The Spiritual Law of Prayer

The Spiritual Law of Prayer tells us that ‘prayer’ is communicating with ‘God’ (Universal Energy, a Higher Source, whatever or whomever you perceive or wish to refer and relate to it …).

Every thought we have and every word we utter is a prayer, whether we realize it or not.

‘Worry’ is considered to be a negative prayer.  By worrying it is telling the Universe how and why you are feeling frightened.  It reinforces your vibration of fear and may in turn manifest into your life exactly what it is that you fear … therefore, we must direct our thoughts in a positive and focused manner.

The Spiritual Law of Prayer is asking and believing with faith and trust.  Faith is a most effective, active ingredient in bringing our prayers to fruition.  Once we have offered our prayers, we are to thank the Universe for the granting of our prayers.  We are to then prepare ourselves to receive what we have asked/prayed for.  Our faith will precipitate the arrival of our wish.

“Prayer is asking  -  meditation is listening.” -  Wyatt Webb

Most often people pray without any real expectation that the prayer will be granted;  and therefore they take no action.  It is faith that activates a response from the Universe.  Many people pray about or for something, but take no action and/or are not prepared to receive what they have prayed or asked for.

When offering a prayer we must hold the vision of perfection.  For example, if we pray for peace, we must picture, visualize and feel peace entering our lives.  If we pray for healing for ourselves and/or others, we must visualize ourselves (or the person/people) healthy, strong and full of vitality.

We are to always pray for the highest good.  Prayer is sincere, simple, authentic and directly from the heart and soul.

The Spiritual Law of Prayer tells us that if we wish to draw and manifest something into our lives, we must ask in the ‘right’ way, then allow the divine energy to bring it to us.  Our faith aligns our request to the Universal current.  We must then be ready to receive it.

To ‘ask’ is to centre ourselves in radiant light and project our clear divine thought and request out to the Universe.  ‘Asking’ is when our thought vibrations align with the cosmic mind or energy.

According to the Spiritual Law of Prayer, to ask/pray in such a manner will prompt a response from the Universe.

To activate the Spiritual Law of Prayer we are to:  ask, thank the Universe for responding, hold onto our faith and trust, and prepare for it to be granted.


  1. Bookmarklet says:

    Sometimes, all the major themes of life show up on your doorstep on the same day. I hope you know how to pray|meditate|be still, then

  2. i hear voices there are demons in me shadow around my body i have tired so many mediums but they come back please tell me how to remove them

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