Writing To The Angels


Writing to the angels is an effective way of communicating your troubles, worries, thoughts and desires.  We can make requests for prayers, we can ask for guidance and assistance, and we can offload our concerns and fears.

Do not hold back.  Open your heart when writing to the angels and allow your feelings to just pour out freely onto the page.  Let go of inhibitions and fears and be earnest and honest with yourself and your true emotions.  Ask the angels to resolve the problems for your highest good and for the good of all.  Then leave it up to the angels to resolve.

When writing to the angels, do not attempt to manipulate the situation or issue.  With integrity and honesty, write down exactly what you are feeling.  In time you may be pleasantly surprised at how the problem is resolved, and/or your prayer is answered.  Angels are able to work in ways that we could never imagine and hardly fathom, and issues are often resolved in the most unexpected ways.

A simple and effective way to purify your thoughts is to write down all of your concerns, making a point to list everything that makes you sad, mad, disillusioned, disappointed or fearful.  Just keep writing to the angels and get it all out of your system.

Emotions have a profound effect on healing and health.  When we relieve our emotions, a reaction is perceived energetically within our aura as dark spots or patches, and these can develop into tears or holes, particularly if the negative event or emotion is re-lived or replayed over and over without finding resolution and/or healing.  This makes writing to the angels most effective in healing situations and emotions.

We must acknowledge and honour our emotions in order to elevate our consciousness, as this is a deliberate act of personal empowerment.

When you have finished writing to the angels, do not go over it and/or re-read it.  Instead, you can say out loud, “I now intend to release all of my suffering and feelings over this situation.”  Then burn the piece of paper, in effect cleansing and purifying your mind and spirit, emotions and the negative energies attached, as the angels have acknowledged your words.


  1. I need to know what my angel name that give me her life when i wus a baby

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