:  be positive and appreciative, and count and acknowledge our blessings and be joyful.  We are to acknowledge the positive things about people and focus on the good in all situations.  We are to also be genuinely thankful towards people and be kind and loving.  Mostly, we are to celebrate our lives and be happy.

When activating the Spiritual Law of Gratitude we are brought untold and ongoing blessings from the Universe.

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