The Angelic Hierarchy

There is an order of angels within the angelic hierarchy.

Angels have always been with us throughout time and in every culture.  As we humans evolve and mature we will each individually awaken to the awe inspiring dimensions of who we truly are, and the angels are becoming more prevalent and available to us.

There are many different kinds of heavenly beings that bridge the spiritual and physical realms and there are numerous opinions and views as to how many categories exist, what their functions are and what they are called etcetera.

The word ‘angel’ is used as both a generic term to refer to all heavenly beings, and as a specific term that refers to the members of the angelic realm who are closest to humans and the physical realm.

The word ‘Archangel’ is often used as a generic term to refer to all the higher orders of the heavenly realms and higher beings.

The first sphere in the angelic hierarchy of the angelic realm are the angels who serve as spiritual counsellors.  They are the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.

The second sphere in the order of angels are the Dominions, Virtues and Powers.  These angels work as spiritual or heavenly governors.

The third sphere in the angelic hierarchy are the angels who function as heavenly messengers.  These angels are known as Principalities, Archangels and Angels.

Angels are the closest to humanity and are the ones most concerned with human affairs.  These are also known as guardian angels, and guardian angels are celestial beings that are our ‘companion angels’, and they guide and protect us throughout our lives.

Archangels are beings who tend to the larger arenas of human endeavour.   There are many different kinds of Archangels (or ‘over-lighting angels’) and it is a large and vast family.

Principalities are the guardian angels of all large groups such as nations and cities, and hum creations such as large multi-national corporations.

Within the angelic hierarchy, Principalities are ‘integrating angels’.  Principalities are involved with planet Earth.

Powers are the bearers of the conscience of all humanity and the keepers of our collective history.  The angels of birth and death are within this category.

Powers are able to draw and hold down the energy of the Divine plan.  In this way, the Powers can send up all a vision of a world spiritual network.

Virtues.  Beyond the Powers in the order of angels are the Virtues.  These beings are of particular importance to us as they send out massive levels of Divine energy and spiritual energy.

Dominions are the heavenly beings who govern the activities of all of the angelic groups on lover levels than them.  Within the order of angels, Dominions serve to integrate the spiritual and the material worlds.

Thrones are the companion angels of the planets and are guardians of the world.

Within the angelic hierarchy, beyond the Thrones, are the Cherubim, who are the guardians of light and of the stars.

Seraphim is the next level of the order of angels and is of the highest order of the highest angelic hierarchy.

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