The Magic Of Crystals


THE MAGIC OF CRYSTALS  -  Connecting with Angels and the Spiritual Realm

Crystals and gemstones have been used as decorations, for health and healing, physical adornment, protection and religious and magic ceremonies.  The Magic of Crystals is vast as it is ancient.

Irish-Inspired Heirloom Porcelain Irish Angel Figu

All crystalline structures are made up of a mathematically precise three-dimensional arrangement of atoms.  This crystal lattice gives crystals stability and their unique colors, physical, geometrical and subtle energetic properties.

Part of the magic of crystals is their amazing capacity to absorb, store, reflect and radiate light and energy in the form of fields of stable energy that increases the flow of vital life-force within the human physical body, as well as the subtle (etheric) body.  Crystals restore the energy systems, creating stability and balance within the body.  Crystals positively affect the body and soul, mind and spirit.

Crystals are said to be ‘aligned with Heaven’ as they were born of Mother Earth.  This gives crystals and gemstones their unique aura of mystery and adds to the magic of crystals.

Crystals never lose their brilliance, beauty, color or value.  In many ancient civilizations and cultures, this aligned them with the world of Spirit, angels and Heaven.

The use of crystals and gemstones as jewellery dates back to at least the Palaeolithic Age.  The first written accounts of crystal healing came from the ancient Egyptians.  They noted details of using crystals (such as Malachite) for healing.

A Mother's Heart Birthstone Charm Angel Figurine:

The wisdom of the Tantric and Ayurvedic scholars of the Indian subcontinent are still used for healing today, as they knew of the magic of crystals and the amazing potential of the precious stones.  In crystal healing, they were ‘prescribed’ as protection against negative planetary influences, and were worn as jewellery or taken orally (as oxides or pastes) to influence the aura, the meridians, nervous and lymphatic systems.

In metaphysical circles it is believed that certain crystals are naturally attuned to the Angelic and Spiritual realms, due to their color, angelic appearance, vibration and/or name, such as ‘Angelite’ or ‘Celestine’ amongst many others.

In line with the magic of crystals, angels are attracted to the extremely high resonance crystals and gemstones carry, which naturally attunes the wearer to the highest spiritual realms.

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