Spiritual Law Of Intention

The Spiritual Law of Intention tells us that our intentions are much more powerful than our hopes, wishes and wants.
Our true intentions release a force that makes things happen.  Whatever our aims are in our lives, if we gather our energies and keep our target in our sights, the force of the Universe will back our vision.

That is the power of the Spiritual Law of Intention.

Our intention is taken into consideration when assessing our karma.  When our intentions are worthy, honourable and noble, ( even if our plans and ultimate goals do not come to fruition as we may have hoped), we will be rewarded for the purity of our ideals.  It is the ‘intention’ that signals the rightness (or otherwise) of a project or idea.

Therefore, we must make sure that our intentions do not come from the ego.  They are to be for the highest good, as the Universe energies support only the highest good.

The Spiritual Law of Intention dictates that Universal energies support our intentions, as it is the basis of manifestations.

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